When the Sky Falls

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Damien shakes Kiara, trying to snap her out of her thoughts. But she continues to stare at nothing, her face morphed with sadness and guilt.

She doesn't cry - it is like she can't feel anything. Because she knows if she allows herself to feel, then the pain was just going to consume her.

Ma starts crying, Baba trying to comfort her and Aman stands with a broken expression.

Within a few minutes, her world had entirely changed.

Her sister, her wonderful sister with the voice of an angel was just gone.


She will never be able to graduate high school now, never go to prom, never get to fill her closet with Grammys, never fall in love and never have children.

All because of her.

Because all she ever wanted was revenge.

The need to bring justice to the dead was so immense that she forgot to care for the one standing right in front of her, breathing. And now her negligence has caused her to lose her sister.

And she will never forgive herself for that, never.

There was no denying that the accident wasn't an accident. It was fucking murder. Her blood boiled for revenge but then, what will she get from it?

She would never get to see her sister again. See her smile or even sing.

Kiara gets up, Damien still standing by her side and turns to the doctor.

"Where is she?" Kiara asks, her face numb.

"The nurse will take you to her." the doctor says as he motions a nurse next to him and she nods in return.

The nurse motions Kiara to follow her, and she does. They enter a deathly silent room with the heavy stench of disinfectant and doctor equipment lying around.

There was no doubt in her mind what the room was, she has been to one before.

In the hospital bed laid her sister, her face filled with unhealed scars and a sad smile on her once bright face. She was unnaturally cold now, the blood drained from her face that gave her a pale face.

Her happiness was gone.

Kiara simply stared at her sister, not saying anything. She felt nothing because how could she?

She took her sister's hand, remembering how she used to play with them to annoy the hell out of her when she was just a kid. How Sejal used to say that one day she will become a famous singer and marry a prince.

Kiara hated herself. The thrones of hate pierced through her heart, destroying it slowly. How can one live with oneself if all they want is to torture their own existence and just slip into oblivion? To not feel anything, to not care. To just be done with life in general.

She has no reason left to live, yet she stands here while her sister sleeps, never to wake up again.

She looks at her sister's face once again, kissing her on the forehead and then she turns to the nurse.

"What are the documents that I need to sign?" she asks.


Days pass by with the blink of an eye. Kiara doesn't sleep, she doesn't eat. She has become the hollow version of her previous self - drowning herself in work and disconnecting herself with the world around her.

Her face held fury - gone were her soft features and her eyes could literally kill anyone. She became impatient, yelling at her employees for the smallest of the reason and pushing everyone out. She was now feared, no one dared to look her in the eye.

Damien tried to talk to her but she never let him in, claiming that she was busier than ever. She knew that she had to give in someday, she was a true businessman and Damien had saved her life. She owed him, as much as she hated to admit it.

She sent baba and Ma away with Aman and his sisters too, claiming that New York was no longer safe for them. They tried to talk to her but she never picked up their phone.

Her companies on the other end triumphed, making Kiara's bank account overflow with money and giving her the power and position much more strong than before.

After all, all she did was work.

She had changed, but then the loss of a loved one can do it to you.

Every day she will visit Zain in the hospital, hoping that he will open those eyes and call her 'angel'. The doctors claimed that he was making progress and can wake up anytime now, but then they feared the damage to his brain.

Kiara wanted to be there for Zain when he wakes up, but she had made a decision. One that will break her heart into two. That will destroy her.

But then she was now at her lowest. Nothing can hurt her now.

She had shut herself off, grown tired of feeling anything and drowned herself in darkness. She had accepted that her fate is cruel - that she doesn't deserve any happiness.

After the cremation of her sister, she flew back to India where she immersed her sister's ashes in the same lake as her parent's - so they could be together even in their death.

And that was it for her. She decided that she wouldn't get hurt anymore, that she is a monster - a person who deserved the worst kind of luck.

And that she would never be the same, ever again.


Kiara entered the hospital room, relief in her features and finally some good news in her mind. She had got a call from the doctors at the hospital as they informed her that Zain was finally awake.

Her heart was pounding furiously in her chest, it had been a month since she heard his sweet voice and looked into his dark brown eyes. The eyes that were always filled of love and care for her.

But she told herself to not get too attached now, because she has to let go of him.

Damien was right. Zain was too innocent to be the part of the world Kiara lived in, the one she had grown accustomed to. It changed people in horrible ways, look at her as an example.

She loved him enough to let him go.

She had made the choice for him.

When she entered the room she saw the doctor, Henry Cook was his name, who was asking certain questions from Zain. Her eyes almost turned teary when she saw him.

She walked towards him, cautious so as to not overwhelm him.

"Zain?" she asked softly.

Zain's eyes met her and when she looked at them, a fear gripped inside of her. They held nothing. It was a blank book.

His expression didn't change and Kiara then and there knew that something was terribly wrong.

That the Zain she knew was gone.

Zain looked at her with a puzzled expression. The words that escaped his mouth gripped her heart with hurt.

"Who are you?"

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