When the Sky Falls

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Kiara looked at herself in the mirror and smiled. She couldn't believe that she is getting married today. She couldn't wait to spend the rest of her life with Zain.

She put the phone down and a shiver ran down her spine when she remembered her conversation with Zain. Gosh, he has her weak on her knees with his mere voice.

She hooked her nose ring and wore her head jewellery. She looked like a bride in her embroider red lehenga with bead decoration that shone under the light.

Her red bangles came next, sandwiched between her white Kada that belonged to her late mother. She just wished that her parents were there to see her get married. The ring her mother had designed shone on her finger.

She really wished they were here. She could imagine her father's smile when he handed her to Zain or her mother fussing about getting her ready on time. She chuckled, still tears forming on her eyes as she remembered her mother's scolding her every time she would take a long time to pick her frock when she was young.

If only she could see Kiara right now.

Kiara knew that her parents would have been proud of her but in her heart, she knew that there was a long journey ahead of her.

"You look beautiful." Kiara hears a voice behind her and turns to find baba standing with Ma. She gets up, a huge grin on her face as she greets the couple who filled in the role of parents in her life. Without them, she knew she wouldn't have been here.

"You look so much like your mother," Ma said and a sad smile formed on Kiara's face.

"I wish they were here," she says, her voice breaking.

Kiara wasn't born a cold-hearted - she was turned into one with the situation that surrounded her. Yet the duo in front of her always received her warmth and respect. They always will.

"Our little girl is getting married." baba says as he grabs Kiara in a tight hug.

Kiara chuckles, she will always be a there little girl.

"Now, where is the groom? I need to warn him off, first. He needs to know what exactly will happen to him of he dares to hurt you." Baba says, his eyes turning dangerously dark.

"Don't make him run away, baba! And Sejal is driving him here. As Ma said, I made him sleep in the penthouse." she says.

Ma had asked Kiara to ensure that both of them don't see each other before the wedding and there is no way she could say no to her. Even if she wasn't around Kiara, she just felt obligated to obey her orders. It came naturally to her.

"Okay, but they better not be late. Now we just sit and wait." baba says as he takes lies down on Kiara's bed. Kiara knew very well that the old man might try to appear all so energetic but age gets to everyone. No matter what you try.

Kiara turns to take a last look at herself. She was just wearing her blouse and skirt right now, she would wear the dupatta around her head later.

Her phone buzzes and she quickly checks it, hoping that it is a message from Zain.

But what she sees send terror down her spine.

Happy marriage life, Kiara.

The message wasn't from an unknown number and that's what scared her the most. She stood up, suddenly afraid. The smile disappeared from her face and terror took it's place instead.

She dialled Zain's number but no one ever picked up as much she tried. She did the same with Sejal but there was no response. And now, Kiara was full-on panicking.

She knew that something was going to happen. She had made every possible arrangement, tightened the security and kept a close check on the Guptas. Rajesh had been unexpectantly quite and that scared her more than anything.

It was like the silence before the storm.

And she knew the storm had struck.

She didn't know what to do - all she could think is insuring that Zain and Sejal are safe.

Please, not on my wedding day, she thought.

She prayed to the Gods above that everything was fine. But her paranoia won't leave her.

And then she heard it.

The sounds of a gun going in her mansion.

She looked at baba and Ma, who were immediately on alert. She took out the gun from her drawer and set to motion. She had another to baba.

"You two need to get out of here." she says as she walks to the other end of her room. She presses a block in the wall, that was completely invisible at first, and the wall opens.

"The staircase will lead you to the warehouse." she says as she motions them to get in.

"I am not leaving you alone." baba says but she shakes her head.

"You have to. If Zain and Sejal come here, I need to be there to protect them. And Aman is out there too. I am not risking your lives so please get in." she says.

The elders look at her for a second but they knew that this was the battle they weren't going to win. They walk in, their eyes never leaving hers.

"Come back to us, alive." baba says as she presses the block again and the wall closes.

She looks out of the window, which was thankfully bulletproof and the sight in front of her makes her scared.

They were too many.

Black SUVs surrounded her mansion, firing everywhere. Her team was replying back with equal furiosity. She saw the dead and bloodied bodies on her garden. Fuck.

Kiara knew that this wasn't the battle she couldn't win alone - she needed more men and firepower. The door to her room opened and she raised her gun, ready for attack.

Aman stepped in, his hands bloodied and she rushed to have a look at him.

"You need to get out of here," he says.

"No. I am not leaving my men alone here. And Zain and Sejal might be here any time now." she replies.

Aman sighs, he knew that the woman was stubborn so there was no point at arguing.

"We need help." he says and Kiara nods.

One name appeared on her mind and she could only pray that he picks up. She is willing to pay any price for making sure that her loved ones are safe.

This is not how they die.

She picked up her phone and calls the person. Thankfully, he picks up.

"We are on our way. Don't worry, princess. I am there for you." Damien replies from the other end.

Of course, he knows that there will be an attack.

"Thank you." was all she could say at that moment.


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