When the Sky Falls

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The flight was long and tiresome. He was thoroughly bored in the company of the ever-so-quite captor of his, Aman. The man barely spoke any words and Zain for a moment thought that he was mute!

Even then, it gave Zain time to think about what had happened with him.

And boy, was he angry. His source of anger? Kiara.

Not only had she sent his father to a mental hospital, but he had made him break up with Nikita. What did she think she is? How could she barge into his life just like that?

If Zain could curse, he would have certainly did it by now. But he had made a promise to his mother to never let those filthy words escape his mouth.

Zain sighed at the flip his life had undergone. He was pretty sure that his father's business was completely handed down to Kiara so he was in no way getting it. So, he had to find a job to earn some money for himself.

He had some idea of where they were going, thanks to the announcements in the airport. They were heading to New York and by the way they had made him pack his belongings, he was sure he wasn't coming back to India. And that he was going to continue his studies at Columbia. Who was going to pay for his studies, though? Zain was sure that he had some savings in his bank account.


His mind unknowingly drifted to her. He couldn't get her face out of his mind. The way she had staked her claim on him literally turned him on. She was just like a ravishing dark angel. His angel.... Wait.

What the fudge is he thinking?

He should hate her. She took away her father. She took away his love.

She didn't come back for him. She didn't even care about him.

She had completely changed.

She was cruel and heartless. She only cared for her money and getting her father's revenge. She was bad for him and he should stay away from her. She wouldn't hesitate to put a bullet in his head if he did anything wrong.

That thought scared Zain. Alot.

He no longer knew her and no matter what, he can't predict what was she going to do next. If he had his way, he would just run away from all of this. He didn't want to be near her.

Zain puts his headphones on, gazing out of the window and enjoying the music that danced in his ears. He knew he was humming to himself.

He loved music, it was his escape from the harsh reality of this world. He could really grab his guitar and sing. He missed the feeling of those wires against his fingers and the relaxation that came with it.

He suddenly feels a poke on his shoulder and turns to see the intruder who dared to disrupt his peaceful time. Much to his dismay, it was Aman. The man was intimidating.

Zain takes out his headphones and turns his attention to him.

The man hands him a file.

"Miss Kapoor says that you need to go through these papers you signed." Aman says and he looks away.

More like forced to sign.

Zain grabs those papers, curious about what Kiara had planned out for him. He looks through the papers, examining every detail mentioned in documents.

His eyes widened as he went through them, completely shocked with whatever is written in these documents. He couldn't believe that this is happening with him. No way.

He had literally sold himself to the Devil.

The document stated it perfectly.

He was to marry Kiara Kapoor when she desires. He is to take care of a company she had bought, now named as, Kapoor Music Inc. with her sister, Sejal Kapoor.

He is to attend every charity event, business meetings and functions Kiara asks him too without any protests. His college studies have been taken care of, paid by Kiara Kapoor and he will be paid for his work at Kapoor Music Inc.

Moreover, he is to stay with her at her mansion. He was allowed to have friends over when they get cleared by his security detail, whose name was Parth.

This was too much to deal with. Kiara had taken absolute control of his life. But he didn't dare complain, fearing his own life.

Gosh, he was going to get married soon.


The car stops in front of a magnificent mansion, Zain's mouth hung open. It was humongous and he was shocked enough that he was going to live in there.

He gets out of the car, his eyes not leaving the mansion in front of him.

It was completely white, with perfect carvings on it's walls and a hint of modernity on it. The green garden that surrounded it was beautiful with wide range of aromatic flowers planted across it. A fountain was placed in the center, the flowing water shimmering against the sunlight.

A man came from the entrance of the mansion, greeting Zain and then taking away his suitcases and guitar with him. Zain follows him, fully intending to avoid Aman's glare. As he walked in though, he was greeted by the astonishing sight of the interior of the mansion.

The walls were painted in the colours of sky blue and with the decorations that adorned them, it looked magnificent. There was a small pool in between, filled with flowers and some swans.

"You must be Zain Dhawan. Hi, I am Sangeeta, the housekeeper. Welcome home, Zain." a voice greets Zain.

A woman, in her fifties probably, stands in front of her with a soft smile on her face. She looked kind and generous unlike the hostility he had been receiving since Kiara popped in his life.

"Come on in, then. You must be hungry." she says as she motions him to follow her.

Zain takes seat on the dinning table as Sangeeta sets down his food. The delicious smell that greets him makes Zain's stomach growl and he is pretty sure he blushes as Sangeeta simply smiles at him.

The sweet sight of pav bhaji greets him and he munches on the food, not caring for any elegance. He just wanted some food.

After gobbling up all that food, he gets up and Sangeeta takes him to his room.

Zain examines his journey to his room, remembering the way so he doesn't get lost.

His room is huge, with navy blue walls and a king sized bed. There is a personal washroom for him in the room, carved in marble and of top knotch quality. Kiara must have spent millions on this mansion, for sure.

But the sight that he truly misses is the bed, and taking out his shirt and pants, he jumps to the bed.

He will do the worrying, later.

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