The certain one

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A few days later, we had some friends arive from home. I had my bestfriend Amanda come over. And Sam and Evan came also. We got a bigger hotel sweet.

It was around 7pm and it was already dark. We had music on in the living room. Amanda was already drunk and was dancing. I was also drunk.

I was dancing with Amanda. I felt warm hands around my waist. I smiled. "You are drunk enough love." He said. I giggled. I got out of Max's arms and ran to the put in bar.

I got 3 shots down. I was a bout to take a fourth when I it was taken from me. I pouted. "Your no funnnn." I said. Max pu the shot aside. "I don't want you passing out." He said.

I was frustrated. I walked over to him as sexy as I could. I got close to his ear. "Oopsie." I said and grabbed the shot and gulped it down. Max sighed.

I ran to Evan. "Help meeee!" I said. He giggled. "If I touch you Max will rip off my head." He said. "That is to bad. You have a pretty head." I said.

I hid behind Evan. He moved out of the way. I pouted. Max chuckled. I forgot. He heard the while thing.

He walked to me. "Time to sober up love." He said. I pouted. "No." I said. He picked me up bridal style. No matter what I tried he wouldn't let me go.

Later that night I was almost sober. Max sat next to me. "Go get dressed love." He said. I nodded. I walked to the room. I passed by Evan's room. I heard moans. I made a disgusted face.

I got dressed into some sweat pants and one of Max's t shirts. I walked out. I couldn't find Max anywhere. I tried mind linking him but it didn't work. I walked to the kitchen and found a note.

He will die if you don't show up.

The note said. I whimpered. There was a address on it. I got my keys and walked out of the hotel. I got in my car and drove to my location.

I arrived about 25 minutes later. It looked like a old warehouse.

I walked in. It was dark. That the light suddenly turned on. There was a man. He was bald. "Thought you were not going to show." He said. He snapped his fingers and 2 men came out and stood besides me. Than another two came out holding Max.

I growled and tried running to him but the men held me back. Max was thrown on the ground next to the bald guy.

We just stood there until Max woke up. The men grabbed him. He was weak. He was drugged so he could not mind link me.

As he stood up he noticed me and came to me. They let him. The two men left from me. Max hugged me and cupped my face. "Did they do anything to you?" He asked. I shook my head. He sighed in relief.

Than the two men came back and grabbed me. I whimpered on his harsh grip. Max tried coming to me but that he was drugged again. I saw his limp body fall to the floor.

They took him out of the room. I didn't like this. They made me sit ins chair.

I was in this room for a hour just thinking. I was left alone in here. The door opened and it was the bald guy. "Come." He said. I nodded.

I enterd into another room. All it has is a bed. Then I saw Max chained to the ceiling. I growled. He had cuts all over his stomach. But they were just scratches. They were not deep but deep enough to hurt like a bitch.

I was made to sit on the bed. I did. Max didn't have a shirt on. Even when he is in pain he looked hot. I pushed those selfish thoughts aside.

Max woke up. He struggled trying to break free. I know he hated me seeing him like this. "Ok so here is the deal. Pack or her?" The bald guy said. I whimpered. I curled up on the bed already knowing that he was going to pic- "her." I heard Max say.

I was in shock. I only new him for like a week and a half and he is choosing me?! What.

After a hour of this stupid arrangement, we were free to go. The while car ride was silent.

We walked into our room. His wounds were mostly healed by now. He pushed me on the bed and hoverd over my body.

"What is wrong love?" He asked. A tear dropped from my eye. He whiped it away and kissed my forehead. "Why did you choose me?" I asked. Me looked at me. "Because I am in live with you. And i would chosse you over anything in the world." He said. I smiled.

We went to sleep while holding eachother. But it felt like he was hiding something.

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