Blue Moon-Inn

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Chapter 2


It’s Friday morning and I’m sitting in my kitchen eating some scrambled eggs. My phone starts ringing ans I picked up. It was my second in command Dimitri, capo we got a problem can you come to the warehouse? Good I’ll be right there, I hang up and take my jacket. It’s a black leather jacket combined with a lose white shirt and some black ripped jeans. I jumped at my motorcycle and rode off to the warehouse, I was the capo (the boss) of the biggest mafia gang [the golden viper] since my father retired.

What is it! I shouted at Dimitri as I walked in and took in the scenery in front of me. A man hanged shackled down on his wrists, dangling in the air. His head low an full of blood, Dimitri on the sideline with his knuckles and arm gashed with the blood. Dimi who the fuck is this tool?

That was Lee, the newbie we took in last month. Turns out he is a Rat... he’s a blackthunder spy. My veins fill with rage WHAT BLACKTHUNDER! YOU FILTHY RAT YOU ARE DEAD! I started to hit him in the face but he only laughed. It reminds me so much of Rebecca and I see black in front of me, I punch the idiot so much that he was dead. After 30 minutes Dimitri told me to stop it cause the basterd was dead already. I stoped and washed my hands. Get this shit cleaned up, its Friday Dimitri so I see you at 7 at the restaurant. Okay Nick I’ll be there as always he says. Dimitri is one of the few people that I trusted, I know him since we were born. He is my nephew from my fathers side, the son of my uncle Alfredo and aunt Greta. See you there cuz he shout after I walk back to my motorcycle. I had a few errands to do before I had my favorite food today. I always looked out for Friday’s. I loved the food at the Blue Moon-Inn, one of the few places we thrusted to eat without thinking that someone would like to poison us. My mother is more crazy as I am, she only eats the food there and that what her staff makes.

I know that my food there is cooked by some girl, but the owner won’t let us meet her. I think that he’s afraid that we take her home, and he will lose her golden cooking abilities. Sometimes it feels like I got a connection with her trough her food, I would have a weakness for a girl if they could cook like this. But enoug of that.. they are all the same, the same as her

Soon it was evening and I was ready to go to the restaurant, I heard a loud knock at my door. Dimitri walks in.. I gave you the keys for emergency dimi! I harshly say to him. But this is an emergency cuz. Why I ask him, because we’re going out tonight whoop whoop! I hate his enthusiasm mostly but my week sucked so I needed to get off some stress and needed to get laid. Okay, but only because I need to relax dimi. He jumped high and was happy, you’re the best he shouted. Are you ready to leave, momma wouldn’t like us to be late. I don’t want to be late ether. Oh you still wanting to know how she looks like? Who? Don’t who me nick, you know who I mean.. the cooking girl. I look at him angry and frustrated. Today I’m just walking up to the kitchen and have a look. What if she’s ugly? He asked, I don’t think that way. But I have to see the angel that put all that deliciousness on my plate, I want her as my private chef.

We arrived at the restaurant, and we greeted the family. I sat at the head of the table, and a nervous waitress with a red ponytail came to our table. Hello my name is Eva and I’ll be your waitress tonight. You ordered lasagne au forno and tiramisu, and it’s coming right up after the amuses bouchée.

Finally my food came out, the delicious smell filled my nose and I hear some girls laughing in the kitchen. I will first eat my godly delicious lasagna and then I will walk to the kitchen.

I finished and stood up to get to the kitchen, it was empty... only the filled plates with tiramisu stood ready for our waitress. Shit! I missed her again.

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