Leaping Over Lillie Pads

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Baylee and her younger brother Bentley have been kidnapped and thrown between dimensions. Then she finds her mate at a social gathering she was forced to attend. The mating pull starts but Baylee is much to stubborn and worried about her brother to give in. Will her mate be able to break down her walls?

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter One

POV: Baylee

All we saw was darkness. My brother in my lap, holding onto me for dear life. He was only 10. He should never of had to experience this. All I remember was us going for a walk to the park and then me waking up in this box. Now we lay in a wooden crate. Alone. I could tell we were in a moving vehicle. Diesel maybe? I wasn't certain.
My brother Bentley started to shiver. I held onto him tighter, if that was possible, for warmth. And we just stayed quiet. There was no point in counting how long we had been in there for. Or counting the twists and turns. We were asleep for most of it. At least that's what I hoped.
I could hear Bentley sleeping. Or at least trying to. I wanted him to get some rest so he wouldn't remember everything. I was pretty certain that I was becoming delusional because we started to float. There was no gravity. I just held Bentley tighter, hoping this nightmare would stop. Then, we dropped. The drop woke him up. I just hushed him, refusing to scare him even more by sharing the incident. And soon he feel asleep once again.

At some point I fell asleep as well. But a jerk of the box woke us both up. I covered my brothers mouth, hoping to drown out the squeals he made. I wanted to be as obedient as possible. Maybe they'll go easy on us this way. Once they peeled open our crate, light hit our faces. Once my eyes adjusted, I saw three new faces. Two very tall men and a woman. The men reaching at least 6'7 and the woman about 5'11.
I wasn't short being my 5'7 self but these people made me feel it. Still crouched inside of the crate, I was kinda frozen in place. Not knowing whether if I should get out or not. I just held onto my brother tighter.
"Come on then. We don't got all day!" Big burly man #1 said. I flinched at his voice. Coming out of the box first. I reached out and helped my brother out and made sure he was okay.
"Follow me please" Said the blonde lady. I just nodded and held onto Bentley's shoulders in front of me. Burley man 1 and 2 behind us.
I looked behind us. We had been inside of a semi. And there it goes, driving out of the woods. And the five of us heading deeper in. It was a quiet journey. I made sure to count how long our walk was. I was around 90 when I lost count. I couldn't even tell what way was north and I was afraid to ask. If I pissed them off, they could hurt Bentley. Or worse.
I didn't want to think of worse. I needed to concentrate on protecting us. Everything I do can leave a bad impact on him. I just focused on the blonde in front of me. Every noise made me flinch. I was trying to pay attention to our surroundings but all I saw was trees, trees, and more trees. It was beautiful.
I always loved the outdoors. Me and Bentley would always explore in places we shouldn't. I was a bit of a bad influence. Once I began to smile I snapped out of it. I needed to stop thinking to the scenery. Our lives were at stake.
I started counting again. It was distracting me enough so I didn't look like a shivering leaf. Bentley was just stone face the whole time. Soon the blonde lady stopped. And just stood there. Waiting.
After a few minutes. She turned around and sighed "this is taking too long. Can't we just carry them?" My eyes popped out of my skull. I was not letting them carry me OR my brother. I just wrapped my arms around Bentley more tightly.
"No. Our orders were to walk them over to the base. Not carry them" Said Burley Man #1. Burley man #2 agreed. The blonde lady just huffed and we continued walking.

We had been walking for hours and I knew my brothers legs were hurting. He kept on tripping and falling. I knew mine would be sore in the morning. Burley man #2 tried to grab him but I shoved him off. "I got him. I'll carry him." I knew I must of looked feral. But I could care less about my appearance at the moment.
#2 growled like an animal and lunged. I put Bentley behind me, preparing for the blow. But nothing came. I opened my eyes, seeing #1 holding onto the #2's shoulder. Burley man #2 was breathing so heavily, I thought he'd pass out. But he didn't.
The blonde lady just ignored the shuffle and kept walking. I picked up Bentley, not caring about how much he weighed and carried him. I was so out of shape for this. But I didn't trust those men carrying him. I will die before they put their hands on him.

