When the Sky Falls

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Her lips. Her rosy lips.

Those round fuller, soft breasts of hers.

The way she moaned his name.

The way she stroked his cock.

Gosh, Zain was going insane. Insane over Kiara. Last night was something completely out of the ordinary. It was exciting and before Zain knew, he had completely surrendered himself to the pleasure Kiara gave him. He loved the feel of her tasty lips against his. Only if he could relive those moments again.

We are far from over, Zain.

Her voice ringed in his mind, reminding him that this sweet torture wasn't ever going to end. But what if she grew tired of him? Disposed him off like a ragged doll? What would he do then?

Zain had no idea what last night meant, but for him it was like meeting all those feelings he had buried deep inside his heart, again. The feelings he had for Kiara.

The thought that they were resurfacing troubled him because he didn't want to get down that lane again. It only inflicted him pain and he have had enough of it to last a lifetime.

But then why did it feel like it was just the beginning? That she would conquer his heart, again?

He adjusted his tie as he examined himself in the mirror, glad with the outcome. Zain never focused on what he wore, he was just the kind of person who grabbed whatever his hands laid on first. Dressing without thinking can be disastrous sometimes but then, he had many more matters to deal with other than clothes.

Thankfully, Kiara had an excellent taste in fashion because the navy blue suit he currently wore with beige pants and white shirt totally suited him. When Zain had woken up, he had found the clothes ready for him to wear, on the edge of his bed and he was sure that Kiara had went through his closet.

The girl seriously had no sense of privacy.

But then, the invasion was worth it. He ran his hand through his hair once again, dearly missing the feel of Kiara's hand through them.

Today was his first day at office and as a CEO and he sure was terrified. He felt weird. There was an unknown confidence that sparked in his heart as he adjusted his blazer once again. But then, something in him had changed in him since he came here.

The fact that he swore last night troubled him and he had spent all the night apologizing to his late mother for breaking his promise.

But he did admit, it felt good. Like those words perfectly described his emotions at that time. Still, he was going to refrain from doing so. For his mother.

Suddenly, the door to his room opened, revealing the woman who had captured every single thought of Zain's. She walked in, wearing her white pencil dress with her hair tied up in a tight ponytail and red lipstick on her plum lips. The dress hugged her every single curve and the v-neck showcased a bit of her cleavage, making Zain hard in his pants.

Her eyes were the favorite part of his in her body. The next came her perfect, round breasts. He could suck them every day. The thought made him internally groan and he could feel the heat creeping in his face.

Kiara didn't say a word, she just looked at him from the mirror, carefully examining him. He felt hot under her gaze, barely keeping his dirty thoughts under check. It was like as if he transformed into a completely different person when she was near him.

She walked towards him, stopping just behind him. Her hands moved through his hair and Zain suppressed a moan. She bit his ears, slowly trailing her kisses down his neck from the behind.

Zain was sweating, but he said nothing. Her touch induced ripples of pleasure throughout his body. Her lavender smell made Zain go crazy and he wanted to do nothing more to kiss her.

"You make me so fucking wet, Zain. Just by the way you look." she whispered in his ears, sending shivers of pleasure down his spine.

"I saw your artwork on my body from last night. I have to say, you are a bad boy after all, Zain. Just make sure that you don't disappoint me today, I have a lot of expectations from you. Don't do something I would dislike." Kiara says and with that, she kisses him on the cheek and leaves.

Leaving a red lipstick mark on Zain's cheek.


"Welcome, Mr. Dhawan. It's nice to have you with us." A woman greets him as Zain enters the building of Kapoor Music Inc. The building is huge, like the many others he have seen, but being Kiara's simply means that the extravagance of the building will be beyond any other level.

The exterior of the building is completely made of glass, still the interior was chilling. The lobby was huge, with security check and escalators and lifts to move to the top floors. There was a fountain in the middle of the lobby, decorated with flowers. The marble finishing of the floor shone under the sunlight. The walls were carved out of marble too, giving them a refined look. A huge chandler hung at the ceiling, casting rainbows everywhere as the sunlight get reflected from it.

And now, he is the CEO of this company.

"The pleasure is all mine, for sure. And you are?" Zain asked the woman. Besides Sejal and his person assistant Robert, he knew no one in this building.

