You Are The One

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This story is about a girl who fall in love... But the boy rejects her but she continued loving him until that day... Will she be able to impress him? Will her first love be successful? Is he the correct person for her?

Gowri S Krishna
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First meet

This story begins from a fresh Monday morning,the first day of Gowri's 9th class. As she enters to her school block, her eyes started searching for him. She looked all around her but she didn't find him. She goes to her class room and she meets her old gang of friends welcoming her to join them, but she was not interested and she said "guys, you may please continue, I will be back after sometime."
She went out of her class and she goes to their assembly ground. There she sat under a tree and started thinking about the first time when she saw him.
It was a month of December and she was roaming around the secondary block in search of her friend who had gone to meet her boyfriend. Mainly the secondary block consist of three floors, ground floor, first floor and top floor and her class was on the top floor. Her friend usually friend goes to the first floor to meet her boyfriend. But on that day they were not found there. And she started talking to herself "where the hell did these love birds go..., Can't they just tell me in advance where will I find them" and she turned back. At this time she saw him, Adarsh. He was a good looking fellow but she just ignored him at that moment and continued searching for her friend. But the same day on lunch break, he got the attention of my eyes. He was not soo good looking but yeah he was fine but he was not as other boys, his character was different from the other boys, the way he walked was also very much different...
While thinking about him suddenly her friend came and asked "hey, why are you sitting here alone Gowri ?". I said nothing and smiled mean while his bus arrived.
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