It took us four night falls and two breaks to reach our destination. I was so exhausted. From carrying my brother and the lack of sleeping. There was a giant white mansion on the edge of the tree line. We entered the house and there was a huge ball room. Inside, there was an elderly blonde lady waiting for us.
"Welcome to our home humans. I hope your stay with be beneficial. You may call me Miss Helen. I know you might be confused and have questions but they will be answered later. For now, we will get you showered, dressed, and ready for the party tonight" Helen said.
I was pissed. " You kidnapped us just to join your stupid party?! You could've hired people to do that. Or maybe, you know, INVITED us?!" I knew I would regret this right as it came out of my mouth.
Helen looked calm and collected but the people who brought us here looked shocked that I would even raise my voice at her.
"I know you're angry. But please, try to be sensible. Once the party is over, you can go home. I promise. Madeline? Edward? Please show these two to their rooms. Separately."
My eyes widened. I held onto Bentley so tight, he'd probably have bruises. But they easily tore us away. Us both screaming and begging. I punched and kicked but nothing stopped them.
"You both will be reunited once you are done getting ready. You have my word" Helen said as she walked away. I was still screaming for Bentley, even when I was shoved into a room, dislocating my elbow in the process.
I continued to bang on the door. When I turned around. There were two woman a bit taller than me standing in the middle of the room. Both equally beautiful.
"Hi. I'm Emily. And this is Janet. We are here to help you get ready. "
Emily was blonde with dark roots. Her blue eyes shining through her long lashes. Janet had wavy red hair and I was pretty sure was a foot taller than I was.
Tears fell from my eyes as I looked at them both. Then, I punched the red head which satisfied me with a loud crack. Emily pulled me off of her and reset my elbow, making me scream. Distracting me while she pushed Janet out of the room.
"If you didn't like redheads, you should've said so. You didn't need to break her nose to get your point across." Emily huffed and she picked me up and drug me to the very large bathroom.
She started to rip off my clothes. I really could care less at this point. I was just a crying mess. "Let's have none of that now. We need to get you ready. You will see your brother after you both are dressed" Emily said as she began to wash my hair.

It took her forever to do my hair. Mostly because she couldn't decide what to do with it. My brown hair is what held most of my pride growing up. It reaches right above my bottom. It was so thick, I wasn't surprised that it took her about an hour to do. And that she decided to do an updue. I just wanted her to hurry up so I could see my brother.
She didn't put on much make-up. Just blush and some mascara. She also picked out a green color dress that matched my eyes. I didn't even bother to look in the mirror. I already knew I looked good. I just needed to see Bentley.
"So impatient. They are bringing him over right now" Emily said. I didn't even want to know how she contacted them. I was with her the whole time and knew she didn't have a phone on her. I just shrugged it off and waited to see my brother.
Bentley walked in, wearing a small black suit and bow tie. He smiled at me and skipped over to where I was standing. I gave him a big bear hug, asking him questions. If they hurt him? Did they touch him? Did they say anything mean? I needed to know everything.
Everyone left and I heard the door lock behind me. Not before Emily made sure to tell me not to ruin her masterpiece. I just nodded held my brother.
I was already planning an escape route for us. I remembered the way back to the entrance. I wasn't sure if we had the energy to travel back though. The three people who took us here didn't even look tired when we got to our destination. I'm certain they made us walk so we didn't have the strength to leave. It was smart. I'll give them that.
I kept asking Bentley questions and everything that they did to him. I was finally satisfied when he reassured me that nothing had happened. I tried to pry open the door but it wouldn't budge. We were three stories high so jumping wasn't an option. I broke the glass anyways. Just because I wanted to break something. The pain in my arm reminding me I didn't have much strength. But the adrenaline ruining through my views ignored it.
I looted the whole room but found nothing to help us escape. I made Bentley lay down on the bed and get some rest. I knew he was tired from our journey. Luckily though, I found some scissors in the bathroom and tucked them in my dress for safe keeping. I also grabbed some twissors and some safety pins. I clipped then to my bra and underwear and gave Bentley the twissors and a safety pin as well.
Soon I heard the door unlock and I got in a protective stance in front of my brother. I relaxed only a bit bit held my stance when I saw it was Emily. She gave us a warm smile. "It's time for the party! You guys are going to love it. I swear! " She said happily. But then saw the window and laughed. "I'm not sure how you were able to break the glass with that arm of yours but we'll done." She made a pause. It looked like she spaces out but then she turned her attention on us again.
"It's time!"

