Kissing cancer

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Chapter five

(Greer's point of view)

Stepping onto school campus was fun right? No, with a banging headache and not really in the mood to talk. I go to the nurses office to give her a note from my mom, knocking on the door I hear a 'come in', so I open the door and step inside, closing it behind me.

I make sure that nobody is in the room, then walking to her desk once I know nobody else was in the room. "How can I help you Greer?" The nurse said, ms. Teresa was her name "well my mom wanted me to give you this and for me to tell you a personal private matter" I said sitting in a chair by the desk. She nodded as I handed her the paper, it was a relief that I sat down, because I feel like I'm about to pass out.

She reads over the paper, then her eyes widen, then turn sad "is this..." She said then stopped, I nodded "I have cancer" I said me and the nurse were really close, I'd say she is like a second mother to me. Tears welded in her eyes, but she wiped them away, pulling me into her arms she hugged me, I hugged her back after a minute. I closed my eyes as the light started to hurt my eyes, everything blurry.

I clunched onto her shirt, my headache getting worse, I hear the bell go off signaling the final bell to be in class. But I couldn't get myself to move, after a while of her whispering 'it'll be okay' a few times, she pulled away "uh do you mind if I stay here, I'm not feeling very well" I asked hopeful. She nodded "yes of course, this is the clinic after all" she said chuckling before getting me a bed ready. I hear my phone ring, taking it out of my pocket it was a text from my mom.

Greer, I'm picking you up from school today, your starting chemotherapy treatment today. Love you.

I felt my insides shake at the thought of chemo, to be honest i was scared. So I texted her back saying I loved her too, putting my phone in my pocket I put my back beside my bed and lay down, Teresa smiles at me as she closed the curtain to my bed. I thanl her again, before closing my eyes, sleep dragging me under.

I walked through the double doors to the office, my mom standing there waiting for me, she signed me out and we walked to her car. "So how was your day?" My mom asked "it was okay, I spent most of the day in the nurse's office" I said before getting in the car, shutting the door behind me. Then my mom got in on the drivers side. "Why were you there?" Mom asked looking at me before starting up the car, sighing I say "well I had a killer headache".

We drive to the hospital where we will be doing the chemotherapy treatment at, once we get there mom parks the car and we both get out heading inside, my mom checks me in and we wait in the waiting room. After a few minutes a nurse comes out through the side door with a clipboard in her arms "Greer" she said reading off the clipboard. Me and my mom get up and follows her through the door, we walk down the hall to the chemo center and she has me sit down on a chair.

While she was setting me up, she explained how chemotherapy works, I listened and nodded. But then she started to talk about the side effects of the chemotherapy.

"If your not aware of the side effects, I'll try to tell you the best way I can" she said before continuing.

"So the side effects are Pain, Anemia,Nausea, vomiting and diarrhea,Inactivity, Poor nutrition, Weight loss, Certain medications and treatment (as well as treatment combinations), Mental health disorders (depression and anxiety are two leading causes of fatigue) and Trouble sleeping" she said. "But not all of them will effect you, it's different for everyone" she continued.

I nodded not knowing what to say, I stay quiet as she chucked my blood pressure and whipped down my arm before sticking a needle inside it, I flinch, I don't like needles at all. Then we started the chemo therapy. It lasted for a few hours, but when we were done, I couldn't walk at all. Like they had to put me in a wheelchair, she said that I would be extremely exhausted from the treatment since it's my first one.

She was a hundred percent right, I'll tell you that's for sure. Once we were done, my mom took me home and helped me upstairs to my room, which I thanked her for and layed down on my bed texting in the group chat. Alexis wondered where I was in fifth period, so I told her I went for my first chemo treatment. Tossing my phone on my bed, I turned and layed on my back, sighing I stared up at the ceiling, in silence.

My phone churps, signaling that I got a message, grabbing my phone I look at it seeing it's from William.

Sitting up I read the message:

Hey Greer, our next task to go is tomorrow, be ready by 3pm. Don't be late.

Sighing I replied and tossed my phone on the bed, so we got our second task tomorrow, I don't understand why by it made me smile, would that last task count as a date? Well, maybe, yes? No? I don't know!

I stop thinking about it and pushed it to the back of my mind, not pushing my luck, feeling really tired I close my eyes and fall asleep.

Waking up in the middle of the night was a piece of cake right? Nope. It wasn't. I felt really sick, like throwing-up-and-doing-it-again-until-your-insides-comes-out kind of sick. Yeah, that's nasty, getting up out of bed I go to my bathroom and throw up, groaning, I look in the toilet before flushing it, which brought up my horror, it was light red. I threw up blood.

I quickly flushed the toilet and rushed back into my room, pacing I think, not really knowing what to think, I stop frozen. I'm really dying, I'm dying. It finally hits me like I was slapped across the face. I was dying from the inside out, tears welded up in my eyes, then slowly fell down my cheeks, my shaky legs shook and gave out on me. Sobbing I put my head in my hands, I just couldn't stop crying no matter how hard I tried. So I decided to let all out, which lasted for a while. But I got it out.

Deciding to go back to sleep, I crawl into bed on my shakingly knees and got under the covers and fell asleep, the cold air nipping at my wet tear stained cheeks. Then darkness came over me.

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