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Jared trent. Loved by all. Kind, a gentleman, smart, and unbelievingly handsome. When his first love comes back into his life he has no choice but to help her. Tate was an average little girl living her life to the fullest. Who would've thought that one day could change everything. One day could RUIN everything. That one day happened to be her birthday... "This is so unfair."

Romance / Drama
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Listen to coldplay 'old friends' for this one.

8 years ago

I woke up to the smell of bacon, eggs and pancakes. Mm, dad was cooking. I quickly got up still in my PJ’s and ran down the stairs.

“Yay! Breakfast”, I shouted excitedly as I entered the kitchen, only to be pulled away from my target.

“Morning to you too”, My dad said happily.

I smiled as I saw my dad, dressed in an apron, a spatula in one hand and a huge smile on his face.

“Morning sunshine”, My mom chimed in as my dad moved to flip the pancakes with me on his hip.

“Morning mommy!” I shouted

“Happy birthday” They say at the same time and I realize that this is my birthday breakfast.

“Already?!”, I asked excitedly

My dad sat me on the counter and nodded his head.

“After school we’re gonna go somewhere”, Daddy said happily.

“Yay!”, I shouted as my mom came over and carried me to my room to get ready.

As I wait for the bus I see my best and only friend, Jared, running towards me.

“Tate!”, He shouts.

“Hey”, I smiled widely.

“Happy birthday”, He says as he hugs me tightly.

“Thanks”, I say.

“I got a present for you”, he said grinning.

“Really?”, I asked curiously.

“In fact I got two presents”, he said grinning from ear to ear now.

I laughed at his enthusiasm. He acted like it was his birthday every year when it was actually mine. Just then the bus arrived at our stop and we got on. All eyes fell on us as we walked to our usual seats.

“Ew”, Derek, my bully, said, “It’s the bug’s birthday.”

Everyone laughed at his remark I just rolled my eyes and Jared grabbed my hand and pulled me into our seat.

“Hey guys! Jared’s got cooties!”, Derek’s friend, Cameron, chirped in.

That got a chorus of “ew’s” and “gross”. Fourth graders believe in cooties. I’m saying that like I’m not one of them, he he.

“Just ignore them”, Jared comforted me.

I smiled back and changed the subject talking about how big he wanted my cake to be making me laugh when he demonstrated the size with his hands. We ignored the weird looks people gave us and by the time we arrived I was crying from laughing so much.

“Hey, Why are you crying?”, he said worriedly “Did i make you cry?”

“I’m crying cause I’m happy”, I smiled, “ you never make me cry, you make me smile.”

At that he hugged me and we walked to our classes hand in hand smiles plastered on our faces as we began the day.

It was recess and Jared said he had my present. He’d blindfolded me and sat me on the grass. As I waited for him to come back I couldn’t help but bounce a little cause I was so excited.

“You look like your about to explode”, he comments when he comes back and sits in front of me.

“well, you took way too long and I was getting impatient”, I told him as I started removing the blindfold.

I opened my eyes and saw a small box placed on the ground in front of me. I looked at him then back at the box.

“Just open it please”, He said.

I picked up the box and opened it slowly. It…was a necklace, with a, uhh, symbol? He must have seen the confusion on my face cause he took it from me.

“It’s an infinity mark”, he said, “It shows that we’re gonna be best friends forever. I got one for myself too.” And that's when i see he has one around his neck.

“wow”, I said in shock. He was too sweet sometimes.

“I'll help you”, He said not waiting for me to answer he got up and placed the necklace around my neck.

I stood up and kissed his cheek.

“Thanks”, I smiled, seeing his face turn a light shade of pink.

The rest of the day went smoothly, and before I know it it’s the end of the day.

“I’m gonna walk you home then I’ll go, okay?” He asked even though I knew he would either way.

“Okie then, let’s go!” I shouted and ran ahead of him with him following behind, laughing.

When I turned the corner I froze...

What i saw that day changed my life forever.

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