Luck of the Irish

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Press, Media and Interviews

Several media venues form Hollywood arrived during the day on March 15. Vega and Killian had arranged for a town hall meeting so that not only could the locals ask any unanswered questions, but the media would be able to do interviews, get their photo opportunities and gather some background information.

After the town hall meeting it was planned that the local restaurants would have a good hour to get things moving so that they could all come together hosting the largest food festival the town had seen. Doors would be propped open and everyone who was anyone would be filtering in and out of the restaurants and bistros to try the planned foods that would be offered the following two days.

"Are you ready for all of this Veg" Marie was asking as the people began to filter into the large town hall main room. "You know you will be asked about you and Killian and the past."

"Yea, I got this" Vega said as she nodded and looked around at all the people that were there. "I'm okay to talk about it, really." She assured her friend.

"Wow, huge turn out" Killian said as he walked up to the girls. "The press is here, and they are all seated up front as you requested."

He kissed Vega on the forehead before walking with her to the front of the room. As they both approached the podium the room slowly fell silent.

"Thank you all for coming" Vega began saying.

As she and Killian began the discussion with the story of how Ms. Mable had put all this into her will, and how nicely it had all pulled together, the press listened until finally someone asked about why Killian and Vega.

Vega took a deep breath and explained that Mable apparently wanted the two of them to reevaluate the path their relationship was on and ... then the questions came flowing in, one after another:

'How did you two meet?'

'Why did you leave Bennington?'

'How come you ended up on the path you are on?'

'What if it couldn't turn around?'

'Can it turn aroun?'

'Why didn't you take his call or read his letters?'

'How come you never told anyone you returned for his father's funeral?'

Vega and Killian answered each and every one of them. Some bringing tears to Vega's eyes and others accenting a glowing love between them. It was obvious to anyone who was really watching that their love had survived the odds and was growing day by day.

Finally Marie offered some photo opportunities and then suggested that they all head out to eat, mingle and have a great time together.

Several locals found their way to the front before leaving to thank Vega and Killian for doing this reenactment and to congratulate them on finding their hearts way back together.

The press asked for several pictures outside of the couple, in town, at the hilltop, in the square, by some of the shops and finally taking a bite of the first meal served to begin the festivities of the coming two days.

Killian grabbed Vega's hand and pulled her off behind one of the old shops when no one was looking.

"I just needed to get you alone for a couple of minutes" he said as he pulled her close to him and kissed her hard.

"Mmm, and I am so glad you did" Vega replied as she took in a deep breath cherishing that kiss.

"Can we just sneak away for the rest of the night?" Killian asked just as they heard Marie's voice calling for them.

As Marie turned the corner Vega grabbed her and put her hand to Marie's mouth shushing her.

"We just need a few minutes alone," Vega said to her friend, "think you can cover for us?"

"I got this" Marie said as she walked away. "So.. who wants to try some pie? In honor of this event, our company is going to offer each and every person a piece of pie free of cost just to try something from our past."

"Well that will do the trick" Killian said laughing as he pulled Vega close to him again.

He had her back pushed up against the building and her legs wrapped around his waist. They spent the next half hour groping each other's bodies and kissing like they had never kissed before. Vega moaned softly as she felt the bulge in his pants pushing up against her. Oh how she longed to feel him inside of her.

Finally she pulled back from their kiss "this will have to wait, we really have to get back out there" she said.

"Ugh" Killian groaned, "I know I know, but doesn't mean I have to like it" he said as he adjusted himself before following her back to the crowd.

As the evening died down Killian and Vega shook a few more hands before heading back to his truck where Marie was already sleeping on the seat. Vega just laughed and gentle woke her friends.

"Come on, time for us to go home" she said as she shifted in next to her.

Killian drove them to Vega's house and as Marie got out to head inside Vega asked her to tell her parents she would see them in the morning.

Killian smiled at her as he was more than happy to take her home with him.

It had been a long time since Vega had seen that old farmhouse. So much of it looked just like she remembered. Killian reached his hand out to her and when she took his hand he pulled her to him and lifted her in his arms.

"You have no idea how happy I am to have you back in my life" he said as he walked into the house with her.

He took her straight to his room and layed her on his bed, following her as he propped himself over her looking into her eyes.

"Kiss me" she asked softly, and he leaned in kissing her lips taking in her scent and the softness of her lips.

She reached her arms up around his neck pulling him tight to her, bringing him off balance so he practically fell onto her. She returned his kiss, pushing her tongue past his lips to dance with his.

Before long their hands were frantically pulling and tugging at clothes, they couldn't remove them fast enough, but once naked they paused looking at each other.

"Veg, I love you" he whispered as he pushed up against her opening.

"I love you too Killi" she replied as her hips pushed up into him encouraging him to penetrate her.

He thrust into her, deep and their moans echoed in the empty halls. The passion and lust between them filled the room as he stroked in and out of her wet entrance. Her walls gripping at him as if urging him in deeper.

By time morning arrived, the room smelled like sex and they were sweaty and exhausted from having sex all night long.

As she layed there giggling Killian began kissing her stomach and up her body again.

"Keep that up young lady and I'll fuck you again before we leave" he said playfully.

"Promise" she toyed back at him.

He rolled her over pulling her on top of him and as she looked in his eyes he just took in the moment.

"As much as I would love to spend all day in bed with you Veg," he said, "we both know we must be going."

They got up, showered, shared some more kisses and giggles and inappropriate grabs, and then headed to her parent's house to pick up Marie.

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