Destiny of Love

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Part two

One year running, I lived my life with various lecture activities. Gather with friends and exchange ideas with them. Even so, I still remember Mike in my every day. I miss him but I don’t deserve to talk like that because he has been happy with the woman of his choice. However, not long after Mike contacted me, he apologized for his mistakes during this time. I will gladly forgive him.

Our relationship is as usual again. We shared experiences and Mike also said that he was sorry he had disappointed me. He asked me to return to him. I, who had been waiting and waiting for his presence, received Mike back. I gave him a chance to fix everything. I felt Mike had changed and the day we passed was also more beautiful.

Not feel three months I had a long distance relationship with Mike. We went through ups and downs together. Mike when it was not as usual anymore, he began to no longer care about me. I find out the cause. Then I got to know his best friend named Nania. He told me that Mike actually didn’t love me, he just made me a place to share his sadness because he still hoped his ex returned. I don’t believe that. Because I’m sure Mike loves me.

But one night Mike called me. I hurried to pick up the phone. When my heart is happy, Mike breaks it. Again and again Mike makes me hurt. He decided on me because he still loved his ex. It turns out that what Nania said is true. I cried as hard as I could, I didn’t know all this had happened. I have been fighting for my love even betrayed again. And again I was not angry and did not hate him even I asked him to chase after her. So that he returns to her.

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