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Avery Sanchez had worked with the Romano family since she was 17. First it was a business internship and then when she turned 18, was employed as the Assistant to the CEO (Samuel Romano). When Mr Romano decides to retire to ease his wife's worries, his son Sebastian takes over as CEO. What will happen between the two? Why does Sebastian seem so interested in her? Was he staring or is she imagining it?

Romance / Humor
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Chapter 1

Chapter 1: I’m going to miss you.

A loud banging woke me from my sleep.

“Avery, wake the hell up! You’re late, for the hundredth time!” My best friend since 6th grade shouted through my door. Wait... SHIT! This is the fourth time i have been late this week. Mr. Romano wouldn’t fire me, I’m his Neonata. He wouldn’t fire me, right?

I rushed around my room grabbing my clothes before rushing into the bathroom to brush my teeth. After having spat out the final bit of toothpaste from my mouth, I dressed in my tan skirt and black long sleeved shirt. I ran into the kitchen and grabbed the toast that Bethany offered me whilst slipping on my black, Louis Vuitton black, strapped ankle boots and bolted for the door. I had just managed to grab my purse before the door closed on me.

I reached into my purse and grabbed for the car keys to my work vehicle. It was a BMW X7 and it was my baby. Samuel Romano had bought it for me as a 21st birthday present about 2 months after I had started working for the company. All in all, the CEO spoiled me more than my own father did, and I was an only child. I was the daughter he never had, his Neonata. It had only taken him a few weeks to start calling me that nickname but after that it just stuck.

I followed the route that I took everyday and reached my destination. Romano & Co. The world’s leading fashion company. We modelled all kinds of clothing. From suits to rompers, ballgowns to lingerie. This company had done it all.

I darted through the reception, giving a quick wave to the women working the desk and dashed into the open elevator. The ride seemed to take forever, even though it was only a few minutes, and as soon as it stopped I ran straight for my bosses office. I checked the clock on the wall. 9:42. I was 42 minutes late, I could loose my job for that.

I sat down at my desk and began to sort through the ever-growing pile of paperwork. I worked my way into a dazed state of work and seemed to be doing quite well. I was brought out of trance by a knock on the door of my office. I looked up to find no one other than Mr Samuel Romano himself smiling right at me. I sigh and my chest dropped slightly. He seemed to have noticed this.

“You’re not in trouble, Neonata" He said, his voice relaxing me. I look back up at him and he was smiling. “Even though you are nearly 3/4 of an hour late.” This caused us both to chuckle.

“Do you need something, sir?” I question. This caused him to frown.

“How many times do i have to tell you, it’s fine if you call me Sam. You are like my daughter after all.” We both smiled. “However, there is something I must tell you.” This peaked my attention. It was me who frowned this time.

“I have decided to retire.”

I sat there in shocked but after a few moments I began to shout, yelling anything that came to mind.

“You can’t leave! This company needs you. You can’t leave me!” This is what caused me to sob uncontrollably. He raced over to me and held me to his chest.

“Calm down, Neonata. I will never leave you. I am retiring for not just me but for my wife as well. She has been pestering me since the last incident and I want to make her happy.” His wife, Scarlett, was there when he had suffered a heart attack last month and she has been breathing down his neck to make sure he will retire. She really cared for him.

“Who will take over once you leave?” I asked, there could be 4 options for who could take over the family business.

“I have decided that Sebastian will take over once I am gone.” His third oldest. No.3. That made sense. His two oldest had their own jobs (that being Neurosurgeon and Chemical Engineer). All of Sebastian’s younger brothers were not experienced enough to take over a company. Well, maybe Sage could but he was off gallivanting in Europe somewhere.

“You are making it sound like your dying. Wait... You aren’t dying are you!” I exclaimed.

“No, my dear. I am not dying but I would rather not risk my health and you know what Lettie would say if I put too much stress on myself.” He let out a loud belly laugh that caused me to laugh along with him.

“When are you officially resigning then?” I asked him.

“Two weeks on Friday.” He responded. That meant I still had about 2 and a half weeks to spend time with him before he left.

“I am guessing that Sebastian would be coming sooner than then to get reacquainted with the company.”

“Yes I do believe so. I’m guessing that you will need some time to prepare for his arrival.” I did. I needed to transfer tons of paperwork and other legal documents over to a new email and hard drive before he arrives. Yay! More work!

“I shall prepare for that then.” I told Sam.

“Of course darling. If you need me, you know to shout.” He responded. He really did care for me.

“Sam.” This got him to turn. “I’m going to miss you.”

His face softened after hearing this. “I will only be a phone call away, Neonata.”

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