When the Sky Falls

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Zain packs his books - everything he might need for his new classes. He had already bought all the stationary, something he actually fun in doing. There was something about choosing pens that excited Zain, no matter how childish it might sound.

He labels them, writing his name on every one of them because these books were expensive and even though his fiancee is a billionaire he didn't want her wasting money on him. She had already done enough for him and with his first salary he had planned something very special for both of them.

He couldn't wait for tonight.

Kiara had returned from her long business trip last night and Zain made sure to not disturb her while she slept on his bed. He was shocked when he had felt someone snuggling into him whilst he was asleep - he had waited for her but then at some point of time, sleep had engulfed him. And this morning was the best he had in a long time since he woke up with his love in his arms. Her smell of lavender had greeted him when he opened his eyes and he couldn't resist placing a kiss on her soft lips as she slept without any care in the world.

Zain made sure to not allow anyone disturbs her sleep since she seemed very much overworked and in a dire need of some good dreams.

He had packing to do, though. So, with the utmost care, he had managed to get everything done and making sure that his sleeping beauty continues her sleep.

He then arranges everything in the almirah, his arms tired from all the hard work. He makes way out of the room, then, closing the door behind him after getting a quick glance at Kiara. He smiles as he watched the peaceful smile on her face. Something about this moment made her look so serene. She looked like a true angel.

He walks down the stairs and grabs his laptop lying on the sofa. He opens it up with his phone on the other hand. He checks his emails and messages, he gets to work.

He looks through his course requirements since he was starting his college tomorrow and he wanted to get a headstart on everything. The aspect of college still puzzled him since he wasn't sure he could still pursue his studies after his face was plastered on the news articles that appeared online. Many people knew who he was - right now, Kiara Kapoor's fiancee. And judging by Kiara's popularity, he wasn't sure that the college experience would be normal for him.

He could try, though.

He then started going through the contracts the company had signed, and what meetings were coming up next week. Sejal would be busy with her high school and upcoming tour, so he had to step up his game.

He soon gets lost in his work, forgetting the time and space around him.


Zain feels hands resting on his shoulders that snaps him from his concentration on the graphs in front if him and the sweet smell of lavender greets him.

How can she smell so good all the time?

A smile appears on his face as he removes the laptop from his lap. Kiara giggles she comes to sit on his lap, her lips tasting his as soon as her body touch his.

Gosh, he missed those lips.

He pulls her closer to him, his hands gripping her waist. He lifts her shirt and his hands run through her stomach, earning a pleasurable moan from Kiara. Her hand find his hair and he very well enjoyed the way her hand massaged them. He groans as she moves her tongue through his mouth - the feeling completely intoxicating.

Her legs incircle his waist and she grinds against his hardness. Her touch does wonders to him and her lips? He could eat them every day.

They break away - the need of air becoming more demanding and Zain's eyes meet Kiara's. They just stare at each other for a while, each one of them simply admiring one another.

Kiara's swollen lips, paired with her messy hair and pink cheeks makes Zain's body tingle with appreciation and lust. She is a piece of beauty - an art created just for him to see.

He doesn't know how she manages to look so perfect all the time.

"I missed you." Kiara says, breaking the silence.

"I missed you more." he replies, grinning.

"Impossible." Kiara replies back with a smile on her face.

"So, how was the trip? And the dreadful dinner?" he asks her, knowing that at some point of time they have to talk about it.

Zain wasn't getting any positive vibes from Damien at all even though he had met the man only once and he never wishes to meet him again. But Damien was just forcefully walking into their lives and making a place. He has to be kicked out before it's too damn late.

"The trip was fine. I got the scents and now they are being sent to the production team to get the samples going. Once they are approved by the Safety team we will start producing them on arge scale. I have a good feeling about this, though. Baba did a great job on them. He always does." she replies.

Zain could see the appreciation on her face. He knew who her Baba was - he had met the man a few times. And whenever he had, he always got fatherly vibes from him. Too bad that he was too young since he barely remembered the man's face.

"As for the dinner, he was being a jackass as always. I think he is onto something....like I am a project to him. He wants something from me that I can't figure out. When I had met him the first time, after two years, he told me that he was looking to settle down. And just coming to my office and telling me that...just seems suspicious you know? I mean, does he want me to be his wife? Because I don't. I think he is just trying to find something to get back at me and then, I guess, get what he wants. It's pathetic, actually." she continues.

Zain's anger escalates when he hears this.

Damien wants to Kiara? He wants his Kiara?

The nerve of that idiot!

Zain was sure that Damien wasn't going to rest. How pathetic he can be to go after an engaged woman? Can't he see that she has made her choice?

Zain simply despised people like him.

"Hey, don't worry. It's all going to be fine. I can handle him pretty good." Kiara comforts him.

Her words and her smile relaxes Zain to some extent but he can't simply shake of the feeling. He knows that something is going to happen.

Something he isn't going to like.

But he can't dwell on it any longer. So, he says the first thing that comes in his mind.

"Go on a date with me, tonight?"


Hey guys!

I know I am taking it slow.... I know what I am doing. There are plot twists that are going to come up and huge changes going to be made in their lives.

But first, buckle up for their date.

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