Destiny of Love

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Part Four

A few months later I heard the news that the woman Mike loved had married another man. I just smiled, and I thought maybe maybe Mike would approach me. After two months, I opened Facebook and someone asked me for friendship. Spontaneously I’m surprised, he’s Mike. Then I accept his friend request. Shortly after that he inboxed me and apologized for everything he had done to me, he regretted all his actions and he begged me to take it back. He realized that he had betrayed someone who sincerely loved him, he was truly sorry he had wasted me, he said.

Indeed I still love him, but I no longer want to fall in the same hole for the third time. During this time I sacrificed my feelings for his happiness. But now I began to wonder if Mike would repeat the same mistake. Without thinking, for a while I refused but was still good friends with him. Mike accepts it all, and he promises to prove all his words are true. I just agreed and waited for certainty.

Shortly thereafter, I was surprised by Mike and his family coming to my house. He met my parents and wanted to ask for my hand. I cannot say a word. I felt like I was dreaming, then I pinched my hands hard and hurt a lot. Apparently this is not a dream, this is real. I was so happy that I shed tears of joy. What I have been praying for right now, finally blessed by God, is truly an extraordinary gift.

Finally I accepted Mike’s proposal and we lived happily. And I am sure of a saying that says “Rest assured, what is destined to be ours, God will not let it belong to someone else”.

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