Leaping Over Lillie Pads

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Chapter Three

POV: Baylee

Graycen was staring intently at me, studying my face. I was getting uneasy with all his gazing and I'm sure he noticed. Then he sighed, "No one knows why we were created or how. Some say we were blessed by the moon goddess or others think it was just a mutation of spieces." I nodded at his answer. I then spit out another question which made him laugh."What are your weaknesses?" He rubbed the back of his neck and looked at me.

"Wolfsbane is a big one. It leaves us to be unable to shift into our wolf form. Sliver is another one, it burns and weakens us " Graycen said, looking at me for my reaction. I just nodded. Making note that I needed to find some. Silver would be easier to find because I actually knew what it looked like.

"Why are you keeping me here?" I mentally slapped myself because that should've been the first question I asked. I looked at Graycen and his beautiful green eyes darkened. He slowly said "because love, you are my mate. My soulmate. That gathering you attended for my kind to find their mates.We can find our mates from their smell. Our wolfs are so attracted to this smell, that they'll do anything to find it. Once they find the source, their first instinct is to bite it."

His words terrified me. Pictures of those girls with blood running down their necks flooded my mind. He must've saw my fear so he continued. "The bite symbols that you are theirs. Once you bite them, they will be yours too. Wolfs are very... Territorial and don't want any other male to try to take it from them. The bite strengthens the mate bond and our attraction to each other magnifies. "

"Why didn't you bite me?" I asked. Curiosity getting the better of me. Graycen sighed "I wanted it to be your choice when we started the mate process as well." I was very happy with his answer, at least he respects me.

Bentley then started making noises in his sleep. It must've been a nightmare. I told Graycen goodnight and sat beside my brother to wake him up. The shirt I had found was all rippled and his face was scrunched up. I woke him up and then sent him back to bed. I then put all our food I had stolen from the kitchen in our mini fridge and slowly went to bed.

The next morning I had grabbed a pair of boot cut jeans and a oversized sweatshirt. It was just plain and had a few holes but I absolutely loved it. It even smelled good. I decided that I'd wear it to bed as well. I had just put Bentley in a T-shirt and jeans. I wasn't really sure what the plan was for today but soon it came knocking at my door.

I opened the door to see a tall woman on the other side of it. She was also a brunette and had beautiful golden eyes. Something I've only seen in movies. She was way overly excited to see me though. "OMG, Hi! I'm Danielle but you can call me Danny. I am so happy to finally meet you! I'm Graycen's older sister. He wanted me to give you a tour of the place" She said, smiling the whole time.

I think I understand why he chose her. "Is this your little brother? He is the cutest thing I've ever seen! Look at his cute freckles! I love him all ready!" She is just beaming positivity and innocence. I'm sure if she talks in a high pitch voice the whole time, I'll get annoyed.

"Yup. That's Bentley. Can I say that you're eyes are gorgeous" I told her. Maybe buttering her up will give me an advantage. Danielle laughed and came up to hug me. "Thank you so much! You're comment literally made my day. When I was younger I was really insecure of them but Graycen always told me otherwise. "

Danny kept on yapping about when the two of them were younger and what it was like growing up with him. Bentley seemed to really like her. I was still cautious, even though she didn't give off any bad vibes.

"Sorry, once I start talking I can't stop. Let's go!" Danny said, walking us out of the room. We headed down the stairs case and the first food we came to was the living room. There were giant windows with big comfy couches. I didn't really have a chance to look around when I went to the kitchen. The decorations in this house are marvelous.

"This is obviously the living room. One of my favorite parts of the house. I love how open it is! You can see everything outside. " And she was right, the trees outside were so green.

She showed us the whole house, including her bedroom and Graycens office. Graycens was sitting there going through some papers when we entered. He looked annoyed when he saw his sister but once his eyes laid on me, he smiled. It warmed my insides seeing his reaction.

He looked down to Bentley and said "I got a surprise for you bud. Follow me." I followed them both suspiciously with Danny behind me with a big smile on her face as always. Graycen led us outside to a trail in the woods. Soon we could see a tree house with some other kids playing inside it.

Bentley gasped and smiled. He turned to me and said "can I please go play? Please Baylee! Pretty please! " I was still uncertain about this but I agreed. "The physical appearance of the please does not matter to me but yes, you can. "

Maybe if they saw we were comfortable at their home, we would be able to escape easier. I let him go which was extremely hard. I would never forgive myself if something happened to him. Sadly, this was the only way. Graycen stayed with him while Danny led me out of the woods. If it was true about this mate bond thing, he would make sure my brother would be safe.

"I thought we needed to be alone without the boys. Have a bit of a girls day? Anyways... " Danny continued to talk about different things that I wasn't really interested in. She really was quite that talker.

Danielle led me upstairs to her bedroom and into her bathroom. Her tub was ginormous, more like a mini hot tub really. She started to strip into only her underwear and got in. She looked at me and asked "aren't you coming in? " I decided why not. I'm trying to earn their trust, right?

I started to strip. I was only in my tank top, bra, and underwear when I got in the tub. "Wow. You are much skinnier than I thought you were, with those baggy clothes. And you've got nice legs girl!" I just raised my eyebrow at her. I'm not sure if that was a compliment or not.

"Well, you know what they say. The thicker the thighs, the sweeter the prize" I told her. Danny just laughed and continued talking about nail polish and her favorite magazines. Soon our conversation turned towards Graycen, which I'm sure she intended it to.

I told her "when I thought of the love of my life, a werewolf did not pop up anywhere in my mind." Danielle only smiled reassuringly to me. She grabbed some purple nail polish and started to paint my toes.

"Never go after Prince Charming, always go after the wolf. They can see you better, hear you better and, eat you better" Danny said while staring into my eyes intently. Let's just say, my body was overly enjoyed at what I had just heard.

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