Destiny of Love

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Part three

Actually, my heart does not accept being treated like this, but I’m sure behind all this there must be a silver lining. I sacrifice my love for her love. I’m sad over his happiness. But I did not show that sadness to him. Until Mike returns with the woman. I tried to move on, move on and move on. I motivated myself that maybe someday God would send a better soul figure than Mike. Every day I always pray for Mike’s happiness. I don’t want Mike to get hurt, even though he disappoints me, I still wish him happiness.

I always peek at every activity in social media, actually my heart hurt to see their intimacy. But I’m glad to see Mike happy. Until one day I could no longer see it on social media, and it turns out Mike blocked my Facebook. I’m sad because Mike doesn’t want my presence anymore. I sank so deep that I forgot to take care of my health and finally I was sick. Since then I really wanted to forget Mike, erase everything about him and not want to know anymore what happened to him. I’m heartbroken forever. I even thought that I didn’t want to have a boyfriend anymore. All love is fake.

Time went by so fast, I had completed my undergraduate degree and I was hired to work at a Syariah Bank located in Riau. The days I lived alone without a lover. Although many came to me but I refused. So many say I’m arrogant, pretentious to sell expensive and whatever the language. Because I can’t lie that I still hope Mike returns. I tried to forget Mike but I couldn’t. I already loved him. But I know Mike never loved me.

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