When the Sky Falls

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Zain was utterly confused. When they say that women are difficult to understand, they are completely right. The question was embedded in Zain's mind like a tattoo.

Did Kiara want him there or not?

Zain had no idea why it mattered to him that much. She was just an innocent child crush, after all! He had met her after eight years and yet, why did his heart beat rapidly when she was near him? Why did he feel the urge to kiss her senseless when she walked in that sexy boss woman attire of hers?


She would assert her 'ownership' on him once and then, she will give a cold shoulder. And yet he couldn't answer, why did he care?

He should hate her for leaving him. For the torture she had objected his father to. For stealing his simple life away. Yet his heart refused to.

One look at her face and he forgot all the hate he ever felt.

His heart refused to acknowledge the fact that she had changed. The deathly glare she gave and the dominance she radiated was completely ignored by it. She was dangerous.

Then why did he wanted to be around her?

Why did he still think that the girl he once knew was still alive inside her? Why?

Zain groaned as he ate another handful of popcorn. Currently, he was binge watching The Big Bang Theory on Netflix with Sejal. He was astonished at how beautiful woman she had grown up to be.

Not as beautiful as Kiara, though.

Zain forced his brain to shut up. He can't have thoughts about her right now.

"Where are you lost, Zee?" Sejal asks him.

Zain mentally groans. Should he tell her? She was the only friend he had here, though.

"I am lost in everything that is going on." he replies, drifting his attention to her.

Sejal took a handful of popcorn from Zain's bowl and gobbled them instantly.

"Hey! That's my popcorn." Zain protested. He didn't like sharing food at all. He was a growing man and food was something his body desired all the time.

Sejal chuckles.

"Sorry not sorry. And to reply to your revelation, don't worry, Zee. I know this is all overwhelming. My sister is.... difficult. After the death of papa and ma, she just flipped completely. I don't even remember last time I had seen a genuine smile on her face. I am just afraid that... that she is gone. I know she loves me but I want my sister back. The one who was always there for me. It's not like she isn't but I want us to be normal. To gossip about boys, to pull pranks, talk about college and my singing. To even know how are day went. She is always working." Sejal says as the smile on her face disappears.

Zain didn't know what to say. All he knew that this wasn't the Kiara he knew.

"She... she attends some of my concerts. She knows how much it means to me. I know she is there, but she doesn't know how to break free. I have tried, a lot. Every fucking day. She is just lost, Zee. Just lost. She works a lot to forget. I know that. I remind her a lot of the past and maybe that's why she doesn't want to s-see m-me..." Sejal continues, tears rolling down her eyes.

Zain grabs her in a warm hug, gently patting her back. All he saw was a broken girl who needed some help and love in this world. Sejal was strong - just like her sister. She just needed Kiara and her to be normal, no matter how famous they are. What they were like before all this.

"It will be fine, Sejal. Everything will be fine. Your sister loves you, a lot. I know she is changed but she will be fine. She... she is just busy. Managing eleven businesses is tough. And I am here now, I will take care of both of you." Zain says, trying to console her.

"I know, Zee. I know. She might appear too cold to you, but trust me, she wants you in her life. The contract and all just says that she is scared to let go of you. She adores you, that will never change." Sejal replies, offering him a small smile.

Zain simply sighs, no matter what he hoped for the best. He wanted her to want him with her. Even after all these years, he just couldn't let go of her. He just couldn't.

She had a permanent place in his heart.


You need to stop, he thought to himself.

"I am just going to get some sleep. It's 12 already." he says as he gets up, giving Sejal a quick smile and heading to his room.

He refused to think about Kiara anymore, his heart wasn't ready to deal with her as of now. He just broke up with Nikita, he felt guilty for moving on from her so soon. Did he love her, though?

He had no idea.

He lied down on his bed, gazing at the ceiling. In times like these, he missed his mother a lot. She could have helped him understand Kiara.

Death changes people. It changed Kiara. It changed him.

But then, can they still be together?


Zain couldn't sleep that night. Call it his impatience for the day that awaited him, but he couldn't close his eyes. So, he spent his day researching about Kiara and the companies she owned.

Google gave him good enough results.

Youngest multi-billionaire woman in the world.

Bought ten companies in a span of 4 years.

Significant donor at Lady Love's Orphanage.

Respected speaker at many reputed business events.

Sister of Sejal Kapoor, famous English singer.

