When the Sky Falls

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Everything was fine. In fact too fine for Kiara’s liking. The Guptas were silent - it was like the storm was just about to approach and hit Kiara when she least expected it.

She didn’t contact Damien although she saw him in the board meetings. She saw the way he looked at her - like he was afraid that if he blinked his eye she will be gone. Would she be though?

Kiara never thought about death. All her life she had just one mission - getting justice to her parent’s soul. And now, that mission to bring peace to the dead endangered her own life. But did she regret it? No.

The air she breathed in when she killed every single murderer of her father was refreshing and it gave her the confidence to finally move on with her life. She may sound sadistic but the blood of those men on her hand made her feel that finally, she had achieved something in her life. It felt good.

Yet now she asks herself the question again, what happens if she dies? Does she want to die? The answer appears right in her mind - no. She now has dreams - dreams of waking up in Zain’s arms, of marrying him one day, starting a big family with him and being the richest bitch in the world.

And if she dies - they will never be fulfilled. That’s the only thought that scares her.

Kiara did everything she could possibly do as she tightened the security, ordered Aman to start searching for the mole in their group and sent bodyguards after both Zain and Sejal.

But it wasn’t enough, it will never be. Kiara very well knew that her men might be strong but, they are less in number. The Guptas have an empire about thirty years old. How is she ever going to compete with their numbers?

Unless she asks Damien for help.

But she pushed the thought away. She was going to ask Damien for nothing. But the thought plagued in her mind - what all does she want to do before she dies?

No, she has to stop thinking about her death. It’s wrong.

She is a Kapoor. And Kapoors don’t back down. They rise above everything else. She will not go down without a fucking fight.

And she is going to win it. She is going to put that bullet in the middle of that asshole Gupta’s head.

But before that, she had somethings to take care of. Matters that she had been pushing aside for no reason at all.

She picked up her phone and dialled the number of a long lost friend.


“You are being careless.” she heard someone say behind her back.

She didn’t need to turn to know who it was - even though he was steps away from her she could feel his presence. It was like an electric jolt through the air whenever he was near her.

“I am not,” she replied, not turning back.

She felt hands grip her waist and turn her to face the man in question. As she did, she realized how close he was. She could hear his breath and the closeness felt wrong. Maybe because her heart and soul belonged to someone else.

“Face me when I am talking to you,” Damien says as his face comes closer to Kiara’s.

The act, the touch was all too familiar. She remembers it all too clearly.

“Where are we going? If you want to murder me, Mr Don, please get on with it.” Kiara chuckles out.

“Patience is really not a virtue for you, ciccino [ darling ],” Damien says in his thick Italian accent that sends shivers down Kiara’s spine.

There was just something sexy about it that made Kiara excited every damn time. But she reminded herself that falling for him is going to do her more harm than good - she needs to remember what she actually wanted.

Her father’s revenge.

“Stop calling me your darling. And no Italian around me.” she says.

“No problem, mi sol [ my sunshine ]. I can always switch to Spanish. That’s the great thing about knowing so many languages. Me vuelves loco. [ You drive me crazy ]" Damien says in Spanish, but Kiara couldn’t comprehend what he just said.

“I just finished learning Italian! You can’t throw another language at me. That’s totally unfair! Idiota! [ idiot ]" Kiara complains.

She hears Damien chuckle. Then the engine dies down and Kiara knows that they are finally there.

Thank the Lords.

The door on Damien’s side opens and then eventually on Kiara’s side. She can’t see a single thing - thanks to the blindfold on her eyes. Damien thought it would give her the element of surprise, even though he knew she utterly hates them. Certainty is what she strives for in life.

She is careful and slow as Damien guides her. Thankfully she is wearing her snickers with shorts and a black crop top. Damien had warned her to dress comfortably. God knows what he had planned this time.

She feels the grass on her feet as she steps on the stones in her path. Were they in a fucking forest?!

And then it changes. She feels something hard against her feet - more like a wooden floor. She feels heat on her head and instantly grows rigid.

What the fuck is going on?

But Damien’s hand never leaves her so she breathes normally. And when she had finally reassured her heart - she feels like she is being lifted. Like literally being lifted.

The air becomes colder and Kiara feels like she is floating in nothingness.

“What the fuck is going on, Don?” she says, calling him by his nickname that she very much gave him - don. But then, that’s what he truly was. Damien never hid it from her but she knew it before she even met him.

And then the blindfold is taken from her eyes - giving her the view of her surprise.

She is on a hot air balloon - surrounded by cold air and the beautiful view of the green forest beneath her feet. A smile appears on her face, she had never been on one before.

The sky is an enchanting shade of red, yellow and orange. She could see the birds flying around her - even though they were not so high. And the sun looked nearer and more breathtaking.

Kiara was speechless - this was the nicest thing anyone has ever done for her.

“Amazing, right?” she hears Damien say behind her.

She feels hands wrap around her waist and Damien rest his head on her shoulders. She feels as he snuggles closer, placing a kiss on her neck.

In that moment, Kiara feels something. Something she shouldn’t have.

“Ciccino...” she hears him say. He turns her to face him, their faces inches apart.

She knew that her heart was beating fast, more than anything she wanted his lips on hers.

“Un giorno ti darò le stelle. Questo è niente. [ One day, I will give you the stars. This is nothing. ]" he says.

And Kiara knew then and there, that if she didn't back away now, she never will be.

What is he doing to her?

Kiara snapped out of her thoughts, she cannot feel this again. There was something for him in her heart. But she chose. She listened to her heart's true song.

She chose Zain.

"You will get yourself killed, Kiara. Please let me help you." Damien tells her.

But she looks away. She knows that he would do anything for her, but she had refused his help a long time ago when she walked out of his life.

But he keeps coming back. Every damn time.

Kiara pushes him away. She can't do this. She is Kiara Kapoor and she can get everything done by herself. She can protect herself. Even from the Guptas.

"If I die, then it will be my fault. Not yours. Please, leave me alone, Damien. Whatever we had is gone. You can find someone else. Someone who will love you unconditionally. That someone is not me." she tells him.

She doesn't wait for him to reply - she had a meeting to attend.

But in her heart she knew that whatever they had will never be gone.

He was her Don, after all.


I know what you all are thinking - wtf is Kiara doing? Isn't she supposed to hate the guy?

Look, she and Damien have a history. And it is very important for you all to know what happened between them. Why? Well, you will get to know later.

Ugghhh.... I don't want this story to end! But then, I remind myself that bitch, you need to write a sequel to this too. Whatever.

Some random shit here. Bye!

PS I know you guys love me for updating twice a day!

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