The certain one

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I woke up the next morning. I saw Max laying next me. His hair was all messy, he looked so cute when he sleeps.

"Are you enjoying the view?" I heard a deep husky voice say. I moved my eyes from his tattoos to his eyes. His green/blue eyes were visible to me.

I blushed. "You don't have to be ashamed love. This is all yours." He said. While gesturing to his body. I smiled.

We spent a few minutes laying there. It felt good. His warmth was comforting. I got up and he groaned. I giggled at his cutenes. I went to the bathroom and took a shower.

I got dressed into some jean shorts and a purple crop top. I brushed my long black hair and put it into a braid.

I walked out and saw Max wearing some grey sweat pants and a white shirt.

We woke up Sam, Evan, and Amanda. And every single one of them made it so difficult.

After 1 hour and a half. We finally managed to wake them up. We went down to the breakfast room.

I went to the restroom. I was washing my hands when I heard 2 people talking. I rushed to a stall and closed it and locked it.

"Are you fucking kidding me?! You let her get away?!" I heard a male voice say. "No I didn't. Max has her under protection 24/7. He knows we are after him. But she doesn't. We will make the move soon but not yet!" I heard a female say.

"Grace. You know how important this is. If Max has Celia than you can't be with him. So take the next opportunity and kill her. But make him suffer first." The male said.

There was a sneeze. But is wasn't me. The stall opened next to me. "Crap. Kill her." The male said. Than before I knew it, there was a lifeless girl laying almost directly in front of me. The two people left.

There was screaming coming from every where due to the gun shot. I got off the toilet seat and stood there in the stall afraid to move.

"Celia?" I heard a familiar voice say. I opened the door and ran to Max. I cried in his arms. "It is ok love." He said. He took me to our hotel room. We packed quickly. I was sobbing the whole time.

We got onto the private jet. Sam, Evan, and Amanda sat a few seats from us. I sat on the window side.

"What happened?" Max said. I looked at him.

I was washing my hands when 2 people enterd. I ran to a stall. They were saying stuff about you and me. They said that they had to kill me to get to you so she could be with you." I said. "So you have names?" He said.

I sighed. "The female went by Grace. I don't know the male." I said. "Of corse fucking Grace wants to kill you." He said. I looked at him. He looked really pissed.

"What are you keeping from me?" I asked. He sighed. "Celia I-" he said but I cut him off. "What the fuck are you keeping from me!? We have known eachother our whole lives. What is it?!?" I said.

"I am the leader of the Italian mafia. I was supposed to marry the girl grace but I refused. Because I found you." He said. I stared at my lap. How could he keep this from me.

"I didn't want to tell you until later because I didn't want to lose you. But bow I don't have a pack so my mafia is low and I can't do anything about it." He said.

I looked at his eyes, he was telling the truth. "Nothibg that you could ever do would make me leave you." I said. A tear slid down my face as I straddled him.

We stared into each others eyes. There were no words needed. I kissed him feeling brave. He put his hands on my lower back and pulled me closer to him. I moaned as he sucked my neck.

He let go. I whimpered because of the loss of his lips on my skin. "We will continue later love." He said in my ear. I nodded and sat back in my seat. I am excited.

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