Blue Moon-Inn

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Alexia witnesses a murder and is kidnapped by the ruthless Nicklaus. He is a heartless, cold-blooded killer that is irreparably broken with Many trust issues. She’s a good soul and wants to help everybody, but Nicklaus looks like a Total lost case. What Will happen of good and bad collide?

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1


“Beep beep beep” the alarm Goes Off, i quickly snooze it and lay myself back down.

“Beep Beep Beep” it Goes off again, time to get up. I walk to the bathroom and look at myself in the mirror. My raven Black hair is a mess so i brush it and place it in a high ponytail. I wash my face and i see the baggs under my eyes, so i put Some make up on. I put on my working clothes and Some sneakers. I look at the clock and its 7.30 already, i really need to go now otherwise i’m late.

At 7.45 i arrive at the diner where i work during the day, i have 2 jobs. I work as a waitress at Bobby’s and later on as a chef at the blue moon-inn. A normal 19year old lives with her parents, but i’m an orphan since i was 15 and i hadn’t a great childhood so i guess i was grown up pretty quickly. I live alone so I need the 2 jobs to keep my head above the water.

I loved my shifts at the diner, the chef ther was Wesley a stubborn but hot 24years old guy but also my bestfriend. It was a normal dayshift and soon it was time for lunch break. So I sat on the terras with Wesley..

Hey sweetheartn how was your day?

It was good only lame tipps today..

Tell me about it.. at least you get some tipps. I roll my eyes at him.

You want to go out tonight? Hmm I can’t..

What you can’t? It’s Friday we go after your late shift and it’s my treat. He looks at me expecting a yes, but I tell him no again.

No Wesley I really can’t you know that on Friday the whole restaurant is rented for a family that wants to eat alone and in peace.

Oh Yeah those weird creeps? What weird creeps Wes.. I didn’t even see them, but I can’t leave my boss hanging or I’m done. Oh come on, always the good girl...

I can’t lose my job Wes..

Come on lex.. you say no to free food and drinks? Where is my bestfriend and what did you do to her? He ask teasingly. Oh okay okay I will come but only for the free food and drinks, I laugh while he faked a heart attack.

I’m hurt Alexia you just use me for food. We laughed and soon it’s time to go to the blue moon-inn the restaurant I work my late shift in.

The special of the day is lasagna Au forno and tiramisu, the family ordered it for today. It was my favorite dish to cook and I think they like it to because they order it 3 times a month.

The food was ready and I get some empty plates back, so by the look off it’s good. I hear them talking, laughing and they’re like always loud. I wish I would have a family like that. They seem loving to one another. But after I handed out the tiramisu I quickly get out of the kitchen and headed home.

My boss always say to me whenever this family eats here, you leave after you dished up dessert.

Once I asked why and he told me that they wanted to know who cooked their dinner, but that We don’t want them to get to know you. I thought he would be afraid that they wanted to hire me. When I asked why he told me that they were dangerous, but they paid good for my food.

Once I was home I headed in the shower first, after that I stood there in my black silk underwear when I heard the door open.

Sweetheart I’m home.. he shouted teasingly before he pushed open my bedroom door. Wes you don’t live here so please knock first!

There is nothing I didn’t see yet. We did not sleep together but being my bestfriend he saw me in lingerie and a lot of bikini’s.

So the red or the black dress? I ask him.

The little black dress is nice, but so plain and that red bombshell dress is to die for. Okay the red dress it is then.

It was a red leather bombshell dress combined with a pair of gold stilettos. I put on some makeup and a red Lipstick and let my hair fall lose around my shoulders. It comes down to my hips.

Okay I’m ready!

Off we go! DecaDance here we come! Wesley shouted and we headed out to grab a cab.

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