Blue haired girl

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This story is about a girl who has blue hairs. She has some magical powers which she finds out in the due course of time and is left alone in her struggle to safeguard her locks so that she can help the needy. A modern day old story where fantasy plays a major role keeping the logics and practicality at bay.

Romance / Adventure
Age Rating:

Chapter 1 : Meet Anayka

The characters of the story are as :

Anayka Gupta :

A shy, kind hearted girl with a smart mind. She is a rouge and roams around trying to find a suitable pack to lead her life. She has a brother, who saves her from being tortured by other rouges and packs. She has only one friend, who also travels with her and also is a rouge. They are 17 years old and thus have not found their mates yet. Anayka, dreams of a good human as her mate, who will see her inner beauty rather than her outer body. She has some mysterious powers only known to her and her future mate, as she has never shifted in her wolf form frequently.

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