When the Sky Falls

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Hotness ahead


Thank you.

The words kept ringing in Kiara's mind as she walked into her mansion. It has been a while since someone besides her own sister said any kind words to her - maybe because her own actions weren't kind also.

It was one at night, but then with everything going in her office and her mind she couldn't simply stay there. She had to get out of there and see someone. She desperately wanted to see him.

She had no idea what this feeling was, it had been long since she felt something for someone. Pain and loss had clawed it's way into her heart long time ago and they were the only feelings she felt most of the time, besides anger. Her anger was the reason she was feared so much but then, it was until she showed others her anger. In real life, she had to maintain her innocent image in front of other because she worked behind shadows and they needed to believe that she wouldn't even raise a knife - let alone kill someone.

No, she never feared for her life, she knew she was capable of protecting herself but her sister was the one she feared for, constantly. She had to do this - for her.

Kiara walked into her room, taking off her heels and then, entering her washroom. She took of her makeup, making her feel a little more alive, and then took of her dress and bra. Kiara felt pride in her fashion sense for she knew how to dress to leave a mark on others. To be taken seriously. To highlight every inch of her beauty.

Kiara wasn't ever shy, she had lost the trait long time ago. Her new self was confident and she very much knew that she was beautiful, or sexy as they call her. She loved her body.

She changed into her violet night gown that ended way above her knees but after wearing dresses for entire day, her legs really did need to breathe. Letting her hair fall free, she walked down the stairs as she was really thirsty.

She quickly grabbed a bottle from the fridge, opening the cap and tasting the cold water that relaxed her throat. Water droplets dripped on her lips, some even falling on her chest but little did she care.

She closed the fridge door, only to be greeted by the sight of Zain looking at her with wide eyes. She could feel the heat from his stare and for the first time, she felt conscious of her appearance. It wasn't like she hasn't been stared at. It was something about the way he was staring at her that made her weak on her knees.

What was he doing to her?

Kiara smirked, regaining her confident self, as she walked towards him. An idea popped in her mind and with him being in her mind all throughout the day, she felt a need of payback.

Zain's eyes never left hers as Kiara neared him. She could feel him tense as the distance between them reduced.

"Why are you not asleep?" Kiara said as she ran her hands through Zain's hair, feeling their silkiness beneath her fingers.

"I....I couldn't...sleep." Zain managed to say.

Her other hand found it's way to his chest as she grabbed her collar and pulled him closer. She hated the shirt he was wearing - it was hiding the complete view from her.

She pushed him towards the kitchen counter.

"Take off your shirt." she ordered him.

"W-What?" Zain questioned, much to Kiara's annoyance.

"Don't. Make. Me. Repeat." Kiara threatened.

In a quick move, the shirt was removed finally revealing all of Zain's glory. His delicious eight pack abs shown under the kitchen's light and she felt herself getting wet by just looking at them. The scars on his chest glowed in the dark, signifying every bit of pain Zain had endured. Her gaze then shifted to his plump lips and she couldn't resists the urge no more.

So, she did it.

Grabbing him by his collar, she pulled him closer and then bought her lips to his.

His lips perfectly molded against hers and she felt herself getting wetter as she explored their touch against hers. Her hands found his hair again, loving their feel. And then, to her utter bliss, Zain responded.

Her lips moved in perfect sync with his. It wasn't a romantic kiss, just one full of heat and hunger.

Hunger for each other.

Zain's hand moved to her waist, gripping them tighter and moving her closer. One of his hands grabbed her hair and he pulled her closer. Both forgot they needed to breathe - they were each other's oxygen.

Zain sat on the kitchen slab, Kiara on top of him. Her legs hugged his waist but none of them broke the kiss.

"Shit. You make me so wet." Kiara moaned against Zain's lips.

Zain groaned, making Kiara feel more hot. She felt his hardness against her panties - the only piece of cloth she wished was never there. Kiara grinded against it - moving slowly against his dick that laid beneath the boxers he was wearing.

"Gosh, angel. You are killing me." Zain says as he trails his kisses down her neck, slowly sucking it to leave some hickeys. Kiara didn't mind, she loved the feeling of his soft lips against her neck.

She removed her dress, giving full view of her plum breast to her. Her nipples were already hard for him. Zain grabbed one of them in his hand and licked on another. A wave of pleasure hit Kiara, as she moaned his name.

"Zain!" she screamed as he teased her nipple with his tongue.

The good boy wasn't good after all.

"What are you doing to me, angel?" Zain said as he trailed his kissed to her stomach and Kiara arched back. She didn't want this torture to end - she loved every bit of it.

Her hand found it's way to his boxers, as she held his cock in her hand and pulled it out. She slowly started moving them up and down, earning a groan from Zain. But his kisses on her breasts didn't stop, he continued to bite on them pleasurably.

She stroke him gently as she felt some of his pre cum trail down her hand. Her other hand never left his hair.

"Fuck, Angel. You are going to be the death of me." Zain says, his voice getting deeper and his breathe harsher.

She moaned as she came again in her panties, as he bit her nipples. She had never heard him curse and she felt so turned on that he was doing it because of her.

"Zain..." his name left her mouth as he grabbed her again and kissed her on her swollen lips. His hands trailed down, until they reached the helm of her panties. He applied enough friction at her clit that made her more wet.

She continues to stroke him as his fingers made their way into her pussy.

She could feel Zain tense against her touch and she knew he was about to cum.

"Fuck!" Zain exclaimed as he came on her hands. His boxers were spoiled. She smiled at her achievement as she got up, leaving Zain flustered.

She grabbed her gown from the floor and put it on.

Her eyes met Zain who adjusted himself in his clothes. She leaned in closer, feeling him tense under her proximity. She smiled at that.

She pecked him on his lips, even though she wanted it to last longer.

"We are far from over, baby. Far from over." Kiara whispered in his ears as she turned away and left him in the kitchen.

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