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Alex is a 27 year old American bestselling author. His charisma overshadowed his reputation as a philanderer and was loved by all who knew him. While he visits New York University five years after his graduation, to do research on the third book he intends to write, he meets Sarah, a 22 year old literature student. In spite of them being imperfect for each other, they fall in love. She changes Alex completely and while they are living their dream life, Alex reads a book written 30 years ago by an Indian author, which disturbs him. Reading it gives him a sense of déjà vu. It was as if he knew the characters in the book and they were trying to tell him something. He begins having hallucinations and weird dreams. He knew he had to dig deeper and seek out the meaning of it all. So he sets off on his very first journey to India, the land of mystics and spirituality. His search takes him to Kerala, where he gets to know the story of Praveen, the author of the book he was reading, and his passionate affair with Aanya, a married woman. Praveen and Aanya had passed away, a year after that book had released. Alex digs into their life through a manuscript that Praveen had been writing. From the unfinished manuscript, Alex begins to understand the characters' undying love for each other. As the story unfolds, we find out how Praveen & Aanya intended to conclude their incomplete love story.

Praveen P Gopinath
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Chapter 1

“Welcome to our campus Mr. Alex. I am a great fan of your books. The last one you wrote, ’Being That Child Again’ is my favorite. It took me right back to my childhood days. I hope our library is sufficient for your research. I have asked Miss. Karen to assist you there. I hope our students are inspired by your presence in our institution.”

As Alex walked out of the Vice- Chancellor’s office, memories flooded his mind. In 2042, exactly eight years back he joined New York University for graduating in political science. The campus where he had the best three years of his life. He was a political fanatic then, with a do-or-die attitude, set on a path to change the world. But as he lived through those three years of graduation, the books in the library became his best companions. Alex was deeply passionate about those words that made him understand life and soon his infatuation with politics began to wane. Today, he is the author of two international best sellers, and the university library was his most obvious choice to write his third book, as this is where he found solace.

“Good Morning Mr. Dice! I am Karen; I will be assisting you with the books and research materials that you require.”

“Thank you, Karen. I am quite familiar with every nook and corner of this library. I know this place like the back of my hand, even though I graduated five years ago.”

Winking at Karen, Alex walked through the aisle with a smile that revealed what was going through his mind. The memories he had of his days at the library not only included the books that he read but also the affairs he had had with numerous women. His charming persona didn’t go unnoticed. A five-minute conversation with him would take a woman to the brim of intellectual and physical ecstasy that made her fall in love with him. The best part is, he knew it too. Alex always played it cool and was smart enough to come away without any emotional baggage. Karen followed Alex around as if in a trance, passing by every bookrack.

“Thanks Karen, I can take it from here. This is the book I was looking for, ‘Psychological Impairments And their Healing’

As the disappointed Karen walked away, Alex looked at Karen. “Nice ass” he thought to himself and smiled. He clearly knew Karen was fascinated by the fact that she got to walk with him; after all he was nothing less than a celebrity. He was the writer who stirred emotions with his words, the writer who made Americans laugh and cry at the same time.

Even though everyone knew that the most flexible thing about Alex was his morals, he always chose to play the ’not interested’ card to anyone who was willing. The part he enjoyed the most was the chase. Alex settled at the corner table, his favorite place in the library.

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