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Serafina has finally been allowed to study magic at the Church of Solemn and was given her God's Gifts. One Gift, The Witches' Necklace, grants the ability to make any living thing her familiar and makes them immortal so long as they stay by her side forever. If they leave the witch, they are cursed, or worse! Somehow... it ended up falling into the hands of June, one of the most popular girls at school. No matter, she just need to get it back... w-what... what do you mean it DISAPPEARED INSIDE OF HER!? Someone, h-help! *** Book Cover Designed: Hannah Moon Character Art:

Hannah Moon
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Author's Note

Thank you so much for checking out “Bewitched!” This series will be available on Tapas, Wattpad, and Inkitt. Hopefully, in the future, I can expand it to different sites. This series will be completely free. If you wish to support me as an author, please bookmark/subscribe to it, follow me, and check out my social media links. All my info would be available on as well.

This series is a Girl Love Magical Realism Fantasy and will be marked as 17+. It will include subjects like magic, religion, homophobia, as well as self-actualization. I hope you stick around to see how this story unfolds!

- Hannah

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