Leaping Over Lillie Pads

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Chapter Two

I felt myself in my bed and I rubbed my face. What a horrid dream! I can't believe my mind would've conjured up something like that. When I opened my eyes, I quickly realized that this was not my bed. Me and Bentley were really kidnapped. Where's Bentley?! I jumped out of it and ran for the door.

Pulling it open, I ran into a wall and fell backwards. I opened my eyes to see Graycen. I gasped. He had turned into a wolf. He was a freaking werewolf! I didn't know those were even real. I moved backwards with my arms and tried getting up but my legs worked against me.

Graycen squatted down to my level, and grabbed my chin softly. "I hate it when you look at me like that love" he whispered. "What's your name?"
When I didn't answer, he turned around to leave. "Wait!" I said. "Where's Bentley?" Graycen just looked at me and sighed.
"Give me your name, and I will bring you to your brother." It was a easy price to pay. I answered "Baylee Ann Smith." That earned me a smile from him.
He repeated my name, loving the way it bounced off his tongue. "Now where's my brother?"He started to space out again. I repeated my question but there was no answer. I was finally able to get up and really look at him.
He was about 6'3 with very broad shoulders. He wasn't all muscle though. He had some fat on him. A healthy amount like everyone should. He was built like a bear... Or maybe a wolf. Once I was with Bentley, I'll have to come up with a way out of here.
" Baylee!" Screamed a very familiar voice. My brother came hurling towards me. I crashed into me, causing a groan to escape my lips.
"You need rest. I had the doctor patch you up while you slept " Graycen had told me. I just ignored his comment, holding onto my brother. "And don't bother to try leaving. You aren't in the home you once knew. "
I was scared by his statement. Maybe I hadn't imagine us floating in that wooden crate afterall.

Me and Bentley barely even left the room all day. Graycen had told me there was a room for Bentley and showed us where it was. I just moved his bed in my room though. Graycen tried to help but I didn't let him.
Half of my room was decorated for my brother and the other side for me. Graycen had multiple attempts in trying to talk to me about him being a werewolf but I ignored him at every turn. I didn't want an explanation no matter how many questions I had. I just needed to focus on my brother being safe.
"You will be safe here. Me and my people will keep it that way. No one will ever hurt you or your brother" Graycen tried to reassure me. But there was no way I could believe him. I knew he was just trying to help but my logical side had other ideas.
Being locked up in our room gave me some time to look around. I noticed that we even had a mini fridge in here along with a small tv and radio. I had to assume these 'werewolfs' had good hearing if any of the novels I had read as a kid were true. So as a result, I kept the radio on at all times. I also had made note to find some silver. There was also a small fireplace, and we even had our own bathroon.
The first night was the hardest. I wasn't able to get any sleep. I had also refused all the foods they had offered during the day. I knew we had to eat something so I waited till midnight to wake up Bentley.
Outside our door was a small hallway. Right across from us was Bentleys old room and on the far left was Graycen room. So we headed right which led us to a stair case.
We had been put on which looks like the second floor. I wasn't sure if there was a basement or not. It took us a while to find a kitchen, the place was pretty big. Once we found it, I was shocked with how large it was.
"Why can't we leave Baylee? I want to go home. I miss mom" Bentley cried. I reached over and turned on the sink and hugged my brother. Once he calmed down I told him "we are surrounded my woods Ben. We wouldn't be able to make it out. Be patient while I try to think of something, okay?" Bentley only nodded.
I looked around the kitchen, I grabbed some simple sandwich items and a few apples. I also grabbed some water bottles and we headed back up stairs. Sadly, we ran into Graycen at the staircase.
"Ain't it kinda late? " He said smugly. He had only pajama bottoms which left me with a mush of a brain. I quickly snapped out of it and answered "yes it is. I thought you'd be asleep. "
I tried to walk past him but he stepped in front of me. "I need to talk to you love. Can you please spare me a few minutes? " I knew he wouldn't leave me alone until I did so I agreed.
I tucked Bentley in and kissed his forehead. Then I went out in the hallway and left the door open so I could keep an eye on him. Who knows what these werewolves are capable of.
"I'm sure you have some questions?" Graycen started off. I just shrugged, refusing to look at him. He grabbed my chin gently and forced me to look at him. His beautiful green eyes shone right through mine.
"Please look at me when I'm talking to you love" He said to me. His eyes softened as he looked at me. I didn't realize how close we were until now. We were breathing the same air, my hopeless romantic self was jumping through hoops.
He had started to lean in. I wanted him to kiss me so badly. Still looking into his dark green eyes, I pulled away. This was wrong. This man might've saved me from Miss Helen but he still has me held captive.
"How can you turn into a werewolf?" I blunty asked.

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