When the Sky Falls

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Zain zips the dress away, pushing Kiara on the wall and when the dress falls down Kiara's shoulders, he turns her to face him.

"Gosh, you are pure perfection, baby," Zain says.

"Well, I had good genes." Kiara teases him, a smirk forming on her face.

Zain pushes her up, her back supported by the wall and Kiara wraps her legs around his waist. Zain's lips instantly meet her already swollen walls, his actions filled with hunger and lust.

Kiara responded to him with equal furiosity. Zain bites her lower lips, devouring them as if they were the only thing he had eaten in a long time. There was an undeniable hunger between both of them and they both knew where this night was leading to.

Kiara tears away Zain's shirt from him as her hands trace his delicious abs. There was something about Zain's touch and body that made her weak on her knees every time.

Their lips never left each other as Zain carried Kiara to the soft bed. He laid her down and took in every beautiful detail of her angelic body.

"I can't believe that you are mine," he tells her.

Kiara's eyes met Zain's and there was warmth in them. She couldn't believe that he was with her - that even after all these years he didn't forget her and waited for her.

"And I ask myself how did I get so lucky every damn day," she says as she pulls him towards her, their lips crashing each other.

Kiara swiftly gets rid of Zain's trousers and boxers - the feel of his hardness against her stomach. She moaned as it rubber against her and just wanted it inside of her.

Zain trailed his kisses down her neck, sucking every inch of her skin to leave love bites everywhere. His hands yanked away her panties and bra. He sucked on her hardened nipples gently, his hands slightly squeezing them.

"You are killing me here, love." Kiara moans.

She knew her panties were soaked wet and she couldn't wait anymore. She wanted Zain right now.

"Zain, please. I can't wait," she says.

Zain momentarily stops. He looks at her.

"Are you sure, love?" he asks her.

"More than anything," she replies.

Zain's lips meet hers again. He first rubs against her core as he slowly enters into her. Kiara moans as she feels Zain's cock fill her core perfectly, the sensation beyond ecstasy.

He starts moving slowly at first, his hands squeezing both of her breasts.

"Fuck, you are so tight, baby. You are just perfect." Zain says as he kisses her.

Kiara simply moans as she savours the feeling of Zain inside her - her entire body on cloud nine.

"Harder, baby. Harder." Kiara orders him and Zain didn't need to be told again.

With his body on top of her, he pumps inside of her faster - his body wanting every bit of hers. He couldn't control himself as Kiara moaned and screamed his name again and again.

Kiara pushed her pelvis against him, both of them screaming. Kiara couldn't contain any longer and she knew that she was near. The feeling of Zain's cock getting harder inside her core was addicting.

"Fuck, I am going to cum, baby." Zain groans.

"Come inside me. I am on pill." Kiara replies, her body waiting for release.

And then, with a groan, Zain released into Kiara as she came with him. Kiara moaned as she felt Zain fill her core, the feeling of warmth in between her thighs.

They just looked into each other's eyes after that, a smile on both of their faces. They knew that they completed each other perfectly and even though they were young, they were making the right decision of choosing each other.

The love between them was beyond anything, and Kiara knew that she would love no one like she loves Zain. He is her one and only one.

"So, round two?" Kiara asks.

"Do you even need to ask?" Zain replies and Kiara chuckles as she feels Zain getting hard again.


Kiara gets up, feeling hands around her waist. The feeling of Zain's warm breathe on her neck erupts goosebumps on her hands and she knows for one that Zain was fast asleep.

Last night sessions must have left him tired - but then, they didn't even sleep till it was early morning. Kiara was sure she was going to work late today.

She gently removes Zain's hands from her body and slowly climbs out of the bed - she didn't want to wake him up at all.

She wrapped the extra bedsheet around her as she walked to the washroom. As she stepped in, she let the sheet fall down and examined herself in the mirror.

A smile formed on her face as she traced all the love bites Zain had gifted her with last night. She had a new glow to her face - there was no denying that she was in love. A love so powerful that it hurts. She could no longer imagine her life without Zain and she would do anything for him. Anything.

She brushed her teeth and then, stepped into the shower. The feeling of the cold water against her skin calmed her down a beat - she was feeling hot beyond reason. But then, Zain always left her flustered like this.

As she washed herself, she heard the washroom door open. Her eyes quickly snapped to the direction and she exhaled a sigh of relief when she saw that it was Zain.

But when she did, she couldn't take her eyes off him. With the white bedsheet wrapped around his waist, he gave her the enchanting view of his abs. She felt herself get wet by the mere sight of him, she just couldn't help it.

Zain walked towards her, getting rid of the sheet and then stepping into the shower behind her.

She moaned as Zain's hands trailed down her body and he started kissing her neck. She knew she couldn't even stand up if he wasn't behind her.

"You know leaving your fiancee alone in the bed after a great night is a crime," Zain whispered in her ears that sent shivers down her spine.

She then turned to look at him, her hands on her shoulder and his hardness against her stomach. Even after last night, he still had the energy. Even Kiara felt sore but then, with Zain around the soreness was long forgotten.

"Is that so. Then, what will be my punishment?" she replies, a smirk on her face.

"Fuck, you are a bad influence, baby," Zain replies as his lips meet hers.

He pushes Kiara against the wall and immediately Kiara wraps her legs around his waist. Their lips move in perfect sync - like they were made just for each other to devour. Kiara's hand stroked Zain's cock gently, earning a groan from him.

The feeling of Zain's tongue exploring her mouth left her high and she waited for what was to come next.

"I can't wait. You have got me addicted to you, angel." Zain says as he enters inside her. Kiara moans as Zain thrusts inside of her, her back on the wall and her hands around his neck.

"Zain!" she screamed his name again and again.

"Angel, you are perfect. You fit into me perfectly. I love you." Zain says as he continues to move in and out of her core.

"I love you too, Zain. So much that it hurts," she replies.

Zain comes inside of her, filling her core with his warm juice. She comes with him, her body feeling so warm even with the cold water pouring on them.

Zain pulls out of her, his eyes never leaving hers.

"Promise me that you will never leave me. That you will always love me," he says, his voice vulnerable.

"I will always love. I will never leave. Not even when the sky falls down." she replies.

And then, her lips captures his again.


Hey guys!

I know I am late and all with the updates but then, I was searching for other platforms to write. Sadly, I am not getting the reads or votes that I want on inkiit. Although it's fun to write here, us authors do need some support.

And I am not saying that I am not getting. There are many wonderful readers who support my reading. But then, I am thinking of publishing the book somewhere else. I don't know.

Okay, so I am going to update soon next time.

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