He had been introduced to Robert yesterday only, after he came to the mansion from his shopping spree with Kiara. Robert was 24 years old, having worked in the company for about two years now. According to Sejal, he was extremely trustworthy and serious about his work. Having talked to the man, Zain was sure he wasn't going to have any problems with him. Robert had a funny bone in him so Zain hoped to be friends with him, although the thought seemed weird.

He had been briefed about his duties. Besides approving new artists and promoting their music on media platforms, he is expected to maintain a good relationship with the already hired artists and look into their work. Just like Sejal, he is free to make his own music and even write songs for other artists. He is expected to give details of the business of the company at the end of the every month with Sejal.

The tasks seemed rather fun to him instead of all those land businesses he was preparing to take care of when his father passes the business to him. He thanked the lords that the same wasn't the case.

"I am Alex, the receptionist. Robert will be here soon enough to take you to your office. Oh look, he is already there!" the woman, Alex, says and soon enough, Robert meets up with Zain.

"Good morning, boss. Let's get you to your office." Robert says and Zain simply nods.

They took the lift, which according to Robert could be used by only Sejal and him and of course, their assistants. So, it was their private lifts.

Robert presses the button for the 26th floor.

"Here are some of the files you need to look at today. Also, you have a meeting with Sejal to discuss about the new music that is going to launch this month. The video shooting for them will start soon also, and you are requested to look into them." Robert informs Zain.

"Of course, send me the details and the timings. Mail me the schedule for the day and also, I need my coffee to start the day. Expresso will be fine for me. As for the new music, send me the copies before the meeting. I want to hear them before." Zain orders Robert.

He could already feel himself taking the role of the boss man, a new surge of power sweeping through him. It felt intoxicating.

But he wasn't going to be like Kiara.

"On it, sir." Robert says as they exit the lift.

Robert trails behind him and Zain examines the floor he is on. A great view of the city around him could be seen through the walls. All the attention drifted on Zain, the women checking him out shamelessly and the men moving away from his way. Zain liked the attention.

He could see the way the women batted their eyelashes flirtatiously as he passed through them, each of them wishing them a very good morning. Zain mentally chuckled at their actions, if and only if they knew that they stood no chance.

Zain nodded at every employee he passed through, showing his respect. He isn't going to be the jerk boss. His mother taught him good enough to not hurt others. He certainly intend to do the same.

Robert opened the door to Zain's office for him and as Zain stepped in, he was at loss of words. The office was massive, with forest green walls and white marble flooring. He was pretty sure that Kiara had got this office designed for him, only she knew that he loved the color. A white semicircular desk was situated with a black office chair at the other end.

This office was made for him.

A perfect view of the city could be seen through the glass walls of the office, with some black blinds hung on them but right now, they weren't blocking the view. He saw a photo of him and his mother on his desk, and memories came rushing back to him. He remembered taking this photo when he was nine, they had an amazing night at the fair nearby but it was cropped. Because there was someone else missing in the photo - Kiara.

He looked at his mother's radiant smile and careless look. They had a night of lifetime, enjoying every single night at the fair and eating loads of cotton candy. If and only if they knew what was coming for them.

Zain had no idea how Kiara found this photo, but he was sure to thank her. His mother's face was exactly what he needed to see to start his day. His mother was the motivation he ever needed. That he wasn't a failure his stepmother claimed him to be.

There was a white sofa on the other end. It looked like he would be expecting some guests in his time here.

There was another door on the other end of the room. He opened it, only to be greeted by an extravagant music studio. Expensive looking instruments adorned the room, with forest green cushion walls. The equipment looked new and latest, Zain ran his hands through them.

"This is your music studio. Miss Kapoor had it made for you, sir." Robert said from behind.

God, she is making it really hard for him to run away from her.

Why is she doing this though?

Does she think that she could buy him with her money? Zain didn't care for her money, he always had the eyes for the person and not their 'assets'.

Even if she was a beggar, he would feel the same for her. He would never forget her. Never.

But this? This screamed that she cared. That she was scared to let go of him, even though she didn't show it.

And as for Zain?

He knew he never let go of her. He never will be able to.

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