When the Sky Falls

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Kiara wasn't looking forward to tonight at all. She had a weird upsetting feeling in her stomach that she couldn't shake off. She knew that she wasn't letting Damien work his way in her life - no matter how much he tried. She has a lot on her plate right now and Damien's addition will simply break the plate - scattering away everything she actually cares for.

But Damien wasn't getting any idea. So, how could she kick him out?

She enters the restaurant, greeted by the smell of spices she thoroughly missed. The sensation hasn't been the same for a long time, it was as if she was coming back home.

Somewhere she belonged.

Living in a foreign land is intimidating since even though you get used to your surroundings but the comfort your birthplace will give will always be in your mind. And since, this place possessed more good memories for her than New York, she will always feel at home in Mumbai.

Too bad her heart is in New York. Or else she would have stayed here a little longer.

"Reservation for Damien Reynolds." she tells the host in the entrance.

The woman checks and motions Kiara to follow her. They make way to the private dining area of the restaurant - something she was used to. What she hated when she achieved popularity suddenly was that your privacy is thrown out of the window. You have to work to protect your private life since media will publish literally anything about you.

It is pathetic actually because her life wasn't that interesting as they had portrayed it to be. She is just eighteen for God's sake! She had more to take care of rather than the playboys they had paired her with.

But the media never ceased to amaze her, though.

Kiara sighed as she spotted Damien already waiting for her in their table, his eyes trained on his phone. He looked handsome, though, with his navy blue shirt and black coat. Thank God, she made some efforts to dress or else it would have been rather embarrassing

On hearing the click of her heels, she watches as Damien's eyes move from his phone to her body. His expression was priceless - she could see his eyes become wider. She didn't know she looked that good.

She was surely wearing her maroon pencil dress - the perfect attire for a business meeting. The sweetheart front gave the dress a style and the small ruby stones on it made it shimmer in the light. Her hair was pulled in a nice bun - with pearl earrings she always wore. Her red lipstick gave her the complete boss look.

"You look beautiful, Kiara," Damien says as he gets up to pull the chair for her.

She nods at him and sits down. Then, Damien takes a seat. His eyes never left her face and she was surely feeling uncomfortable under his gaze.

"As I said I don't have much time for you. I have a flight to catch and packing to do," she replies, making her intentions clear to him.

"Getting to the point are we?" Damien chuckles.

Kiara's reply is interrupted by a waiter, asking for their choice of drink.

"A bottle of red wine will be great." Damien tells the waiter who then, leaves.

"I have a business to handle and a wedding to plan." she replies, fully intending to make him back off.

"Is that so? I heard about Zain's budding career. Is he following the steps of your sister?" he says, striking a nerve.

Gosh, she was hating the direction this conversation was heading to.

"He can do whatever he wants to, Damien. Now, what do you want from me?" she asks, again. She hates repeating herself.

The waiter brings them the wine, pouring it for them in their glasses. He then takes their order.

" I would like some tandoori chicken with naan." Kiara orders after Damien finishes ordering his pasta.

"So, tell me, Mister Reynolds. What do you want?" she asks him.

Damien looks at her, a devilish smirk forming on his face. She knew she wouldn't like what he had in his bloody mind. Why was he so irritating?

"I want to know, Kiara. Where is your father, now? I believed there was a news about him giving away the empire he built. So, what brings you here, now?" he asks.

Kiara knew this question was long coming and she was very much prepared for this question. She wasn't going to give him away anything.

"If you are talking about my father's animal empire than I am pleased to inform you that the sheep are doing well and the cattle are as healthy as ever. I believe one of them gave birth not some time ago. But I am sure your research must have provided you with the details." she says, her expression not giving away anything.

As much as she hates to admit it, Kiara had mastered the art of lying a long time ago - a necessity of business. But a good liar can tell whether the other party is pulling the same trick.

She watched as Damien gritted his teeth - clearly frustrated by her sweet lie. He really did think that she was going to confess everything to him like a child, han? Poor him.

"Don't lie to me, Kiara. I know the truth." he says.

"Then why are you asking me. I am going to say it again - stay away from my family. My father is living his carefree life in his farm. He always has. I didn't want him to be involved with me since he is a simple man. And I would appreciate if you kept your mouth shut." she replies.

Damien knew that Kiara wasn't going to reveal anything - she was a stubborn woman when she wanted to be. And he had to find a way to get to her.

"Well, then. I hope to meet your father soon enough." he says.

Kiara smirked. Only if.

"I would love that too." she replied.

Only in hell, asshole. Only in hell.


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