When the Sky Falls

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Kiara felt warm and soft kisses on her neck. The enchanting smell of pinewood greeted her, making it more difficult for her to open her eyes and get up from the bed. A smile unconsciously appeared on her face. The kisses trailed to her lips, making her sigh against the addicting lips on hers. She responded back, her body already completely lost in the touch.

The kisses trailed down her neck, Zain's hand pulling her tightly to him so that he lay on top of her. He sucked on her neck gently, leaving behind love bites. Kiara was surely going to have hell of a time covering them, but she didn't mind. She loved being marked by him - it gave her a sense of belonging.

Her grey eyes fluttered open, only to be met by dark brown ones. Against the morning sunlight that spread throughout the room, the eyes glittered - freckles of gold appearing on the edges of the eyeball. It looked beautiful - like the man she was looking into.

"Good morning, angel." Zain say as he places a kiss on her forehead.

"Good morning, love. I can wake up like this everyday. You are really a bad influence on me." she replies, a teasing smile appearing on her face.

Zain simply smirks on her reply, his eyes sparkling with mischief. Could this man be more amazing?

Kiara hand trailed down his chest, tracing every single ab of his and her mind blowing off with every sensation. This man was absolute perfection, how would she ever be enough for him?

"How is that, angel?" Zain says, distracting her by placing kisses on her lips and then, chin. Kiara's mind was already fluttered, the intoxicating urge appearing in her core. She could feel Zain's hardened member against her core. The thin fabric of her panties was just a mere obstruction she wanted gone.

They could stay in the bed forever.

In each other's loving embrace.

"You... you are a dangerous addiction, love. It's nearly impossible to leave you. You make me want to sell all my companies and just stay in your arms forever." she replies, the words barely leaving her mouth since she was completely distracted.

Gosh, Zain!

"Uh-hun..." Zain replies, but his kisses never seem to leave her body.

His grip on her body tightens, his hands unclipping her damn bra, and throwing it off to the floor. He was like a wild animal with her. Kiara could only moan at the action, his actions simply ignited a fire inside her.

He sucked on her hardened nipple, then biting her breast to leave love bites. Kiara moaned at the pleasure, her panties drenching wet.

"Zain!" she screamed as he continued his fierce kisses on her breasts. Kiara unconsciously grinded her core against his member, earning a pleasurable groan from Zain.

The lovers were completely lost in each other, not being able to get enough of each other.

Kiara couldn't think of anything beside the man in her arms, the man who fulfilled every dream of hers.

She would dream with him.

But then, the irritating sound of Kiara's phone bought them back to reality. Kiara snapped back to reality, realizing she had work to do.

Zain didn't let her go, though.

Kiara sighed, she really couldn't resist him. He kissed her passionately on her lips, her mind diverting back to him. In her mind and her heart, she knew her obvious choice.

What work?


"There is a charity even this Sunday. The Reynolds have invited us, and I am wondering that we should go together. Make it official in the public." Kiara informs Zain as she sits up on the bed, her body still hot from the previous session they had.

"Oh, I am in. Anything to help the people, I will do it. And are you sure about the public thing?" Zain asked Kiara.

Kiara could see the worried lines on his face. After last night, she knew that Zain was her entire world and she would do anything for him.

As for his stepmother and her ruthless brother, she was definitely going to deal with them. Personally. Their blood will be on her hands.

"Are you sure you want to be associated with me, Zain?" she asked in return.

It was true, though. If they went public with their relationship, the world was going to change completely for Zain. Thankfully, they both didn't have any jealous exes to deal with. The only thing that worried her was the negative attention Zain will get.

His current position as the CEO of Kapoor Music Inc. will be for sure challenged, the people and the media both think the worst sometimes. They are sure to think that Zain got the position because of their relationship and not because he was capable.

She didn't like it. Yes, he had acquired the office because after their relationship but her decision was based on his skills and not her love for him.

She knew his love for music and his talent as a businessman. He was a natural born, just like her. She didn't even bat an eye on her decision. She was positive that he deserved it. His recent actions proved it.

But the people won't understand it.

"I would walk through fire for you, angel. You just need to ask." Zain replied, making her heart flutter.

She leans to peck him on the lips. the kiss conveying all her feelings for him.

"I...if we go public, everything is going to change. My friends will become yours, my enemies coming with the package. Not only that, you will suffer backlash because of your position and our relationship. Please, don't let them get to you. You got what you deserve and trust me, I won't hesitate to kick your ass if you fail me." she tells him as he eyes wonder through his face, reading his expressions.

She desperately wanted to know what he was thinking, sometimes she was even able to tell accurately. Like last night.

Even she had been apart from him for eight years and was still learning the new Zain, feelings don't change. Some habits don't.

"I know, love. But I don't care. I never did. Let the people talk, they were given a mouth to do it." he replies.

Listening to his reply, a smile appears on Kiara's face. Everything was going to be alright. Even with his assurance, Kiara was going to ensure that no harm comes in his way. She will protect Zain with all her will.

An idea popped in her mind, it was definitely time for them. She smiled at the thought, she couldn't wait to announce it to the world that the gorgeous man was hers and hers alone.

But before that, she needs to go her family's safe deposit. She had something to retrieve.

"What are you smiling about?" Zain asks, confusion evident on his face.

"Nothing. Just be free today by five. I am going to pick you up from the office." she replied, the grin never escaping her face.

"What? Why?" Zain questioned but Kiara wasn't going to give in.

She just looked into his closet, grabbing a parrot green blazer with white shirt and brown pants. She put them on the bed. She loved picking out clothes for Zain.

Not that Zain even complained.

"Just give me a hint!" Zain complained causing Kiara to giggle.

"Nope! Now, go shower and change. Work awaits for you, love!" Kiara tell him.

She gives him a quick kiss on the cheek and leaves the room.

This was going to change everything.


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