When the Sky Falls

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"You make my heart sing with every touch,

You make me drunk with a single look

And I know it sounds crazy, but I have to tell you

I love you, my grey-eyed girl...."

With every line, every single word Kiara's heart started beating more wildly in her chest. It was daring to pop out of her body any moment now. Kiara couldn't focus on anyone around her, her sole attention was on the handsome man standing in front of her.

Zain's eyes didn't leave Kiara's throughout his performance - it was as if he was singing only for her. And the thought made her heart flutter, her cheeks warm and a grin appears on her face that didn't escape throughout his performance.

Kiara was well aware of the female attention he was attracting - his newfound fans were going mad to get just a close look at him or even touch him. Kiara would be lying if she claimed that it didn't irritate her - the thought of another female touching her fiancee drove her to murder. And the fact that she was more than capable of digging someone's grave was dangerous enough.

But she knew that this was all a part of his life from now, he wanted to be heard - this is the price which comes at such a wish. His privacy will be flung out and harsh words will incircle him sometimes, but Kiara knew that she wouldn't let go of him. Never.

Kiara felt his heated gaze examine her body - she knew that she looked gorgeous since his eyes never left her body. Even after the shoot. The memories of the shoot come back and Kiara couldn't help but chuckle. She had no idea that she looked that irresistible because Zain could barely breathe throughout the shoot. And his words, well they were something that made her weak on her knees. She loved nothing more than the idea of him inside of her.

She just wished that this gig gets over soon so she could have him all to herself.

Kiara's body swayed with the music, with a drink in her one hand. She was standing in the VIP lounge, watching the love of her life sing a song to her.

But then, she felt unfamiliar hands on her face and immediately went on alert.

"Hey, beautiful." she heard someone whisper in her ears.

But the voice was all too familiar and the touch sent shivers down her spine. She could feel his warm breathe on her neck and she immediately went on attention.

"What do you want, Damien?" she asked.

"Let's start with the fact that you used me to get close to the Guptas and then dumped my ass of claiming to be scared of the attack you had planned on them. So enlighten me, love." she heard him say.

Kiara didn't dare to turn because every single word that escaped from his mouth were true and she knew then that she was caught. That she was a goner because there was no way she could handle Damien.

It was no secret to her that Damien belonged to the mafia - don't judge the book by its cover. Damien Reynolds was adopted by Mateo and Bella Lorenzo when he was five - his name originally was Damian Lorenzo. All his life he had been trained to be the don - be the most feared and even surprise her father. It was a wonder to her how he didn't recognise her when they first met. She was sure that her father had met with the Lorenzo a couple of times.

And then, after a few years, the Reynolds came into the picture - his biological parents. They wanted him in the family business and after a long legal battle, they had acquired the custody of Damian and changed his name to Damien Reynolds.

That didn't mean he left the mafia - his growth was only slow. When you are in the mafia, you are in the mafia.

And with the mask of Damien Reynolds, Damian Lorenzo ruled the mafia world and became the most feared don in New York and probably all of Italy and America after the fall of the Kapoors.

Kiara knew well of him, as she grew up her ears were filled with the terrifying stories of him. That's why she was scared.

The Guptas were nothing but Damian Lorenzo was.

"Now, why don't we have a talk in private?" he whispered and Kiara simply nodded. She would have loved to put a bullet through his head but she had two problems - first she didn't have her gun and second, she didn't want Zain seeing her kill.

He was too innocent.

Damien literally pulled her out of the crowd, his grip on her wrist tight and she more than wanted to yank her hands away from him.

She might be scared of him, but that doesn't mean she wouldn't fight him. Her dignity was something she cherished the most.

He took her to an empty hall and threw her against the wall. Kiara winced when her back collided with the hard wall but before she could recover there was a gun on her head and Damien was so close to her that she could hear his heart beating in his chest.

His other hand held onto her waist tightly and his eyes - they looked like they could murder.

His crystal blue eyes stared into her eyes with anger she had never seen before and his stare was enough to freeze her on the spot.

"Now, why Kiara? I thought our friendship meant something to you? How dare you use me in your nasty plot of revenge!" he shouted at her. His voice was enough for Kiara to flinch.

Her eyes widened at his reveal. How?

"Yes, I know he got your father, Abhishek Kapoor murdered with your mother. I know of everything. With powers like mine, I have my ways. Now tell me did I mean nothing to you?!" he demanded.

But for the first time in her life, Kiara knew that what she did was wrong.

She would be lying that she didn't feel anything for Damien. The thought enough scared her - but she did care for him. All those late-night trips, stupid road trips and jokes meant something to her. She didn't love him but she did care about him.

That's why it hurt her the most when she saw the dejected look on his face when she told him that she would be leaving him. He was her friend - one who helped her through the dark times.

And now, she acted cold towards him not because she hated him - but because she couldn't get close to him again. She was on a mission and she couldn't lead him again.

She can't watch his heartbreak.

She can't give him what he wants - she had already surrendered her heart to Zain. He was her everything and she would leave him for no one. Until Zain, of course, chose someone else. That's what love is - to care enough to let them leave.

And she knew that Damien loved her - enough to let her go two years ago.

"Why, Kiara?! Why?! I let you in! You know my struggle - you know how much I hate my life! How much I wanted to breathe! You became the reason and then, you just walked away! Goddamnit, Kiara! Do you want to know what you did? You made me fall in love with you! I fucking love you!" he said and those words were enough to send a chill down her spine.

She knew it, yet those words coming out of his mouth shocked her.

"I fucking try every day to get you out of mind, but I can't. And now, I find out that you used me! And you know what? One thing I hate the most is when people lie to me! When they pretend to be what they are not!" he says as he presses the gun into her head more and Kiara feels that he might pull the trigger anytime now.

But she couldn't just let him.

As his eyes focused solely on her, she swiftly grabbed hold of the gun from his hand - taking him by surprise and kicked him on the stomach with her elbow so that he would release it. She kicked him on his knees so that he fell down.

And then, she held the gun on his head.

Kiara had been trained for moments like this and the fact that Damien didn't even struggle made it easier for her to knock him down.

"I don't fucking care what you feel. You were just part of a plan - nothing more. When I was done with you, I left. So, please, say that to someone else." she shouted at him, tears forming in her eyes.

Lying to him was hard - she knew that he could see right through her. But she needed him to hate her.

And she kept on telling herself that she shouldn't care.

She held him against the wall, her other hand on his neck - choking his slightly.

"You have to let go of me. And both of you and I know that if you wanted me dead, I would be dead already. So, try what you want. But let me tell you, I will fight you with every fucking bone in my body. You will never win." she spat at him.

And with that, she threw away the gun on the floor, her grey eyes never leaving his blue ones.

"Is that so, Kiara? You will be dead before I can even get to you. Gupta knows and he wants your head. And I don't want you dead." he says, as he pulls her closer to him.

But she pushes him away, knowing that she was in an utter mess. The Guptas were stronger than her right now since she was still establishing her control. How the hell did they even find out?

Did Damien tell them? No, he won't do that.

"I don't need your help, I am more than capable of protecting myself," she says.

Then she turns and walks away. She can't deal with Damien right now, the things were getting too confusing.

"I am just a phone call away, Kiara. You know that," he says behind her.

She knew.

Kiara entered the concert back again, her eyes couldn't look up to see Zain. She could feel his stare on her but she found her drink more interesting at that time.

She knew then and there that she was no longer safe. She might never be.


I had free time so was like - why not? I know lot of things are going on here - between Damien and Kiara. They have a complicated relationship.

Our dear Kiara is in trouble!! Let's hope she gets out of it in one piece.


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