When the Sky Falls

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His dark brown eyes were imprinted in her mind. And the scars? Kiara wanted to run her hands through them. For the first time in a long while, she wished to return home at night.

"Miss Ace, all these files are signed. Take them away from me, for now. Also, tell Robert to come in, now." Kiara says as she gets up from her chair, stretching her hands and legs.

She has been sitting on the chair for quite some time now and she could feel her legs going numb. She snatched a cigarette from her first drawer of the table with the lighter and lit it up. She needed some release.

No matter what she did today, she couldn't take her mind off Zain. It was like he had caged her under some kind of spell, refusing to let go of her no much how she protested.

Why was she protesting?

When Kiara saw him in the morning, she wanted to take him down then and there. Fuck the life out of him. He looked utterly desirable in that navy blue blazer of him - like a true businessman. His sexiness was going to be the death of Kiara one say, for sure. She was fuming with jealousy as she thought of all those lusty stares he must be getting all day in the office.

One reason she ensured that his assistant was a man. Call it over possessiveness but Kiara wanted no woman in a close proximity of Zain.

She had no idea what there relationship stood at, it had been three days since she last saw him. She was avoiding him and that to for a good reason. Her insecurity.

She knew that she had let him down by not coming for him before but what was she expected to do? Her parent's revenge was the only thought in her mind for five years and whatever she did, was directly or indirectly linked to it. And now? She was free from the hunger of revenge.

But now that hunger was replaced by something else. Or better, someone else. Hunger for Zain.

She knew her possessiveness over him is unhealthy and she wanted to keep it in check. There was no denial her mind over the fact that she felt something for Zain. She didn't know what it was?

Kiara had never been the one to think over romantic relationships but now, her situation demanded her to be. She can't just keep Zain in dark. She knew that she has to tell him the reason he is here.

The office's door opened and Robert walked in. He was a trustworthy employee who handled some of Kiara's dealings before she passed him over to Zain. He was enough knowledge about Kapoor Music Inc. so she was satisfied with her decision.

"Good evening, ma'am. You asked for me?" Robert asked.

"Yes, please take a seat." Kiara replied, motioning him to take a seat one of the chairs.

Robert did so, not wanting to anger his boss. No matter what, his ultimate loyalty lay with Kiara Kapoor. The woman was a blessing in disguise for him, having helped him with his mother's surgery an year ago and also, recognizing him for his talent in business. He had never met anyone quite like her. At such a young age, she was a iconic businesswoman.

"Tell me about Zain's progress. How is he handling?" she asks, throwing away her cigarette in the bin. She walked over and took her seat.

"He is handling the pressure well, Miss Kapoor. He likes to go through all the documents before the meetings and is extremely attentive in them. He doesn't hesitate to voice his opinions and even in matters of conflict with Miss Sejal, they manage to settle everything down. He has a keen interest in music, I must say since his selections, if you excuse me, are damn good. Even Miss Sejal was impressed. He spends three hours in his music studio, and I am sure he is writing his own music. He had bought his own guitar to the office, though. He claims that he is more comfortable with it." Robert informs his boss, while Kiara listened to him silently.

Kiara was proud of him, she knew he was a prodigy. She has never heard him sing but she knew one thing for sure, Zain never failed to amuse her. Whatever he did, he put his entire heart in it. That's why his music must be enchanting. Zain's voice was soothing and amazingly sexy and she was sure if he released his music, he was going to break hearts of many.

That's why she needed to stake her claim over him.

For the first time, she was giving into her feelings. The last three days have been a torture and she has to do something. Tonight sounded a good idea.

"You may leave now. Keep me updated with him, though." she tells Robert.

As soon as the man left her office, she called her secretary, telling her that she is done for the day and is leaving. Kiara grabbed her phone and headed out of her office.

A car awaited for her as she stepped out of the building and they headed out to the mansion.

With those brown eyes still in her mind.


Kiara gulped another glass of red wine even though she knew she was completely intoxicated at that mind. Her brain was buzzing with an unknown energy and she felt like her emotions were suddenly clawing their way out of their cage.

But still, she was in some right senses. She knew where she was heading to, she had completely intended in doing so.

After coming back to the mansion, she have had her dinner and was quite disappointed to find out that Zain and Sejal had headed out for a movie. Kiara didn't mind though, she trusted both her sister and Zain and moreover, she knew Zain needed to explore.

So, after dinner she had a nice lavender bath and then, like the workaholic she is, she started going through the files of her companies again. She read through the news, reading the articles about the 'mysterious' death of Anil Thakur, smirking as she went through them. She has got away with it, so easily.

An article caught her attention, though.

America's Most Desired Bachelor, Damien Reynolds, Ready to Settle down.

She never really indulged herself in such useless news but she knew the man in news. She knew him very well.

When she said she did anything to make sure that she gets her parents revenge, she really meant it. Even if that meant breaking some hearts here and there. She didn't regret it, though except of course, one.

Damien Reynolds.

He was the best friend of son of one of Kiara's victim. She had to use him to get close to Rajesh Gupta, son of Anurag Gupta - the man who had got the bomb planted on her father's car. She had killed him the same way - a bomb planted on his chest. Tit for Tat.

Rajesh Gupta wasn't an easy man to approach, with his pain in the ass attitude so she had to get close to Damien to get into Rajesh's friend circle. She was 16 then, but as clever as ever. She was pretty sure her 'innocent' girl act was bought by everyone, especially Damien.

They had never dated though, but she had surely led him on.

She had broke of with him claiming that she no longer felt safe with them after Gupta's death. Damien had although, agreed to let her go. She had completely cut him off after that, avoiding him to the best of her capabilities.

Damien was a good man, she never doubted that. He was kind and sweet, something that wasn't much seen in businessmen nowadays. But he had changed over the years, with his 'playboy' acts getting caught by the media. He surely was attractive, with his sea blue eyes and blonde hair with dimple smile. But she felt nothing for him.

She just felt that she had misused his kindness and was the reason for this drastic change in him.

She will never know, though. She broke his heart.

That's why she was terrified.

She didn't want to break Zain's heart, if he ever gave it to her. He was his light and she needed him to guide her through the darkness that surrounded her. But she knew he was broken, so was she.

Nightmares engulfed them.

She knew this about him, she saw and heard the way he screamed in his sleep and didn't sleep at night. She wanted to help him, but didn't know how.

When she couldn't sleep herself.

She thought she was tough, but nightmares about her father's getting blown still haunted her. She saw it with her own eyes.

She was supposed to get in that car, but she had just forgot her chocolate box in the mansion and had headed back to take it. When she returned though, the car blew up. She was thrown away due to which she was in coma for two damn weeks.

Her parent's faces haunted her, them asking for revenge and yet, even after all this, she couldn't get it out. So, she refused to sleep at night, doing her work instead.

Kiara snapped out of her thoughts as she had approached her destination. She opened the door, not caring she to knock. It was about 2 at night, anyway.

She stepped into the room, greeted by the amazing smell of pinewood reminding her of him. Darkness surrounded her but she could see the muscular figure with closed eyes and listening to music with his headphones on.

She was sure he had not heard her come.

She didn't know why she did it, but she got rid of her slippers and climbed on the bed next to him, resting her head on his chest. She felt him tense under her touch but she didn't let go. She needed this.

She felt his hands moving through her hair, playing with her curls and a smile formed on her face. She felt content.


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