When the Sky Falls

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Zain smiled as he kissed Nikita, glad to be with her. They cuddled in her bed, warming each other in their body heat.

"I love you." Nikita says, with a bright smile on her face.

She couldn't be happier. Zain was the right man for her, he made her feel like she was the only thing in the world. When she had met him two years ago, she had no idea that they shy boy would eventually capture her every dream. She loved him, a lot.

"I love you too." Zain said as he nuzzled his face in her neck, breathing in her magnolia smell. Boy, did she smell so good!

"I don't ever want to leave you." Zain says as he tightens his grip on her waist, pulling her closer.

"Yet, you are leaving me alone here while you go to New York." she says as she turns to face him.

"I will be back before you know it, love. All I want you to do is trust and love me." he replies he leans in to kiss her, again.

Butterflies erupted in Nikita's stomach with his every touch and she couldn't wait to be his completely. She had the present prepared for his 18th birthday, which was next month. She had perfectly imagined about what they were going to do.

Zain's phone buzzed, rudely interrupting them. He got up, much to his dismay and upon seeing the caller ID he gulped. What did he want now?

He picked up the phone, terrified of what awaited for him.

"Papa?" he answered.

"Zain, where are you?" his father asked, his voice cold and demanding. It sent a chill down his spine, he wasn't scared of his father but he held a control over Zain.

"With a friend." he answered, not wanting his father to know about Nikita.

"Come home instantly." his father replies. He then ends the call, leaving Zain to guess what was happening.

He quickly gets up, putting on his shirt and pants which were thrown on the floor. It was Sunday and it looked like his leisure time had been cut short by his father. What was he even doing at home?

It wasn't like his father wasn't at home at all, but Zain always informed about it when he did. His stepmother made sure she knew when her husband was home so that she wouldn't be caught by him. In the mist of that, she surely informed him. Yet, he couldn't remember his stepmother telling him anything.

He grabs his phone, car keys and bags.

"Where are you going?" Nikita asks, confused by Zain's actions. He was supposed to leave tomorrow morning so why was he rushing now?

"Papa's home and he wants me. I need to go." he replies as he pecks her on her lips and rushes out to his car.

He waves her bye as he gets in the car, promising to call her soon.

As he drives to the mansion, he could only fear what was coming for him.

Zain enters the mansion, silence greeting him. He looked around for literally anyone but couldn't see a soul.

"Papa?" he says as he climbs up the stairs for his father's study.
He walks towards it, confused about what was happening. The silence was suffocating and his heart was beating furiously in his chest. He nervously walked towards his father's study, his legs protesting against the decision. In reality, he wanted nothing more to just run away.
And then, he heard it.
A scream of pain. He could recognize the scream anywhere. It was his father's.
He rushed towards the study, ready to protect his father against anything. Even though they were distant, he was his father. The only family he had left.
When he opened the door, he was greeted by the scene he had never imagined.
On the chair sat his father but the sight that disturbed him the most was the knife stabbed in his father's hand. The scene was gruesome, blood oozing out of his father's hand. He could only imagine the pain his father was feeling.
On the corner, sat his stepmother and Armaan, both crying profusely. Terror was written all over their faces and they were staring at Zain for help.
"Look who finally joined us!" a voice said and his attention drifted to it.
In front of him, stood a woman wearing black blazer and pants, her black hair left free. He couldn't see her as her back was against him.
"Aman, get him." the woman said.
Soon enough, Zain was grabbed by two bulky hands and no matter how much he fought, he was helpless against the tower of man that held him. He looked some sort of a body guard, Zain couldn't get good enough look at him.
"So, where were we? Oh yes, we were talking about killing you. So, Mr. Dhawan, do you want it to be a bullet in head or a knife in the heart?" the woman asks.
Zain's father looked terrified, like he was seeing Death itself.
"Kiara beta, why are you doing this? Your father and I used to be so close." his father said with a pleading voice.
The name bought memories back to him, the similar ache in his heart surfacing. Kiara?
No, this can't be Kiara. He remembered her, even though it had been years. He refused to believe that Kiara will do something to his father.
He still remembered how she used to smile when his father gifted her all those chocolates. This can't be the same girl.
"That was before you got him killed, dear uncle." the woman says as she twists the knife in his father's hand, his father crying out loud. Zain couldn't bear to watch his father suffer like this.
"I had no option. He had too much power!" his father exclaimed.
Wrong move.
"He had two daughters and a wife! You took away my father from me!" she replied, rage laced in her voice.
He couldn't believe it was Kiara's voice. Hers was always sweet and kind and yet, that voice was devoid of any emotion. It was ice cold. What had happened to her?
Zain remembered when he was told about his father's death and that she would never come back. But she had promised.
He had waited for her for years, hoping that one day she would show up at his door, greeting him with that beautiful smile of her. But then, he grew up. Accepted the fact that she didn't care for him. He understood though. She had lost both her parents. Zain couldn't bear the loss of one, imagine the loss of both of them.
"Now, before you go, sign these papers for me, will you?" she says as she passed the papers at him.
"Never." his father protested. The man really wanted to die.
Zain couldn't comprehend what his father was doing, was his life not important to him? Didn't he care about Zain at all? He couldn't loose his father.
But the woman didn't have patience. The next thing he knew, the sound of a gun ringed in the room and Zain's breath stopped. His father screamed in pain, blood oozing out of his left shoulder. As if the knife on his left palm wasn't torture enough.
His stepmother started crying more hysterically and Armaan looked like he peed in his pants.
"The next bullet will be in your son's head if you don't sign this." the woman says.
Zain was more terrified now, the woman had now threatened his life. Will she really shoot him, though? Was she really that heartless?

"Okay! I will do it!" his father says as he grabs a pen with his shaking right hand and signs the paper.
The woman doesn't turn at all, her attention focused on his father. He wanted to know who she was, his heart refused to believe that she was Kiara. No, it can't be Kiara.
Even though he had hurt him terribly and he hated her for leaving him alone in this hell hole, he refused to believe that this was the sweet girl he once knew.
It can't be her.
The woman grabs the papers, and he could feel her smirk as she went through them.
"Great. Now, Aman will you hand those papers to the son?" she says.
Zain's breath hitches at his name as his captor lets go of him, handing him some papers. Zain looks puzzled, what could she possibly want from him?
"Sign them and don't even think about running away. Because if you do, the next bullet will be in your father's head. Hurry up." the woman says.
Zain doesn't even hesitate, he signs them without even going through them. All he could see is his father. He didn't want to be the reason for his death.
After signing them he hands them over to his captor, Aman as she called him, who hands them over to the woman.
"Just peachy. Looks like your son sold himself for your life. Enjoy poverty, uncle." the woman says.
She then finally turns, and when she does, Zain looses all his senses.
She is the most gorgeous woman he has ever laid eyes on. Her fair skin shimmering in the sunlight in the room and her silky black hair complementing her features. With her perfect jawline and those beautiful red lips, she was stunning.
She walked towards Zain, her eyes never leaving his face.
And then, his attention drifts to her eyes.
Those eyes.
He could recognize them anywhere. Anywhere.
Those storming grey eyes staring into his black ones. He felt exposed as they unraveled his deepest secrets and he felt weak under their gaze.
Instead of those warm grey eyes he once remembered, he saw coldness in them. They were devoid of any kindness.
She had changed.
"I told you I will come back for you." she says.
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