Kissing cancer

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"Let's make a deal" I say "What kind of deal?" William said smirking. "If you make the next three months the best days of my life I will give you the money you need" I said my palms sweating as I clunched them. William thought about it for a few minutes then nodded, putting his hand out to me he says "babe, I'll make these next three months the best days of your life, just watch". * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Greer is a 18 year old girl who finds out she has cancer, stage three leukemia and only three months left to live. So she was told to make a list of things she wanted to do before she dies. Then she meets the school bad boy, ending up making a deal with him. But she doesn't suspect to fall for him, she was ready to let go before she met William, now she wants to hold on for a little longer.

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Alexis Abplanalp
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Chapter 1

(Greer's point of view)

2 days.

48 hours.

2,880 minutes.

172,800 seconds.

That's how long ago I found out I had cancer, yeah you heard me right, stage three leukemia.

You now wish you never knew huh? Me too. That was one thing i wish I never found out, just a week ago I collapsed at a family event, two days ago I was sitting in the doctors office receiving the news of me having cancer, the doctor told me I only have three months left to live and make a list of things I want to do.

Now here I sat in my spinny chair, staring at a blank piece of paper, a pencil in my hand, tapping on the paper. The sounds of my mother's cry's fills my ears from down the hall, I tried to ignore them, since I was already so scared and upset of hearing I have cancer already.

I scribble down two words on top of the paper bucket list. But I couldn't think of anything else to put down, you see my parents are very protective of me since i was a only child; but now they were about to lose that child in three months to leukemia.

Fantastic right? Sighing I lean back in my chair and push my foot off the ground, the chair spins fast, then stops after a few seconds facing the big window by my bed, I had a queen size bed in the middle of the room, a dresser between the bathroom and closet door, a comfy small couch in front of the big window in my room, then there's my desk across from my bed, with a shelf full of books, you see I'm a big book worm.

Then there was my shoebox under my bed full of my life savings (money) I never touched that money since it was for college, but I guess it's not going for that now.

A few things pop up in my head and I turn back to my desk writing down a few ideas.

1. Jumping out a plain.

2. Go on a date with a boy.

3. Get a tattoo.

4. Go see a Paramore concert.

5. Go camping in the woods for a few days.

6. Cut and dye my hair.

My mother would never let me do any of those things, not even cut my hair, so now it came all the way down to my waist.

I read over my list and look at the alarm clock on my nightstand, 6:21am. Oh did I mention I stayed up all night staring at this paper thinking of what to write down? Well now I did.

Getting up from the spinny chair, I stand on my shaky legs and stretch, a small yawn slips from my mouth. Yeah I'm tired. I rarely stay up late at night unless something is bothering me. Walking over to my dresser pulling out a pair of underwear, a bra, ripped skinny jeans and a white off the shoulder sweater. I turn on my music and the song CrushCrushCrush by Paramore plays.

I sing along as I took off my clothes, turning on the water and stepped in the shower, I washed my hair with shampoo and conditioner, then washed my body with strawberry body wash, stepping out of the shower once I was done, I dry by body down and my hair.

Deciding to just leave it in it's natural curls I finished my morning routine, getting dressed I walk out of the bathroom and grab my phone that was still playing music, putting my earbuds in, the music blares through my earbuds, I smiled.

I love loud and nice music, and I don't mean rock music, I just like Paramore that's all. No biggie, I put on my sneakers and grab my backpack, before putting my notebook with my bucket list in my bag, then leaving my room, I head downstairs where my parents sat in the living room, watching the news, but my father still reads the morning paper.

I grabbed a piece of bread and a apple, saying bye to my parents then heading out the door. We hardly talked since they found out I have cancer, I think it's because their still coping with it. Walking down the road, I head to school while eating my breakfast, my thoughts run back to the bucket list.

Without even realizing it, I was in front of the school, Lockwood high school. Walking up to the entrance I walk through the office and into the halls, it was empty, well I was early, I always am. I walked through the halls and passed a few of my teachers, I say hi and continued to walk to the gym.

When I got there, it was empty, so I walked to the back wall and sat down on the ground, taking off my backpack, I set it down and grab a pencil and my notebook continuing to stare at my bucket list again. I mean I never went to a prom, yes you heard me right, proms were never really my thing, but since I'm dying I guess, I can do it just once.

The thought of death didn't scare me, it's what happens after you die.

So I wrote down

7. Go to prom.

I stared at number seven, debating, thinking then sighing giving in, I closed the book and put my stuff back in my backpack once I heard the doors to the gym open and in stepped my friends; James, Charlie, Sam, David, Alexis and Emily.

Charlie and Emily are a couple, Sam likes David and David likes her back but that's their story. James and Alexis are just friends, ok number eight for my bucket list is to get James and Alexis together.

They walk over to where I am, this is our spot, everybody knows it. They plop down on the ground "hi" "hey" they all say at the same time, I smile "hi guys" I said "so can we meet at our spot after school?" I asked

They all nodded "is everything okay Greer?" Emily asked, I nodded "you just seem out of it" she said, "yeah, I just pulled a all nighter" I said putting on a fake smile now, she looked at me unsure then nodded giving up. Then a conversation started up, I think about prom or something, I wasn't really paying attention, nor was I watching for how fast the gym filled up and how loud it got from all different groups.

Snapping out of my thoughts, the bell went off, sighing everyone started to get up and started to head to their classes, me, Emily and Charlie had the same first period, so we headed to homeroom, which was science, first thing in the morning.

Science wasn't really my favorite subject, I'm sure it isn't anyone's, people say that school is hell, but my life from two days ago turned into my personal hell. Walking into class I walk to my desk and take two notebooks out and a pencil before putting my bag on a hook on the wall by the door.

This teacher likes to treat us like kindergarten students, well she was a kindergarten teacher before she got transferred here.

Going back to my desk I put my phone in my pocket along with my earbuds.

Sitting in my seat I zone out thinking about the one thing that's been on my mind since I learned of it.


Oh how face my life turned upside down, in a matter of days, I start chemo treatment next week, yay, I thought sarcastically.

I zoned out through a majority of my classes, not realizing again that it was the last class was over I headed out the building and met up with my friends at our secret spot, so now it's time to break the news to them I guess.

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