The certain one

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Just you and me.

We walked into my house. Bow that my so called parents are dead. It was my house. I was also a billionaire. I walked in to his room, he closed the door and didn't bother turning on the lights.

He walked closer to me. He took off his shirt so his tattoos were visible to me. I could see the tattoos better than his skin. He groaned as I traced a finger on his arms. Looks like being mates have the perk.

He picked my up so my legs were around his torso. He kissed me neck as I felt silky sheets touch my back. He ripped off my shirt and started sucking my coler bone.

He took off his sweat pants and hoverd over me. I smiled as he looked into my eyes. He smiled back and took off my shorts. He groaned as he saw my exposed body.

He came back up and kissed my lips, his arms went to the clip of my bra and in clipped it. He threw it on the ground and sucked my breast. I arched my back up in pleasure as I threw my head back letting him have more access.

He took off our remaining clothes and enterd me. I moaned. He groaned while putting his head in my neck. My nails dug into his back. He thrusted harder and faster as I screamed his name. We released.

We cuddled our naked bodies close.

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