Seeking happiness

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The meeting with his right hands, as well as the Elders of his pack went well. While he thinks about it, he walks to his office to make a phone call to his brother. They all agreed to help their neighbouring pack, but they also came with some ideas for an attack on that rogue pack. He is glad that he can inform his brother and tell him the good news. And the meeting did distract him of the whole mate-thing.

“Chris,” the voice of his brother Leo calls him from behind.

He turns around to face Leo. “Yeah?”

“Where are you going? Can I walk with you?”

“Sure, I am heading for my office, to call Nick,” Chris answers.

“Can I ask you a question?” Leo asks.

Chris smiles, “you’ve just asked me one.”

“Stop teasing,” Leo smiles as well, “what was your ‘little’ tantrum earlier about? Danny said something about a mate?”

Chris opens the door to his office and let’s Leo in. He steps in after Leo and drops down in his leather chair, stretching his legs and his arms, like a lazy cat. “Well, I smelled my mate. I have not seen her, but I smelled her, I followed her scent, but couldn’t find her. Like she disappeared into thin air.” Chris sighs. He was finally a little bit okay with it, and now he has to talk and think about it again. “It’s frustrating, you know.”

“You could’ve talked to me,” Leo says a bit hurt that his brother is not comfortable enough with him to talk about the things that were on his mind.

“I know, but I really don’t want to talk about it too much. I am calm now, so let’s keep it that way.”

“I guess, you’re right,” Leo turns around disappointed to walk out of the office.

But Chris knows his little brother, he knows something is bothering Leo. “What is it?” He asks.

“Nothing,” Leo opens the door and walks out.

“I know there is something, I am your big brother for a reason,” Chris says, “come back and spit it out.”

Leo turns back around, closes the door and stands in front of the desk, right in front of Chris. “You don’t trust me! I may be only eighteen, but I have been through far more stuff than most people! I am no child you have to protect! I can handle the truth!”

“You’re upset that I didn’t tell you? Leo, I would’ve talked to you, but you weren’t there. Danny just happened to be there. If you were there instead of Danny, I would’ve talked to you. I am sorry if you feel ignored.”

“Still, it is not the first time you leave me out of things. I am an adult now, you can’t shut me out! You are not the only son of an Alpha!”

“Then I suggest you are going to act like one. Take some responsibility instead of flirting with the girls all day.”

“And what should I do, according to you? Do you have any suggestions? ’Cause all the positions I qualify for are already taken. I can’t be an Alpha, ’cause you already are, I can’t be second, or third or even fourth, ’cause those positions are already taken. I can’t be head warrior, ’cause we already have a head warrior. What do you want me to do? I am stuck!”

“Train, train hard, walk with me to gain experience, get yourself on the chores list. To name some things you can do. Start low and grow, you will be on top in no time, you just have to have the will to work for it. You are sounding like a spoiled brat! You can’t just expect to start on top. You have to start low, just like everyone else!”

“But you did not start at the bottom! You started at number one! Why can’t I?”

“Sit down and let me tell you something.” Chris is starting to get mad at his brother, who does he think he is? Leo sits down, he realizes he may have taken it too far. “Listen carefully to what I tell you right now. When I was eleven, I started to do little chores around the house. Not because I wanted to, but because dad told me to. He wanted me to do all the chores that there are in this house so by the time that I would take over his position, I would know what I was talking about. So yes, I started at the very bottom, with the dirtiest jobs. Besides that I went to school just like everyone else. Then, when I experienced all the chores there were, my Alpha training started. Again, I went to school all day, but after that, I got some more lessons and work to do. I barely had any free time left. When I was about fourteen, dad reduced the Alpha training, and let me train with the strongest warriors of the pack. And they were not allowed to hold back. I still went to school everyday. And everyday I was sore, I had bruises because of the heavy training. In the beginning I would collapse after fifteen minutes. And if I refused, if I told dad no, he would use his whip on my back. Also he had a reason, he wanted me to get used to pain, so if I was being kidnapped or tortured I would be able to handle it. So that I would not give in to my enemies. And when I was your age? I took over the pack because I had to. Because that was expected from me. I did not have any free time, I still don’t. Sometimes five minutes here and there. Dad put a heavy load on me. But he did that so that I would be experienced. He did all that, so I knew what I was getting into if the time was there. And you know what, I was prepared.”

Leo is quiet, he looks at the floor. He had no idea what his brother went through all this time.

“Don’t feel sorry for me, I don’t want your pity. I didn’t understand it at the time, but now I am grateful that our father did put me through it all. I have learned so much. But don’t come in here whining because you have to do a simple chore. Your life ain’t so hard, look around, others are having a more difficult time than you. Now out, think about what I told you. I have to call your brother.”

“I will, Chris. See you later, Chris,” Leo gets up and walks quietly to the door and looks over his shoulder, “Sorry for snarling at you.”

“It’s alright, don’t be such a brat, think before you say something. Now get out, I need to call Nick.” As soon as Leo closes the door, Chris leans back in his chair and sighs. He is tired of the moodswings of his little brother. He has to grow up, and fast! He picks up his phone and dials the number of his brother Nick to talk about the rogue problems. He tells his brother what the conclusion was of the meeting with his leaders and they agree that Nick will come as soon as possible to their pack to make a plan of action.

‘Boss, do you have people at work at the eastern border?’ One of the warriors that secure the borders mink-links Chris.

‘No, I don’t. I know nothing about activities in that area. Why?’

‘Then I think I’ve come across some intruders.’

‘Wait, it could be my brother, Nick, with his entourage. Stop them, you know my brother Nick. If it’s him you let him through and send him to the Pack house. If it’s not him, you catch him and bring him in for questioning.’

‘On it, boss.’ Chris walks out to the east to see who crossed the border. ‘It is your brother, sir, with his mate. He is on his way to the Pack house.’

‘Well done, keep up the good work.’ Chris now jogs to his suv to pick up his brother.

“Big brother of mine! How are you, still playing the role of lonely bachelor?” Nick greets his brother when Chris steps out of his suv. They give each other a hug and pat each other’s back.

“Long time no see,” Chris smiles and walks to his sister in law to give her a hug as well, “how are you guys? Alicia, you are looking great, as always.”

“Don’t flirt with my mate, man, get your own.” Nick smiles, he loves teasing his brother. They put the little luggage they have in the trunk and get in the car. Nick gets in next to Chris as Chris starts the car.

“We are doing fine, actually we have some great news to tell you. You will be an uncle in a couple of months.”

“What, Alicia, you are pregnant? That’s awesome! I am so happy for you guys! Let’s get home and get you guys settled in. Dinner should be ready in about an hour. After dinner I’ll get the guys together to talk about some serious stuff.”

“Sounds good, bro.”

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