The certain one

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His den

I woke up and I felt wo warm. I than remeberd that Max is on. Me. Max are you awake? I asked through the mind link. Yes. He said. I am ready to get up now. I said. Ok. I have...clothes here for you. He said. I was confused for a second than understood what he ment.

He changed back and got dressed. Than I changed back. He stared at my body. I didn't feel uncomfortable this time.

He to me and hugged me. "What are you doing?" I asked. He doesn't have a shirt on. "Just...let me feel you." He said. I nodded.

It was not weird when he said that. I put on some underwear, and nothing else. I came to him and he picked me up and layed me down on the blow up mattress that was in here.

He put his face in the crook of my neck. I don't know why but this is confterable. "Do you find my touch calming?" He asked. I nodded.

We spent about 45 minutes like that. Than I fully got dressed. "We sat down on a pile of hay. "So do you always come here?" I asked. He nodded. "Yes. I come here when I want time for myself. I have girls clothes in yeah." He said.

I wasn't upset that he has had sex before me. Why would I? It is not like he likes me. Even though he did play on my naked body because of the touch. But that is because we are mates.

We spent hours talking. "I want to show you something." He said. I nodded and fallowed him.

We were walking for about a hour. Than we reached a meadow. It was beautiful. It had 1 tall tree in the middle. And there were different types of flowers everywhere.

We walked to the tree. "Do you like it?" He asked. I looked over to him and smiled. "Yes." I said. We layed down staring at the clouds.

Max looked alarmed. Don't move. He said. Why not? I asked. Rouges. He said. I whimperd in my head. He turned into his wolf and covered my body. He didn't even have to put effort into it.

He got off if me a little while later. "You ok?" He asked. I nodded. "We have to go back. As much as I would love to stay here. We have to." I said. "I know. If I killed your adopted parents would you care?" He asked. I stared at him.

"No." I said with no emotion. He stared at me with wide eyes. "They ruined my life." I said. "Ok." He took out his phone and called Sam and Evan.

A little while later, they showed up. "Ok, you two watch her. I am going to kill her parents." He said. They stared at me in shock.

Once he left I explained to them of why he I'd doing it. They understood. Your real parents put a billion dollars in a bank account for you when you were born. Do you have any idea what the password could be? Max asked through the mind link.

Yes. Jackson. I said. He agreed and tried it. How were they rich I don't understand.

Max showed up. I was faced away from him. He then tackled me. He pinned my arms. "What are you doing?" I asked. He chuckled. "Ok so they are dead. And the house dead is to you now and the house was already paid off. So the mansion is yours." He said. I was in shock.

We walked back to the house. Than I noticed Max's back. Once he reached his room, I fallowed him in. "Wtf! What happened!?" I said. His back had huge claw Mark's on the back of it.

"Your dad attacked in wolf form. I am fine." He said. I ripped off the rest of his shirt. "No you are not." I said. I got some alcohol wipes, and bandages. I sat on the counter of his bathroom. He turned around.

I started wiping it. He hissed. That is when I noticed the scratches on his chest. I am so stupid how did I not see it before. I turned him around and did the same thing to the front.

"There all-" I was cut off by someone bursting through the door. "We are going to the pool if you want to join." Sam said. In nodded.

"As much as I appreciate you helping my scratches. They are all healed." He said while in wrapping the bandages. I face palmed myself. "Sorry yes. I am so stupid." In said.

He walked over to me. "You are not stupid. You just care for others." He said. I smiled.

I went to my room and got into a black bikini. It was tight. Like REALLY tight. I don't have any other ones so this will have to do.

I walked over to Max's room. He was wearing some black swim truncks. He stared at me. I stared at him. Than he started walking over to me.

He strok ed my face. He moved the straps of my bikini and kissed my shoulders. His soft lips on my skin felt so good.

He moved away. He stared into my eyes and I did the same. "The world doesn't deserve you." He said. "The world doesn't deserve your kindness or love. I don't deserve you." He said.

"Don't think that." I said he sighed. He pushed me to the wall. "Do you love me?" He said. I didn't know what to say. I wanted to scream 'yes I love you with all my heart!' But nothing came out.

"You do know I can read your mind." He said. I gasped. "So what bow." I said. He shrugged. He started to walk away but than I grabbed him by the arm and kissed him he picked me up and layed me on the bed. He started to kiss my neck.

Someone came bursting through the door. "Ummm...we are leaving."Evan said. I got up and stood there as red as a tomato. Max laughed at me. "We can skip if you want?" He said. I nodded. I really wanted to skip and make love.

I wanted to kiss his lips. I wanted him to kiss mine. I want him to love me and I will love him. I want to complete the mating ritual. I wanted to do everything that my heart was screaming to do.

"Yes. Let's skip. And let's go on vacation. It will be specail and we can do anything we want." I said. Max smirked.

Max told the boys what we were doing. Besides making love of corse. We packed our things.

We got into his car. It was around 3pm. He started to drive, we are going somewhere tropical. (I can't think of anywhere so if you know than just think that they are going there)

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