When love finds mafia +18

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What happens when Elena a university girl born and raised in mafia underground bumbs into Blake a billionaire /doctor/cop who is determined to do anything for her love and what will he do when he discovers his real identity

Romance / Action
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Chapter 1 Meeting them

Kiddnapped chapter 1

*-- Elena pov--*

I was dreaming of an amazing handsome guy and that we went on a date , he even almost kissed me but thanks to my mom barging in my room with out knocking and removing my covers

"Get up young lady, you have a test today so hurry up you have to get up, I swear if you don't come down in the next 5 minutes I will shoot you with the gun your father got me yesterday"

and with that she exited the room, so I guess I should tell you that my family is a Mafia gang we have a name called the *silver foxes* we are second in the ranking the first is called * valtini* they kill anyone who let's them down and not regretting it their leader is my fathers bestfriend bit enough now I gotta go before mom really shoots me!!

With that I went and took a shower and put light make-up as well as dressed up I wore my hair in a messy bun and I ran down stairs.

*Well look who woke up early dad* said luc
Luc is my eldest brother, and annoying as fuck

*Shut up before I kick you or worse I could tell dad about last weekend * I replied and his face was red as a tomato I looked at dad who looks confused
* eat something pumpkin before you go * he said in a calm tone but I knew that something was off like trouble is going on


I heard my besties beeping the car so I quickly grabbed a toast and put some jam on it along with orange juice and I ran out the house "BYE MOM DAD" I started yelling

I got to the car and opened the door and sat
"girls are you ready to party hard tonight
Cause he'll I am " said Naomi I looked at her and asked her a question that maya and I both knew the answer too
"Naomi you like my brother right? "

she blushed and turned around and said

" what noo I don't, why would you think that "
we looked at her giving her the you better
come up with somthing believeable

We got to school and we headed to the class

"Ladies your early today " said Mr. Brown in a surprised tone
We ignored him and sat down in our chairs and he started handing out the test papers


3 years 3YEARS and no one found any other information about the valtini Mafia except me I am happy and proud to find a lead, so here I am hiding in on of their bases and planting micro cameras in their guns and around places they are mostly never use and I completed that I leaft the base and head to the headquarters so that I can link my phone to the cameras as I got out of my car I saw 3 men going in , it was weird I know it's a police station but I think they are part of some Mafia but I ignored them for now I scaterd everything off the table and started to link after that I went to grab coffee beside Mason aka johnny I stared at the men who were doing the same to me as I was about to leave the eldest man called me "excuse me mr..? " I turned around I replied "cooper, how may I help you sir" he looked at me and said " I have a friend who's in trouble si I want help" I was confused
"what is the trouble if I may ask if it's related to crime than I can't help you with anything , because that's for the cheif to assign" I bet he did not see that coming " will you three come into my office " they nodded and we headed to my office I asked them to give me their I'd cards I was shocked its them the fist man with the long white Beard is named javi valtini the second man with grey hair and short Beard was named Jeremy valtini and the third was named Ryder konifox the three Mafia kings I couldn't handle the excitment in me so I called johnny he picked up on the second ring "hello what's up cooper " he yelled and it made me move the phone away from my ear the three men were staring at me "johnny I need you to handle a certain case I have to go to the bank for something understand " it took him a while to respond " cooper I swear if it's one of my ex crazy girlfriends again that you assignsd me I will kill you" "shut up and take the case understand " "yes sir I understand " with that I ended the call and exited the office leaving the other men in .

*--Jermey pov--*

Who is that man, he looks like me when I was his age I should ignore that fact but at the same time I have to find out who entered my base "what do we do now Jeremy ?"asked Ryder I looked at him and " we wait for his next visit and we will have all our meetings there he will come for sure" with that we took our I'D and left, after I got home my daughter kayla cooked some lunch along with the help of my dear wife monica we all sat down at the table and started our preying but kayla asked a question all her siblings had wanted to ask "mom, dad why is there an empty chair there even tho no one sits there and why did you add a plate with food on it too, are we expecting some one? " I wish she didn't ask that question

I was running through my men when I heard that my wife gave birth and is in the hospital after I arrived I was greeted by my men and parents "congratulations son, NOW I HAVE A GRANDSON!! " yelled my father javi. As soon as I entered the room I saw him on my wife's chest sleeping, he was so smaller than I thought he was red and j started asking Monica questions as a new father in the Mafia world "why is he red mon? " she laughed and said "because I just gave birth to him the red color will go away when he starts to grow up " I held his hand it was so small I even started crying, until a nurse came in "sir would you like to hold him " "YES I would " I stood up and removed my jacket and picked him up from mon,'s chest I will admit I'm struggling to hold him and when I held him he started to cry "WAHHHH!! " I looked at mon who was taking her breast out to feed him but I kept pating his back and he stopped crying after completeing some documents givin for our discharge and I picked our new-born son and wife and drived home after we got home I went and put mon to bed kissing her passionately "thank you for this little miracle " and she started to fall asleep our baby still needed a name so I planned a baby name election tomorrow while I went to sleep I heard him cry, I got out of bed and headed to him and I carried him to the crib near our bed and patted his back until he fell asleep
Next morning
I woke up to find mon feeding our baby I hugged her from behind and she smiled ar me " well good morning my big baby" she said out of nowhere my Mafia members came through the doors one by one and j stood there shocked "GET OUT FOR A MINUTE" I yelled they did as I say , after mon getting ready and getting our baby ready she was wearing a long White dress and her golden hair was down and her eyes were shine like the ocean blue that's not why I married this woman tho she has a character that no one has she smart, kind hearted, feisty ,gorgeous, loved me for who I am , then I looked at our baby and he was wearing a little shirt that says *Stay away from me or your gonna get all my uncles around you* the shirt was refering to my gang memebers I think they will appreciate it I qiuickly gave a kiss to Monica and we went down stairs to be greeted by everyone even my bestfriend Ryder and his wife Jessica and my parents and even Monica best friend freya and her boyfriend , after having an amazing party we got to name our baby Kadre Jason valtini I also decided to get Victor freya boyfriend to make a tattoo on Kadre's neck on the side moniva hated the idea but I sure that Victor ises ones that don't hurt at all and finally she gave me Kadre and I put the tattoo on his neck for our :family symbol and our names Jeremy and Monica first valtini: , A day after introducing Kadre to our mafia gang and other gangs mon and I left for an event to mafia kings first celebration event but I admit I regret going to that event knowing that I had lots of enemy's wanting to kill me but when we got home we were shocked to see our maids and buttlurs on the ground and our bodyguards dead we ran to kadre's room and mon slid down the door frame because our son has been shot 3 , I picked him up and I Jeremy valtini started to have tears going down on my face to the floor our son only got live for 2 days and he could've been alive if only I didn't go to that stupied event so we made it that every 19 of February we would add a plate on the table for Kadre and we kept his room locked so mon wouldn't gk in there and start crying

I stared at my palte no knowing what to reply so I decided to finally tell them the truth that they didn't know about for 24 years, if Kadre was still alive he would be 34 years old I promise that I will avange my son and kill the skull mafia Lucas will pay for everything he's done.
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