Just Things We Canʼt Control (English)

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Euthimia was given another chance to live again, but this time, she has to be careful. How can she do that when there are things she cannot control?

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

“The cityʼs villain, Spiro Black, hasnʼt attacked for two weeks straight. People are starting to think that Spiro Black has gotten tired of tormenting the city, and has finally decided to retire—“

Standing up, I mumbled under my breathe, “As if.”

I turned the television off, and sat at the sofa again. I sighed. It has been a day. It has been a day since I was given another chance to live again.

Iʼm Sotiria Cross. Iʼm the sister of the one of the cityʼs triad heroes—Soren Cross. The two other heroes are Euthimia Rosethorn and Denzel Ardinon. Theyʼre good heroes, always there to save the day.

Weʼre residing at Magikòs—the only place in Zarmedia where magic works. Itʼs a great city.

Itʼs also the most advanced place in our country. It has malls, restaurants, hotels, parks, schools, and anything you would ever want. But that isnʼt enough to convince me to want to stay here.

If you would ask me, I rather stay in our kingdom—Timberdale. Itʼs the smallest kingdom im Zarmedia, but I love it the most. Itʼs peaceful. It rarely has a case of crime, unless a visitor comes in our kingdom. It rarely happens.

But as much as I wanted to stay in Timberdale, my parents think itʼs the best if we stay here in Magikós, with my brother.

Everyone in Zarmedia is believed to have magic in them. Once you enter Magikós, it comes alive. As for Soren, Euthimia, and Denzel, they have the four elements—fire, water, air, and earth.

Mine? Itʼs lame. I have the power to set everything I touch into fire whenever I want it. Itʼs kind of similar to Soren, Euthimia, and Denzelʼs power of fire, but limited.

Right now, Iʼm living with the three heroes of the city. Weʼre living at a huge mansion—it was gifted to them when they saved the city from a monster, and had put the monster to sleep.

The mansion was too big for the four of us. It has 3 floors and a rooftop. It has a big kitchen, a dining room, a common room, living room, 3 bathrooms, and 2 laundry rooms on the first floor. It has eight bedrooms—5 of it with a walk-in closet and a bathroom inside—and two bathrooms on the second floor. The third floor was meant for entertainment—it has a movie room, spa & gym room, game room, and lounge area. The mansion has a garden and a swimming pool also.

It can pretty much pass as a hotel, if youʼd ask me.

Now, that Iʼve told you the basic informations in my life, letʼs go back to the present.

Euthimia is currently at the kitchen, cooking for our dinner. Denzel and Soren are out, probably hanging at a mall. Theyʼve been enjoying their free nights ever since Spiro stopped attacking.

I smiled bitterly. If this wasnʼt my second chance on living this life, I would have believe that he has really retired. But I know better... I know that he just did that to fool us that heʼs finally on the good side.


As I said, this is already my second life. Being a heroʼs sister has a privilege. Thatʼs why when I was killed ny Spiro, I was given the chance to live again, and to not be fooled again. Since this is my second and last life, I was told to avoid Spiro. And Iʼm going to do that... Hopefully.

“Sotiria!” I heard Euthimia yelled my name.

“Yeah?” I answered, yelling back. “Do you need something?”

“Yeah! Can you help me with setting the table up? Soren texted me. Theyʼre on their way back.”

Without a word, I stood up from my seat. I quietly walk to the dining table, which is right across the living room, and connected to the kitchen.

When I reached the dining room, the smell of grilled fish, lasagna, and ham filled my nostrils. I instantly felt the hunger kicking in. I havenʼt eaten lunch yet.

I went inside the kitchen, greeting Euthimia, and taking 4 sets of plates, forks, spoons, and knifes on the cupboard.

“Thanks, Sotiria,” Euthimia said, turning the stove off.

I smiled. “No problem.”

I proceeded to put the the plates and utensils in front of the chairs that we usually occupy. The table is 12-seater, but only for seats are occupied by us.

As soon as I finished placing the last set of plate and utensils on Sorenʼs seat, he and Denzel showed up.

“Where did you go?” I asked, sitting. Euthimia is already here, too, and has already sat on her seat, too.

“Somewhere,” Denzel replied, his voice sounding off.

I frowned, but nevertheless, ignored his tone.

I started putting foods on my plate. I also poured myself a glass of apple juice. I started eating quietly.

“Sotiria,” Soren said, breaking the silence that was engulfing the four of us.


“Are you sure you donʼt want to go to apply for a work? Or you can go on training to become a hero, too,” he said, looking at me expectantly.

I shook my head. I donʼt want any of the choices. It will just bring stress to me. Having to go to work means having less free time, and training to be a hero means being closer to Spiro, once I become a hero.


He sighed. He knows it. He already know that I have no plans on doing what he suggested, but he still tried to ask.

“Then what are your plans this year, Sotiria?” Euthimia asked.

“I don't know...” I trailed off. “Yet.”

“Okay, then,” Soren said, “I have a task for you.”

My heartbeat went faster. I already know whatʼs happening, and I need to stop it, if I want to stay alive for a long time.

“W-what is it?” I asked. I stuttered, which made Soren frowned, but smiled after.

“Chill, sis.” He laughed. “It wonʼt be hard. You just need to follow Spiro for the mean time.”

I dropped my fork.

“Why do I need to?” I asked. “That will put me in danger.” Great danger that can lead to death, I wanted to add.