And then, there were articles about her 'alleged' love affairs with many Hollywood stars and even, reputed businessmen. Zain didn't know why but he felt a pang of jealousy erupt in his heart when he read about them. But then, Kiara never confirmed those rumours. She didn't deny them either.

Then, he looked at Kapoor Music Inc. The company was worth billions of dollars and catered to many well-known singers. Sejal was all over the articles for the company, she was famous for her grand tours and dramatics in them. Whatever you think is best, she would do better than it. Kiara funded her sister's dream, making sure that she gets the best.

And now, Zain was going to be a part of all of this. Even though Kiara owned the company, Sejal was the CEO and now, Zain will share the position with her. Funny enough, he would be the owner of the company he just came to know about. He cursed himself for not reading news much. He never concerned himself with the outer world, he was sure that he would spend his entire life in India only after completing his studies at Columbia. Boy, was he wrong.

He adjusted his shirt once again as he looked at himself in the mirror. He looked presentable enough, so he grabbed his phone and headed downstairs. He would be meeting with Kiara soon enough.

"Enjoy your trip!" he heard Sangeeta say and he chuckled.

"I will!" he replied back as he headed outside, a black Mercedes already waiting for him at the entrance.

"Hello, sir. I am Daniel and I will be your driver." a man said as Zain settled in the car.

"Sure, thank you." he replied politely.

Daniel didn't look over thirty, with blonde hair. Zain was happy enough that he got him as the driver as he didn't look as rock solid as Aman who he had met previously.

They drove away, Zain enjoying the view of the city around him. It was like he had been transported to a completely new world - huge screens and buildings surrounding him instead of the trees he was used to, back in India. They surely call it a concrete jungle for a reason.

Zain's mind drifted to Kiara. He was positive that she had not come back home last night. Did she work at her office, all night? Is she even human?

Zain fiddled with his new iPhone - a gift from Kiara. It surely looked expensive and Zain reminded himself that he would pay her back for it. He couldn't let her buy everything for him.

Soon enough, the car stopped. They had arrived.

"Miss Kapoor will meet you inside the mall." Daniel informs him and Zain gets out.

The mall was humongous - buzzing with people. He walked inside, his jaw dropping. How can a place like this even exist?

"Good you are here, now follow me." Zain hears someone say behind him. He turns to find Kiara standing behind him with Aman and some more security personnel.

She looked beautiful - like always. She was wearing a different dress from tomorrow and she surely smelled like sweet lavender. She didn't even come home, so when did this happen?

He followed her quietly, not meaning to offend her. They entered a store. The business suits looked expensive and extremely refined. He was sure that he can in no way afford to buy even a tie pin from here, forget a freaking suit.

"Miss Kapoor! What a wonderful surprise! What can we do for you?" a man greets them as they enter. Kiara was surely well known here.

"I want suits for him. Don't worry about the cost, I want the best." Kiara replies, not even looking at the man who greeted them.

The man whoever looks unfaced by her attitude and motions Zain to follow him.

"I will take your measurements and we can start then." the man tells Zain.

Kiara settles down on a chair, checking through her phone. The man comes to take Zain's measurements and soon enough, Zain is bombarded with suits.

Kiara's attention then drift to Zain as she watches him change suit after suit. She maintains her passive face - not even showing a hint about whether she liked the suits or not.

Is she always that ice cold?

Her behavior infuriated Zain, was she even ever going to acknowledge his presence? What was she - a monster?

Finally, Kiara motioned the man to stop handing Zain more suits after he had tried five of them,which made Zain glad because he was tired enough. What was she going to do now?

Kiara got up and went to the aisle of suits. She started taking out some of them, handing them to the man.

"Pack all of these." she ordered him.

Zain was shocked - all of them.

"Isn't it a bit too much?" Zain told her but her deathly glare made him shut up.

She then went to the ties, doing the same.

This continued for many stores until Kiara was completely satisfied she had everything. Not once did she say anything to Zain, which left him confused.

"I need to head to office now, get him back home. Also, make sure that he is briefed by Robert. I want the transfer to be smooth." Kiara tells Aman, as if Zain wasn't standing right in front of her.

That hurt Zain and he wanted nothing more to lash at her. But after all she had done for him today, he couldn't bring himself to do so.

"Thank you." Zain said.

Kiara stopped momentarily, not saying anything and then, when he thought she would break the silence, she walked away.

Is she ever going to talk to him?

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