The certain one

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The next morning I wolk up feeling good. We started packing up our things. We didn't need the mansion anymore since I am a billionaire. So I sold it.

We really didn't need a lot of things. We packed up our clothes in boxes and our personal things in others.

We didn't bring our beds, dressers, ect. Because we are going to buy new things.

"You ready love?" He said. I smiled not going to miss living here. "Yes." I said. We walked out to the car. And put our carry on bags with us. And put our luggage in the back. There is a moving truck but all the stuff was already delivered to our new house.

We arrived at the air port. We went through security. We had 30 minutes until we could board the plane. So I sat down in a seat and went on my phone. "Are you alright?" I heard Max say. I turned around and nodded while turning off my phone.

We went into the plane and sat down. I sat in the window seat while Max was next to me. Amanda us behind me with Evan. And Sam is in front of me.

After a really long time. We finally landed.

We reached our new home. It was beautiful. I enterd and was greeted by the kitchen, than there is the living room. And there is hall way. I went down it and saw a bathroom, and 2 empty rooms. Then upstairs there is 5 rooms and a bathroom.

I ran upstairs to pick out me and Max's bedroom first. I ran to the master bedroom. It was empty. The walls were painted gray.

"Rhe stuff should be here by tomorrow." Max said as he wrapped his hands around my waist. I sighed.

The next day I wolk up off the hard floor. I dressed into shorts and a black shirt. I ran downstairs and saw the moving truck outside. I squealed.

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