For the sake of LOVE

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When two people who have lost faith in love and relationships meet each other through mutual friends they start hanging out on a daily basis. He stared at me in the dark lounge but still I was able to see his face and that sweet smile. Without taking his eyes off of me he said to everyone "Hey, sorry we are late." I can't take my eyes off him and in no time he was sitting right beside me on the couch. It's going be an interesting evening ahead.....

Romance / Erotica
Disha Shah
4.7 3 reviews
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About Daisy

Daisy is 19, who has just completed high school and is all set to join a fashion school because of her love in art, fashion and lifestyle. She is always been a pain the ass of teachers in her middle school years yet she always used to be calm about the situation.

She met her first boyfriend in the final semester of middle school but that turned out to be a prank on her as he was just a Casanova going around playing with every girls heart using his good looks and charm and Daisy fell for it.

Later during her high school she started working out, used to dress up nicely, coloured her hair just to find a fling to hangout with but that was all in vein. In high school she dated three guys in a time period of five months. Every relationship started with hanging out on first date, movies on second, kissing and making out on third date and by fourth date that guy lost interest in her. She was jumping from one relationship to another but instead of finding love and affection all she got was heart break and tears.

She had her four best friends who always were there to help her though her tough times. Patricia, Tiffany, Rachel and Veronica were her best friends whom she met her in her highschool. Tiffany never showed interest in boys until a guy name Peter who was a douche started texting her and to everyone's surprise they starting dating. Peter used to live in a dorm and he used to brag about his girlfriend to every guy friend in the dorm. He also used to talk about Tiffany's hot best friends and how he can be a wing boy and get those girl's to date his friends.

Who knew this all will lead to a new fling for Daisy...!!

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