He laughed, thinking that I was joking. I wanted to tell him that what he wants me to do, will lead me to my death, but I canʼt. I canʼt tell anyone that this is already my second life. It will immediately put me to death again.

“Why would it put you in danger?” Soren chuckled, drinking his own apple juice. “You have powers. Besides, Spiro wonʼt dare harm you. He knows Iʼd fucking kill him,” he said.

I laughed, bitterly. As if. Wonʼt dare harm me? He killed me, brother.

“I canʼt do it,” I finally told him. I wonʼt make the same mistake twice.

Sorenʼs face softened, sensing that Iʼm really afraid. Afraid of Spiro, and what he can and he will do to me.

“Donʼt worry, Sotiria,” he said. “Weʼre here to save you from him—“ Lie. They werenʼt dare when he abducted and killed me. “Please, do this for us. We would do it by ourselves if we can, but we canʼt,” he said.

I gulped, looking at Euthimia and Denzelʼs face, who are now staring at me, a glint of hope in their eyes.

Donʼt give in, Sotiria, I tried telling myself.

“You do know that if you do this, you can possibly save the lives of hundred thousand people living here, right?”

When Denzel said that, I know itʼs already over for me. I was told that I always put other peopleʼs sake above mine, and I think they werenʼt lying.

“What do I have to do, then?” I asked. Surely, it wonʼt immediately kill me, right? I just need to not show myself to Spiro, right? I just need to be careful. Damn careful.

With that, the three of them proceeded to tell me what their plans out.

It was easy, or it sounds easy. All I have to do is follow Spiro around, and not let him see me. And if ever, and only if he ever saw me, I just need to tell him that Iʼm in a fight with Soren, and that I wanted to bring him down.

I didnʼt listen that much to what they said. I still know and memorise their plans. Theyʼve told me that before.

When weʼre done with eating our dinner, Euthimia and I went to our own bedrooms. However, Soren and Denzel went out again to go to a bar. I let them. They need all the fun they can have, until Spiro decided to attack and terrorise this city again.

After taking a shower and changing into my pink silk nightgown, I gently climbed up my bed, taking a book to help me fall asleep.

My bedroom is big, not as big as my bedroom at the palace, though. The colors of my bedroom are mostly pink, gray, and white. My favorite colors.

My bed is a king-sized one, with lots of gray and white pillows and and a pink thick comforter. Across my bed is a television. Beside me, is a pink nightstand. Thereʼs a huge portrait of me, above my bed frame. There are two doors beside the television. One leads to my bathroom, and the other one leads to my walk-in closet.

Iʼm currently reading The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan. Percy Jackson is my favorite series, and Iʼm pretty sure Iʼve read it more that once, or twice, or even thrice.

I was halfway done the book, when I felt sleepy. Soon enough, I dozed off to sleep.


Rise and shine, Sotiria!”

I groaned, hugging my conforter tighter and wrapping it around me, only for it to be snatched away from me.

“You have a long day ahead, Princess.” I recognized the voice as Euthimiaʼs. “If I were you, Iʼd get up by now.”

I groaned again, but still got up. Euthimia is already in front of me, smiling.

I glanced at the digital clock on my bedside table, it says: 7:02 AM.

“Itʼs too early,” I whined.

“Youʼre right,” Euthimia said, glancing at my hand. I smelled something burning. “Itʼs too early for you to set something on fire.”

“Oh, shoot!” I yelled, immediately removing my hands from my conforter that is already burnt. I put the fire out by tapping it with my hands—I donʼt feel anything when doing it.

I almost forgot that I cannot control my powers when I just woke up. Now, I have to buy a conforter for the fourth time in this month.

As soon as Euthimia left my bedroom, I headed to bathroom, stumbling at the pile of scarfed I threw on my floor when I was looking for something.

I took my time on taking a bath. I scrubbed my body and washed my hair thoroughly.

After taking a bath, wrapping myself with my bathrobe, and blow-drying my hair, I entered my walk-in closet. I chose to wear a casual green sleeveless dress, a white sandals, and jean jacket. I exited my closet after.

“Have breakfast first,” Soren said, but I declined it.

“Iʼll just eat at Demiʼs.”

Demiʼs Diner is where Spiro usually hangout at this hour of the morning. I kind of know that... Actually, everyone does. Thatʼs why the diner is often empty at this hour.

“I better get going,” I said. Soren nodded, smiling.

I immediately left. I brought my car and parked it into the parking area near Demiʼs Diner. I walked the rest of my way there.

Just like what I expected, the diner is empty. Aside from the two waitress, the manager, the cashier, and probably the cooks, Spiro is the only person inside.

“Good morning, Maʼam Sotira. Whatʼs your order for today?” the cashier asked, recognising me.

I smiled. “Just the normal breakfast combo,” I answered. I gave her a few cash as my payment.

She asked to choose a table, and one of the waitresses will just bring me my meal. I thanked her before walking away.

As I walk to my table, I stole a glance at Spiro. He seems to be in deep though, staring at the glass wall in front of him. He is unconsciously tapping the table, something I know he does when something is bothering him.

I must have been staring for too long, because I almost tripped. The small sound caught his attention, and now, heʼs looking at me.


I immediately walked fast away from him. I didnʼt bother if I kept on almost tripping. I just need to get away from him.


I kept walking. God knows it took all my strength to not look back. To not give in to the man who still owns my heart, after everything that he had done to me.

I just hope I wonʼt mess up this second chance.

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