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"James and I are like like sunflowers because we always find the the most subtle point of the day .... each other

Romance / Humor
Anna Stargood
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Chapter one

From the outside all people are perfect this is my theory and until you know it you will be perfect. My name is Jenny Hale and my birth is all just looking for the fault in me, but let’s start at the beginning. I was born on September 1, 2003 in Pennsylvania. I was six years old when my parents discovered my talent for music. Since then, I go to a singing teacher and a guitar teacher every week. I’ve been playing the piano and dancing since I was eight and I just love it. My parents are often away, and then the whole house is just mine.

When I’m alone I usually just watch series on Netflix or call Jessica and we watch series together. Jessica, my best friend since I was born, we’ve always been doing everything together ever since, and today I’m special to both of us and I’m not aiming for our graduation. It’s even further away. Today we will find out if they have been admitted to the A Red Golden Academy.

The Red Golden Academy is the most famous art school in town, very hard to get into. The students who come there are all future actors, singers, dancers, writers and many practically anything you can learn if you have the talent to do so.

It was well past noon with the bright yellow light of the sun shining through the window in vain as I pulled out the curtain did not help the heat raged in the living room, there was only a week left until the start of school I was still wondering what the first hours of school would be like. I knocked the table with my fingers to see if boredom would kill me, but it seemed useless. The hands of the clock were drifting slowly, and the minutes passed more and more slowly over time. I feel like I’m starting to get screwed.

Then someone rang. I ran headlong into the door as if my life had passed through it.

- Hello! Jessica said

- Hello! greeted I was disappointed to see it as always, but for the first time in my life I wished it was that damn postman

“Okay, I see you’re not glad I’m here so I’m going,” he said, playing with sadness in his voice and then turned and took a few steps.

- Do not wait! I shouted after him as he turned back and stopped in front of me. “I was hoping it would be a postman.” I smiled and then let in the unexpected guest.

Jessica is at home in the house, which is no wonder she believes she grew up half here. So he made himself a tea and sat down next to me and then began to swirl the steaming liquid.

- How can you drink hot tea in the summer? I asked my smiling girlfriend as a huge smile sat on my face from what I saw

“How can you sit here all summer?” he raised an eyebrow

- That’s right. - I chuckled

“You know,” said Jessica “I think they want to cut us out, we should cut up less ...”

- Jenny Hale? the man in his thirties asked

“Yes,” I said, handing over two white envelopes

I waited for the postman to leave and then I closed the door and without sparing paper we started to open the envelopes.

“They picked it up,” we shouted, throwing the letters on the floor

We only lived twenty minutes from school, but I felt like I had arrived in another city in the blink of an eye. Everything happened so quickly I crossed the door of an ornate building whose main colors were red and gold.

I got my uniform which consisted of a turtleneck and a skirt which were also gorgeous for the school. Then I got my schedule, unfortunately I had to realize that Jessica had applied for completely different courses than I did so that we would hardly have common classes. Then a lovely third-year female student showed me my room, as it turned out afterwards that the girls didn’t have enough space so I got to the boys ’floor.

Exciting not, but? After a while, I was fully equipped in the brand new suite, which I hope will be my home for another three years. I’m already lying in my pajamas in my bed, comfortably seated under the blanket, and until the dream is over, I say to myself: Tomorrow begins the first day of your new life.

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