Kissing cancer

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Chapter 2

(Greer's point of view)

So here we sat in a circle, my friends waited for me to say something so I took a deep breath and let it out quietly, before building up my courage to tell them. Looking at each and every one of my friends i say "so do you remember every time this past year I got sick or fainted?" They nodded "yeah" Emily said clearing my throat I continue " well I went to the doctors last week, and I got my tests back Friday, two days ago to be specific" I said nervous.

"And?" Sam said with a worried voice, a year slipped down my cheeks "i-i got stage three leukemia, in other words I got cancer" I said starting to cry, my friends were quiet for a minute before someone broke the silence, it was Alexis "y-your kidding me right? This is a joke right?" She asked with horror in her voice.

I shake my head no "no it's not a joke" I said wiping the tears from my cheeks, I looked up at them, they looked sad, shocked, horrified.

Charlie was the first to move, he jumped towards me, wrapping his arms around me, I hugged him back and the others joined in the hug. "how long?" James said "the doctor told me i got three months to live" I say as my voice broke, I finally let it out, I started to cry again, tears slipped down my cheeks.

"You can't die on us, you got to fight okay Greer, promise us you will fight?" Sam said, I nodded "ok. I promise" I said we cried together for a long while, but once it was done we were wiping away our tears and talking about what we would do. I pull my list out from my backpack, I showed it to them and they read it over.

"Oooh you bad girl, momma dearest won't be happy with you" Charlie said after reading the list, I chuckle after shrugging "she'll be mad, but she can't be mad at me forever" I said.

We laugh and do what we normally do, before I knew it, our time was up and we all had to go home, walking down the sidewalk to my house, I climb the front steps and walk inside the house to see a stressed my mom, sitting on the couch, her head was in her hands, her shoulders were shaking, like she was crying, sighing silently, I quietly set my backpack down and walk over to her, sitting beside her on the couch, I gently pull her into my arms, hugging her.

She leaned into me, crying harder, I rubbed her back quietly shushing her, trying to get her to stop crying "my baby, please don't leave us" my mom said looking up at me, I put on a smile "I'm not leaving just yet mom" I said.

She nodded and sniffled getting up she whispered "I'm going to make dinner", I watched after her before grabbing my backpack and went upstairs to my room. After entering my room, I shut my door dropping my bag onto the floor, then flopping onto my bed with a huff, there was a knock on my door "come in" I said, the door opened and my mom stepped in my room "hey sweetie can you go to the store for me, here's a list and money, you can also get yourself something" my mom said, oh I never said my parents names, my mom's name is Taylor and my dad's name is Henry.

I nodded, getting up she handed me the money and list "thank you, also be careful on the way there and back, call me If something happens" my mom said "no problem, I'll be back!" I said leaving the room, I go outside and get my bike out of the garage.

Getting on my bike, I stuff the list and money in my pocket and ride my bike to the store, the wind felt nice, smiling I got to the store sooner than I thought I would, I locked my bike up in the bike area by the door and head inside.

The cold air hit me once I stepped inside, shivering I take out the list.

Milk, butter, shugger, bread.

Nodding to myself i start walking down the bread isle and hear a voice that belongs to William Jefferson, the school bad boy, stopping in my tracks i stand next to the bread and pretend to me interested in the bread as I listened into his conversation, hey it ain't eavesdropping if your in public right?

"Okay I'll have the money as soon as I can!" William said to the person he was on the phone with, he seemed aggravated with them, at the split second I got an idea, William is a wild child, how I know is from Sam, he liked to do crazy things, he needed money and I needed someone to help me do my things on my list since I wouldn't dare do it by myself.

Once William was done with his call, I slowly walked over to him, tapping his shoulder from behind, he turned around "yes sweet cakes?" William said, wait who says that these days? Nevermind.

"Hi William, were in Spanish class together, fifth period" I said picking up a conversation, he nodded "yeah, what's your name?" He asked "Greer" I said putting on a fake smile. "Ooooh Greer, yeah now I remember you, so what's up?" He asked, here it goes.

"Let's make a deal" I say

"What kind of deal?" William said smirking.

"If you make the next three months the best days of my life I will give you the money you need" I said my palms sweating as I clunched them.

William thought about it for a few minutes then nodded, putting his hand out to me he says "babe, I'll make these next three months the best days of your life, just watch".

I smile a actual smile this time "thank you!' I said "but how do you know about my money problem?" He asked confused "I uh heard you when I was walking down the isle, your a loud talker" I chuckled, he nodded "okay, well what's your phone number so we can start planning the best days of your life" he asked, he gives me his phone and I put my number in and save myself as Greer. Giving him back his phone, he thanked me before turning around "I'll let you know when our first trip is" he said, I nodded and watched him walk away, not in a creepy way.

I turn and grabbed some bread, before grabbing the rest of the stuff on the list, the smile on my face never flattering, getting in line at a registered, I put my stuff on the counter as the woman behind the counter started to scan my things.

"Is that all for you miss?" She asked nicely "yes" I said

"Okay, that will be 27 dollars" she said, I nod and give her the money, she gave me back the change and I grabbed the bags.

"Have a nice day young lady" she said "you too" I said before leaving, heading outside I get some chips from the candy machine, then headed home on my bike.

Putting my bike away I head inside and out the bags on the counter "thank you Greer" my mom said smiling before taking the stuff out of the bags putting them away and continued to cook, I went upstairs to my room and called sam, Alexis and Emily.

"Guess what!" I said once they answered in the chat "what?" Sam said, I tell her what happened at the store, after that she just stared at me for a moment, then I heard the girls scream "YOU MADE A DEAL WITH WILLIAM?!" I flinch at how loud they yelled.

"Uh yes?" I said unsure of what to say.

That was just the start.

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