Kissing cancer

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Chapter four

(Greer's point of view)

I let Sam dress me up, Emily did my makeup and Alexis did my hair. I looked good, in my short shorts and over the shoulder shirt, plus some vans to add to it.

I stare at my reflection and smile "thanks guys, it looks amazing" I said, Sam smiled and leaned forward next to me "no, you look amazing" she said, not realizing what time it is the doorbell goes off, we all look out my bedroom door which has a clear view of the front door through the window, there stood William.

Sam, Alexis and Emily lightly pushed me out of my doorway, silently telling me to go get the door. Rolling my eyes I go and open the door, I see William turn to look at me, he looked me up and down before smiling "you ready to go on our first task?" He asked, I nodded "yeah" I said smiling and shutting the door behind me.

We walked to his dodge challenger, which was a deep red, he opened the door for me, I think him and get in, then he closes the door behind me.

Looking around the car, it was really nice, William walked around the car and got in the driver's seat, then started it up and took off. So I decided to ask where we are headed to "so where are we going?" I asked.

"It's a surprise" William replied not taking his eyes off the road, yay a responsible driver. I thought he would be going really fast and stuff, thank God I was wrong.

"Okay" I said

We sat in silence as we drove to our destination, by the time we got there it was 1 pm. How long did it take us to get here? A really long ride.

Once William parked we went around to my side of the car and opened the door for me again "thank you" I said "your very welcome" William said shutting the door behind me. I look around and see that we are in the woods, please tell me he didn't take me out here to kill and despose of me? I hope not.

I watch as he opened the trunk and grab a basket out of it, oooh so a picnic? Nice, I never had one, I guess there's a first time for everything huh. I followed him down a path, which took us ten minutes to get to where he was leading us.

The sound of birds chirping was a calm sound for me.

I ending up walking into William's back, accidentally on that note. I mumble a "sorry" and looked around, there was a big bolder, surrounded by flowers and a nice view of the city. I was amazed, I bet it would look amazing at night since you have a clear view of the sky.

William helps me onto the bolder and hands me the basket, taking it I set it down in the middle of the bolder, then I watch him climb up out the corner of my eye.

"It's beautiful here?" I asked

"It's my spot, if I ever needed some space from people, I come here" William said sitting down beside me. I nodded.

"So I hope you like McDonald's" William said pulling out wrapped food out of the basket. "How did you know?" I asked "Sam told me" William pointed out. "ah now I see" i said.

He chuckled and handed me my food "thank you" I said unwrapping my hamburger "your welcome" William said

Taking a bite of my food, I quietly moan, it gets me every single time. I heard a chuckle from beside me, I blush realizing I did that out loud. William started to laugh, I hid my face in my hands "it's that good huh?" William said smirking. I nodded "it's okay, I'm just teasing ya" he said before eating his food.

I finish my hamburger and eat my fries, I have a full belly, I leaned back on my arms and pat my belly. "Done?" William asked before pulling out a container of chocolate covered strawberries, yum.

I smile, I LOVE strawberries, especially when they have chocolate on them. "I always have room for strawberries" I said laughing a little. As we were eating the strawberries a question popped up in my mind.

"So if you don't mind me asking, why do you need money?" I asked looking at William. "Well I have a dept to pay someone" he said, I nodded "so how much?" I asked "how much what?" William asked "how much money do you need?" I asked "oh uh about this much" he said showing me with his fingers one. "One what?" I asked "one thousand" he replied, my eyes go wide. Dang that much, well it's a good thing I have two thousand dollars in my box.

"So why are you doing this deal?" William asked, I tense up a little bit "uh well it's almost graduation and I want to have as much fun as I can before I'm shipped off to college" I lie through my teeth, graduation is in three months, I probably won't be able to go.

"Oh I get it" William said so believing what I said.

I nod, looking up at the sky, which was cloudy, but there was a nice breeze. Laying back on the bolder I close my eyes enjoying the warm sunny heat against my skin, William layed down beside me, we just laid here, not saying a word but just enjoying it. I look at the busy town of my home, I never thought I would be leaving the way I am.

Soft rain drops hit my warm skin, I smiled, I love being in the rain "do you want to go?" William said, I shook my head no "I love the rain" I said "me too" William said.

I guess we got something in common, huh?

In matter of minutes it starts to pour down raining, squealing i carefully get down from the bolder and dances around in the rain, a smile on my face. William watched me from where he sat with a grin on his face, I giggled and looked up at the sky, watching the raindrops fall.

"Your something else Greer Mia Reece" William said "I know William Ethan Jefferson" I say back "how do you know my middle name?" William asked

"Sam" we both said at the same time, we both laughed and looked over at the view of the town.

I loved it here's, it was amazing.

"Thank you for showing me this place" I said "your welcome, your always welcome here if you need a place to run to" William said.

I nodded again, soon we were heading back to my house and William dropped me off at my house, saying thank you and bye, I head inside soaking wet and i noticed my mom pacing back and forth, so I just said "hi mom" I said her head snapped to me once she heard my voice "where were you?" She asked "I was worried sick!" She said, I flinch and frown "sorry I was at Sam's house, I just got caught up in the rain" I said.

"Please don't scare me like that ever again" she said

"Okay I'm sorry" I said

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