Luck of the Irish

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Long Overdue

As Vega and Marie walked downstairs Vega could hear Killian's familiar voice in the kitchen helping her mother. Marie just elbowed her friend and smiled. She could tell how much more alive Vega had become since connecting with Killian again. In just a few short days, all the anger she had for the last 20 years had been almost erased, some replace by guilt.

Vega still carried around Killian's last letter, the one telling her about Mable's illness and pending death. She regretting not opening it and getting the chance to say goodbye, but she also held onto it as a key to her heart, seeing how Killian still, right up to the last letter, signed it 'Forever and Always, Your Killian'. That man held a torch for her for 20 years, and she .. the tears started to well up in her eyes as she thought about how much time they lost because of her stubbornness.

She cleared her throat and fluttered the tears away in her eyes as they walked into the kitchen. Instinctively Killian walked over and kissed Vega on the cheek as he said good morning to her. As soon as he realized how forward that was he turned back to her mother and continued to help get out breakfast.

They sat down for breakfast, said grace and then began to talk about preparations for the media and how to rewrite the ending.

"I think you should do a flash forward to modern day and just make the ending an alternate ending of the two of you and learning from the past and give a real ending that fits you guys" Marie said as she watched Killian and Vega for reactions.

They smiled at each other and just nodded in agreement, but it was Vega's mother who spoke up finally, "I think that is a wonderful idea. Then you aren't really changing the historic ending, but still completing Mable's last wishes."

They finished up eating and everyone helped clean the table and do the dishes before Marie, Killian and Vega headed out to town to plan scenes and photo shoots and a place to hold a media interview.

They walked around town and notified everyone about the pending media attention and the plans they were putting in place for interviews and the main filming of the reenactment. They explained their plan for the ending and everyone seemed to really like that idea.

The town was now hustling and bustling to transform every corner into the past that fit the scene of the love story, which everyone was now calling the Luck of the Irish. Vega and Killian had decided to start the day before St. Patrick's Day with a scene of when Mable and Oliver met for the first time and how their love blossomed. The following day, St. Patrick's Day, would focus on how they began their life together and the final scene would be after Mable's (Vega's) last show on stage. By now, the entire town could not wait to see how the ending would be rewritten.

That evening Marie, Killian and Vega were walking along the streets as the sun began to set. Killian and Vega were holding hands and as they reached the end of the road, which stood on top of a hill over looking the towns homes, Vega stopped and looked at Killian.

"Killi, I need .." Vega began to say as her eyes found the ground, "I need to talk to you."

Marie pulled back and drew up her camera. Regardless of the fact that she knew this would be a sentimental, personal moment, she wanted this captured on film. It was simply perfect.

Killian looked at Vega. He placed his hand under her chin and raised her eyes to his. He could see the tears welling up and became concerned. Then he noticed the crinkled paper in her hand and realized she was holding one of his letters.

"I'm so sorry Killi" she began as the tears fell. "I was so cruel. I should have let you explain. I was so heartless!"

"Shhh" Killian said as he wiped her tears, "it's okay, you are here now, and now you know, I never stopped loving you, and I never will."

Before she could cry more he pulled her into his arms and kissed her. Marie took a picture and managed to not only capture them perfectly, but also capture the setting sun in the background as well.

"Veg" Killian started, "you know, I still can't come with you to Hollywood." His heart was heavy as he said these words, but at least he knew she understood now and although he could not spend his life with her, his heart was always going to belong to her.

Finally Marie couldn't be silent any longer..

"Veg!" she shouted, "don't you see? This is EXACTLY the sign you have been waiting for." Marie was so excited with a realization, but yet Vega stood there staring at her as if she had two heads. "OH MY GOD, don't tell me you have already forgotten?"

"Oh My God YES!" Vega was now shouting as Killian stared at the two of them completely lost. "Marie, I love you, you're brilliant."

"Um, so does anyone want to clue me in here" Killian asked, and both girls started to laugh.

"Well you see, we have been" they both began talking at the same time, "you go ahead" both said, and again started to laugh.

"It's your dream, your vision, you go head" Marie finally was able to say, as Killian still looked on them both very confused.

"So okay" Vega began, "Marie and I have been talking about opening a satellite office somewhere. A small office out of the way where I can do my work and let Marie run with the photography side of things. She is much more involved with the public and media and actual outside things. I have kind of stepped back and am doing more of the behind the scenes, the editing, crafting and creating." Vega continued to talk as Killian listened intently to her.

"So you see, not only will this story put Bennington on the map, but I could open a home office here and well, keep up the story and go to Hollywood only when I need to." As Vega finished talking she just looked at Killian, who stood expressionless looking at the both of them.

"Of course, that is if you would .. well if you'd want me to stay here in Bennington" she continued hesitantly, almost wondering if she had leaped off a cliff without a parachute.

"If I'd want" Killian started to laugh, "that is the most ridiculous question ever!" Both Marie and Vega stood there shocked, obviously taking what he said drastically wrong, which Killian quickly realized as he saw the tears again forming in Vega's eyes.

"Veg.. Oh god no Veg" he grabbed her and pulled her close into a tight hug, "baby, I want nothing more then to have you here with me!"

As she looked up at him, a smile forming on her face, Marie snapped another perfect shot of them.

"So it's settled then," Marie said, "Bennington will be the new home of our second office."

As the three of them walked toward Killian's truck to head back home Vega sighed softly to herself. She had never imagined that returning home would be the perfect solution to so many things.

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