When the Sky Falls

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"Won't ever let you go..." With the lines, Zain finished his song, putting away the headphone and signaled Robert to stop the recording.

Zain had been busy all through the day. After waking up with Kiara, he felt fresh and well, completely whipped. He couldn't keep the grin off his face and when he had finished signing all those business files and meeting with partners, he had found time to start writing a song.

He didn't even care, he just grabbed one of the papers from his desk and a pen, and his heart wrote the song for him. It took him about two hours to set the beats and when he thought he was ready to go, he asked Robert to help him with the recording since Sejal was busy elsewhere.

And now, he was done.

He called it Grey eyes.

There was no denying who he wrote it for, but he wasn't yet quite done with it. There was still alot more to do, editing to do. Even though he was confident in his own voice and didn't require auto tune, he wanted to be sure. His confidence wasn't his best virtue. He didn't know what happened to him when he was in private with Kiara but in real life, maintaining the tough CEO facade was troublesome and tiring.

It was near 5 in the evening now and he couldn't wait to go home and just cuddle with Kiara. He felt different, like he was floating with the stars. And she made him feel like that. Like he was now a man, not a boy. Like he was capable of something like handling a company. Like he mattered.

He didn't know how the things will be in between them, Kiara was a puzzle he wished to solve but right now, there were too many pieces that were amiss. They had a lot to work on, a lot of gaps to fill. Eight years was a long time, and clearly both of them have transformed. They weren't kids anymore. They were two adults who had too much emotions for each other, they wanted every inch of each other.

With high emotions came greater chances of them hurting each other. But he never would hurt her, never. He might have been angry with her once, but right now, all he felt for her was admiration and affection.

In such a short time, she had become everything he ever wanted and even the contract was unnecessary, he would marry her without a single thought.

But did she feel the same for him? He had no clue.

Everything she said last night must mean something, right? He never remembered her as the kind of person who would use other's feelings.

She wouldn't ever do this to him.

He got out of the studio, after grabbing his laptop with the song recording on it. He opened the door to his office, all his attention on the laptop. He had to finish the editing soon. He couldn't wait for Kiara to hear it.

"And I thought that you cared for me. You seem to be more engrossed in the damn laptop." he heard a voice and nearly had an heart attack.

In front of him, sat Kiara, looking incredible in her grey dress. Her aura of authority radiated through the room, and even he felt the affect of it. He was completely thrown off by her presence and he calmed himself, reminding himself that it was just her. His Kiara.

But the nervousness didn't escape him, they were in his office, did he do something wrong?

She got up, walking towards him. Even her walk is sexy as a leopard. She placed her hands on his shoulder, pulling him closer. And then, her lips touched his. That was enough for him to completely melt. He threw away his laptop on the table near him and then, he pushed her against the wall.

He kissed her hungrily, his member hardening more as she touched him. She threw away her heels and grabbing his collar to pull him closer. Her moan sent more blood to his member and he couldn't wait to get his way with her.

He grabbed her butt, as she wrapped her legs around his waist and leaned back at the wall. She supported her weight against the wall, as they continue to kiss each other hungrily. She was completely intoxicating and her red soft lips that tasted like delicious cherry was his salvation.

She pulled away, and he could see the reluctance in her eyes.

"As much as I would love to take you on that couch in this office, I have a meeting to attend." she said, her breathe still harsh.

"Then why are you here?" he asked, confused.

She wore her heels back and adjusted her clothes. It was a wonder her hair weren't a mess yet. She still looked amazing as hell, and he didn't want her to go.

"Just marking my territory. Care to walk me to the car?" she asks him.

Marking my territory.

Those words were enough to turn him on more, if he wasn't before. He liked the fact that she had asserted him as hers and that she didn't even hesitate to make others know about their relationship.

He just wished the time he would be confident enough to proclaim her as his. Besides, when they were alone of course. Then, she was at his mercy alone.

"Sure, let's go." he replies.

But then, she blocks his path, turning to face him and then rubbed her thumb on his lips. She ran her hand through his hair and adjusted his collar.

"I want you to look like to sexy businessman you are, love. Not the man who just had a make out session with his girlfriend." she says.


It sounds so damn right.

Fudge! He cursed again. His mother will be so pissed!

"Now, let's go." she says as she puts her hand in his and open the door. They walk out, and as soon as they do, he could feel the heated stares he got. Kiara seemed unfazed by it, so he did the same. They were just a couple walking down the office he was the CEO of, and she the owner. He could hear the light whispers that erupted as they walked by.

"Are you done staring at me and my fiancee? Because I pay you to work, not stare." Kiara exclaimed.

They shut up quickly, rushing back to their work. Their attention was still on the 'power couple' that just passed by them.

"Get to work, people." Zain ordered as they stood next to the elevator, waiting, trying to be as authoritative as possible but it was nothing compared to Kiara.

People can't seem to get the simple idea.

They entered the elevator when it came and Zain pushed the ground floor button.

"I like your boss man voice. It's hot." Kiara says as they stand next to each other in the elevator.

"Well, I can try to do that more for you." he teases her.

The door opens, quick enough as he waits for her reply. Did he offend her?

They walk towards the entrance, more people staring at them as they did. Some employees greeted them as they passed and they acknowledged.

He was feeling quite worried, waiting for Kiara's reply. Did she not like it? Gosh, she is confusing.

The black mercedes awaited for Kiara as they stepped out and Aman opened the door for her. Before she slipped in the car, she pulled him closer to her.

"You make me so wet when you use that voice, love. Can't wait to see you tonight." she whispers in his ears.

She pecks him on the lips, heightening his feelings. Gosh, he was so whipped.

As the car disappeared from his sight, Zain couldn't get rid of what she had said.

He couldn't wait for tonight.



I know I am late with the update, but I was kinda lazy to think about the next plot and all. Hope you liked the chapter!

Will update soon!


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