When the Sky Falls

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To say Kiara was angry and murderous, would still be an understatement. She couldn't imagine that an event as prestigious as this could be turned to be something so infuriating.

Kiara had been to many of charity events, she believed in giving more than anything. But today, it was different and she just wished to get out of here as soon as possible. She was a strict believer of not running away from your problems, but no matter how much she tried to enjoy and ignore their damn presence, they were there to ruin everything.

"How's the food, Kiara? You have hardly touched your plate." Kiara is interrupted by her thoughts by Damien. Can't this guy just shut up?

Kiara fake smiles at him, barely concealing her anger. She could just stab him in the knees with her fork if she could. So much for maintaining her image. She could see the smirk forming on Nikita's face who was seated just beside Damien. She was thankful that she was in between her and Zain.

Not that she didn't trust Zain, she was sure that he would never cheat on her but it was Nikita's intentions she had very hard luck in believing in. The bitch was under Damien's protection so Kiara couldn't do much to kick her out of America and insure she doesn't set foot in the country ever again.

Gosh, she wished she could ruin that ugly face of hers more.

Kiara knew she was sounding like a bitch and that her thoughts were completely unhealthy. But all is just in love and war.

"I am in a mood of some burger right now. So, I am just saving myself for it. Once Zain is finished, we might head up for Burger King." she replies, trying to shut him up as quick as possible.

She drifts her attention to Zain, not wanting to indulge in conversation with Damien anymore. She saw as he carefully ate the fish, his movements clear and precise. His slow pace clearly proved that he loved to savor the taste of the dish unlike other who would just gulp it down.

Zain's jaw was tensed throughout their dinner time and she was sure that he didn't like being in the presence of the duo. So, for the sake of Zain she decided to take matters in her hand.

"Burger King? You could do way better, Kiara. Don't tell me that your business isn't doing well." she heard Nikita say and Kiara's grip on her fork tightens.

She looked at Nikita and smiled.

"Well, I am a bummer for good food, Nikita and it doesn't matter where I eat from. As for my business, I thought you should have known. I mean if you do keep up with news. But then I don't expect you to, since you must be so busy getting your manicure. The world doesn't revolve around you, Nikita." she snapped back and by the look on Nikita's face she was sure that she hit a nerve.

Mission accomplished.

Kiara wasn't the type of person who would show off her money but some people like Nikita rub her the wrong way and its her duty to put them in their place.

"I think we should head home, angel. I am done with the dinner and we don't want to keep your burger waiting, han?" Zain says, thankfully interrupting their conversation.

She was glad though, she didn't want to get violent right now.

"Sure, love." she replies, getting up from her seat with the plate in her hands. She wasn't going to waste any food, someone had put a great deal of effort in preparing it.

"Wait for me, I need to give this to someone." she tells Zain.

Zain simply nods, a confusing smile forming on his face.

Kiara quickly rushes to the table where the children are currently munching on their food. As far as Kiara knows, children are always hungry. She makes way to them, smiling at the sight of children fighting over their fries. Damien isn't stupid - he knows what the children would like to eat. But Kiara was sure that the fish was going to have an appeal too.

She makes to one of them in particular, her favorite, Zack. She knew the boy was spoiled and heading the wrong way, having two girlfriends already but his boyish charm appealed to Kiara and she was reminded of her carefree days as a child. The boy knew how to flirt, for sure.

She sees the smile form on the boy's face as she approaches him and then stands next to his chair. She drops low to be at the level of his face and converse.

"Bored of him, already? I told you, I am way better." Zack says, making Kiara chuckle.

Zack seriously had his way with words.

"Well, I am not. But to offer you a peace offering, here is some delicious fish. Just for you. I know you would love it." she says as she hands him the plate. The smile on Zack's face gets wider and she knew she had made the right move.

"Thank you. But my offer still stands." Zack says.

"I know, Zackie boy. Now, let me cut this fish for you." she says as she grab a fork and knife from the nearby table and then starts cutting the fish into small bits for the boy.

Zack watches her with clear attention, learning the skill. Kiara though, thought that he was too young to deal with knifes right now. But then, he was too young to have a girlfriend too.

"Here. Now dip it in the sauce, and then some vegetable and the bite is ready." she says and then feeds the bite to Zack.

She watches as Zack moans at the taste and chuckles. He surely looked adorable with that smile on his face. He was going to break a whole lot of hearts when he grows up. Kiara could only pray for the soul of the poor girl who decides to date him. But she knew that life will find it's way and a girl would set him straight one day.

"It's so awesome. Even mushroom tastes good with this!" Zack comments.

Kiara then feeds him more and when she is done with it, she kisses the charming boy on his cheek and bids him goodbye.

She turns to find Zain staring at her with a beautiful smile on his face that made her heart flutter. She wasn't sure how look he had been like this, but the mere sight of him makes Kiara's heart beat wildly in her chest that it might pop out any day now.

She makes way to him, not wanting him to wait for her any longer.

"Sorry to keep you waiting." she says.

"You know you are amazing, right?" Zain says and Kiara is sure that she is almost blushing from the comment.

"You tell me that everyday."



So, another chapter done. The night is done here but the drama isn't. Nikita isn't going to sit back forever, han?

Hope you liked it!

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