He's Not Mine

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He was my bestfriend. Maybe is. I'm not so sure anymore. I was naively in love with him. I thought I will get over him after I found my mate, maybe I did. But after my mate died I'm not so sure about it either. But this time things are a lot more complicated. He found his mate, he loves her but I still love him. I don't know how to stop this feeling for him.Day by day it's only making me feel more guiltier. Will I ever find my happily ever after? Or would I have to live in this guilt all my life? Will I ever find my chance at being happy again? Will be with a stranger if I even get a chance at this? Or will it be someone I know? I may suck at summary,but please give this book a chance. But I am gonna warn you though as English is not my first language it may or may not have some grammer or spelling mistakes.So sorry in advance.

Romance / Fantasy
just a girl 001
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The day it begin

I don't really recall everything clearly. It was just like a zap of connection broke. Maybe it would have devastated me, it could have killed me too if he wasn't like this. But it didn't. Everyone in the pack wondered why it didn't did anything to me. I didn't even cry. I couldn't cry after what happend.

Maybe I bacame heartless after all,just like him. It evoked a fear in me. No, I don't want to be like him, I would never be like him, I just couldn't.

He made me feel like I was just a piece of stone,with no feeling whatsoever. He made me feel worthless, useless, just not good enough for him. When everybody from his family was crying for him I was ther sitting in a corner just feeling numb all over, even my wolf didn't feel anything.

They thought I'm going crazy. But they didn't know how he made me feel crazy. And not in a good way.

Someday after I guess they had enough of me. So, they decided to end it all by packing me leave this pack and send me over to my previous pack. The Alph gave them the permission too. He thought maybe I would get better if I live with my parents or I will die eventually on my birth pack ground. The plus point being he wouldn't have to throw another expensive funeral.

So, here I am in my old pack getting looks of pity. Them I saw my family coming out from there house, which was mine too at some point. Immediately, my Mom started crying. I don't know if it was for me or my mate dying,maybe for both. Dad started caressing my face and hugging me tightly. It was good to be back in the arms of my parents. after meeting with pretty much everyone who threw me looks of pity. I still didn't meet one special person. I guess I wasn't speacial to him anymore. But mayne I'm thinking too much into it. He could be busy for all I know. This overthinknig has been a habit of mine after staying with him. I couldn't wait to get rid of it. I wanted to get rid of everything that was connected to him. Every single thing.

Right now I was just getting comfy in my old room. Mom's voice ringing in my ears. " You have cry it out all, baby. It's not good keeping it in ". But I wasn't really sure if there was anything to cry about. I had gotten my ever wanted freedom. I should be happy, ecstatic even. I was still drowning in my thoughts when i heard the door of my room slam open. I guess I wasn't paying any attention. Then I heard a all too familiar voice.



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