Hunting for Honey

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A new boss, company secrets & shadow syndicates are suddenly a part of your new normal.. Can the man who promises to keep you safe, keep his word? ..... When southern-sweetheart PA Honey Sinclaire's mentor is murdered leaving behind a multi-million dollar company and a closet full of skeletons, she is quickly introduced to a side of Alex Carrington she never knew existed as well as the devilishly handsome son she never knew he had... The new boss... But Archer Carrington isn't who he seems, the wickedly enigmatic, emerald-eyed marine is keeping secrets of his own... Secrets that threaten to tear Honey's life apart, or worse while ever Alex's killer is still out there... Title One of The Spectre Series

Romance / Action
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Chapter ONE

Honey Sinclaire

Alex Carrington, your boss, mentor and the closest thing you’ve ever had to a father, is dead.
Sitting in his office with tears welling, your hands grip the only piece of him you have left.. Your notebook..
“Now what, old man?” You mumble to yourself beneath your breath as you open the book of scribbled thoughts and quotes, hoping to find some kind of answer in the nostalgia filled notebook, some kind of solution to the pain of your grief..

You land on a real gem, and a favorite of Alex’s; ‘Don’t dance like nobody’s watching, dance like you don’t give a monkey’s arse if they are!’
With a sigh, you flick through the remaining pages, reading them absentmindedly before being interrupted by a small, deliberate cough at the door..
“Oh, Yevie!” You jump, startled to see the sweet, familiar face of your co-worker and best friend Yevette Feilds as she steps into the room confused to see you still sitting there..

“You’re still here, Hon?” Her soft spoken tone is filled with worry, “I thought the funeral service was starting soon!”

Smoothing your hands over the front of your black-lace midi-dress in an effort to compose yourself you offer her a thin smile, “I was on my way, then... Well.. I came in here to think and.. I was just wondering, if he was scared..” Your voice trails off to little but breath as you speak, coming out weak and tired..

Yevie’s delicate brow crinkles in confusion, “Scared?..Oh, Honey..”

Biting your lip to keep it from quivering you blow out a breath, “He was alone. I wasn’t there for him in the end..When those--those thugs--whoever they were,” you wave a hand dismissively, “they attacked him, shot him dead.. And he was alone..All alone..”

She quickly crosses the office floor to where you sit at the desk in Alex’s over-sized leather chair, where she pulls you to your feet and into her arms, embracing you lovingly.. “Honey, what could you have done?.. You couldn’t have known this would happen, and you know Alex wouldn’t want you to blame yourself.” She soothes your sadness with a sweet motherly tone while she squeezes you tighter, “The only blame here lies with the people responsible for this..Not you, babe..”

“Yeah.. I know that you’re right, Yeeves..” You agree with a sniffle and a soft smile, “I think I’m still just trying to make sense of it all..”

Yevie leans back to look in your eyes, reflected in them you see all the compassion and love your best friend has for you and it almost brings a fresh wave of tears..“Of course.. I know how much he meant to you, Honey.. He meant a lot to all of us really..”

You nod in agreeance, “He was pretty hard not to love, huh?.. Even as the boss.”

She smiles sweetly and takes your hand, “He sure was.. Do you want me to drive you to the church?“..

You’re not quite ready to leave Alex’s office, or to face the bitter reality of today, so you shake your head, “No, I think I just need another minute.. I’ll leave right after you.. Besides, I can’t leave my car at the office all night.” You can see she is about to protest, so you quickly add, “I’ll be fine.. I promise.. Thank you though, for looking out for me, as usual..”

For a second she looks as though she is prepared to call you out and make a fuss, but instead she steps back with a warm, sympathetic smile, “Okay, if you’re sure.. I’ll see you there..”

As she disappears through the door you sink back into the chair, dropping your head into your hands you wait until the click of her high heels are out of earshot before muttering to yourself, “Get it together girl..”

A deep, gravelly voice rumbles from the doorway, “Please do get it together, and then get it the hell out of my office..”

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