Me and Bentley were back in the ball room once again. Emily had given me a pair of one inch heels. She had wanted me to wear the five inch ones but I could barely walk on them. I wish I had been given normal dress shoes like Bentley.
I soon saw the redhead that I punched earlier. Her face was completely healed. No bruise. I was more than shocked. She just sneered at me and glanced at my brother but I pulled him behind me. She just smiled and turned away.
I didn't trust her. Then again, I doubt the feeling was mutual. I walked around and saw that the party also led outside and took Bentley out there. The tables were filled with food. I only grabbed some when I saw that Emily and Edward ate some. Edward was Burley man #2. I couldn't see Burley man #1 though.
There were about a hundred or more people at the party. Many terrified girls. I'm assuming we weren't the only ones Miss Helen had taken. I couldn't worry about them. I had to get me and my brother out first. I can let the police deal with them.
I wasn't sure how long we were at the party. We were being watched the whole time. It would be stupid to leave now. I had to wait for a distraction. Which came sooner than I thought.
We heard a scream. I turned and looked to find a young girl making the sound. A man had his face in her neck. Biting it. Her screams soon turned into moans. I covered Bentley's eyes and looked to see if anyone was watching us. When I saw the coast was clear, we ran into the woods. I threw off my heels, knowing I could get farther without them. I picked up Bentley so we could escape faster, my bare feet scraping on the forest floor. I could here someone behind us but I didn't look. I couldn't risk it. I took twists and turns, trying to lose them but every thing I did failed. They were persistent.
I suddenly hit something hard and I fell back. Bentley falling on top of me. I was fast to get up and put him behind me. The thing I ran into was a man. A beautiful very man. His dark hair was ruffled and in a mess. He had a light stubble around his mouth and cheek bones. He's eyes were a darker shade of green than mine were. Darker than any shade of brown eyes I've seen. He slowly walked forward. I just kept on moving back.
"Please don't hurt him. Do whatever you want to me. Just don't hurt my brother" I sobbed. I would never forgive myself if anything happened to Bentley. Him and my mom were the only family I had left. I didn't even want to imagine the pain my mom must be going through.
The man in front of us stopped. His eyes softening. "I would never hurt you or your brother" He breathed. He then sighed. "Let's go back to the party. I'm sure they are missing us." The tears fell harder. My plan to escape failed. I just put Bentley in danger. I don't know what they will do to him now.
"I can't. I can't let them hurt him" I cried. The man stepped forward. I didn't back away. Scared of what he was about to do. He put his warm, calloused hand on the side of my face. "They will not hurt you, or your brother" He said while staring into my eyes.
For some unbelievable reason, I trusted him. I just nodded and picked up Bentley. And started to walk back the way we came. The man put his hand on my back, lightly guiding me back. The tears still continued to fall, but more slowly.
Even when we returned to the party, the man didn't remove his hand. He just left it there. I felt its warmth through my clothing. Warming me up from the nights cool breeze. Too scared to remove it.
I'm not sure how long we stayed in that spot for. I just knew it was around midnight with the way the moon was placed in the sky.
I held onto Bentley. Ignoring the sensations running up and down my back from this strange man's hands. I saw several terrified girls with blood running down their necks in some men's laps. They looked completely petrified.
I turned Bentley around and pointed at the tables of food, away from the scared women. "Why don't you get something to eat Ben?" He hesitated but fulfilled my request.
"My names Graycen by the way" The man touching me said. I just ignored him and watched my brother filling a plate of food. I could hear Graycen chuckle.
Bentley walked back over to me with a blank face. I pulled out a chair for him at a round table. Graycen tried to do the same for me but I ignored his efforts. Instead he sat in the chair he had pulled out for me. I continued to stand behind Bentley. Taking in the scenery.
People started to leave. Dragging away the scared girls they had bitten. I covered my brothers eyes. And held him close. I could feel Graycen eyes burning holes into my head. Begging me to give him a glance but I didn't fulfill his wish.
Soon I saw Miss Helen walking towards us, smiling. "Is this your mate Alpha Graycen? I'm quite disappointed with what you are stuck with. The moon goddess must of made a mistake" she sneered. I just thought she was crazy but the man beside me growled like an animal. That just earned Helen a smile. I ignored what she said to him.
"You said after the party is over, we could go home? You gave me your word" I stated. She just laughed. I raised an eyebrow at her.
"Yes honey. You will be going home. To your NEW home." That was not the response I was hoping for. Before I could think, I punched her. Much harder than I did Janet. I just tackled her and kept hitting her. Over and over again. Soon, arms pulled me away from her. Several arms.
I was slammed into a wall, I knew I had broken a few bones. I opened my eyes to see Helen holding up Bentley by the throat. Smiling at me. Then I heard a loud growl. I turned to see Graycen turn into a very large wolf, fur ripping through his clothing, and attack Helen. Dropping Bentley in the process. I ran over to him, very light headed. I half walked, half crawled to his body. He was passed out. At first I thought he was dead, but I felt for a pulse and breathed a sigh of relief. He was alive. Thank the heavens.
I picked him up and headed to the woods. Running as fast as I could. I could hear four feet pounding behind me. I continued running, too scared to look behind me. I was extremely light headed and it only worstened the faster I ran. I couldn't give up. I couldn't let Bentley die. I needed to get us to a hospital. But when I looked up, I saw the wolf jump over me, landing in front of me, causing me to stop in my tracks. Slipping on the wet ground, I fell backwards and hit my head again.
Black stars started to blur my vision. The last thing I saw was a very naked Graycen standing over me. I tried not to give in to the darkness but I didn't have the strength. "Protect Bentley... " Was the last thing I said as I passed out.

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