Luck of the Irish

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Act One

As the entire town gathered at the outdoor makeshift Burlesque Show scene. There wasn't an empty spot on the grass near the town square, and as Vega took center stage she heard Killian off to the side whispering to her how great she looked.

The two of them wore clothing from the appropriate era and as Vega, eh hem.. Mable stood on stage and began her song and dance routine there were cat calls and whistles from the audience, just as there would have been at the Burlesque Show itself.

Everyone was engaged in this reenactment in some way or another. Shop owners created replica things to sell such as jewelry, hats, toy guns, fake cigars, and real cigars were available too. The eateries made meals and desserts that would have been common back then, and everyone was involved.

People were walking around, looking in shop windows, buying things, eating, and of course, watching the show in the square.

Vega had decided to sing a song from that time called "A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square", which seemed to fit the setting of their story to a degree:

That certain night

The night we met

There was magic abroad in the air

There were angels dining at the Ritz

And a nightingale sang in Berkeley square

I may be right I may be wrong

But I'm perfectly willing to swear

That when you turned and smiled at me

A nightingale sang in Berkeley square

The moon that lingered over London town

Poor puzzled moon he wore a frown

How could he know we two were so in love

The whole damned world seemed upside down

The streets of town were paved with stars

It was such a romantic affair

And as we kissed and said goodnight

A nightingale sang in Berkeley square

How strange it was

How sweet and strange

There was never a dream to compare

To those hazy crazy nights we met

And a nightingale sang in Berkeley square

Ah this heart of mine

Loud and fast

Like a merry-go-round in a fair

We would dance cheek to cheek

And a nightingale sang in Berkeley square

The dawn came stealing up

All gold and blue

To interrupt our rendez-vous

I still remember how you smiled and said

Was that a dream or was it true?

Our homeward step was just as light

As the dancing feet of Astaire

And like an echo far away

And a nightingale sang in Berkeley square

And a nightingale sang in Berkeley square

That night in Berkeley square.

As she finished her song she took a bow as the whole of the town applauded her. She walked off the stage to the table that was front and center and sat down in the lap of her beloved Killian, well Oliver Luck.

They smiled and talked among themselves of dreams and plans for their future together. They played out the whole scene throughout the day, treating it as if it really were that same day all those many years ago.

Kids ran up to her asking for her autograph, men would greet her on the streets as she and 'Oliver' walked hand in hand. They would introduce themselves and express how much they enjoyed her show, to which she would curtsey and extend her hand to shake theirs. Some would shake her hand cordially while others would kiss the top of it affectionately.

Killian pulled her close and kissed her check, "Veg, I think we really pulled this off" he cooed happily.

"Not till we have finished with tomorrow, we haven't" she corrected him.

It was a little strange to walk around town with several media venues following them everywhere, not to mention Marie and her camera, but still they managed to keep plugging along in their roles.

"Marie" Vega turned to her friend with a curious look on her face, "is it me or does it look like the town has grown in numbers?"

"It has actually" Marie replied with a laugh. "Bennington's local hotel is full, and some of the residents are even renting out rooms in their homes. Once the news of this whole things got out, people have been trying to get to Bennington just to see how the story ends."

Killian and Vega looked at each other in total shack and as they laughed happily they found the nearest bistro to go into for dinner.

The place had been completely renovated into something out of the past. The menu was full of old recipes and dishes. They all decided to try something different and share.

Killian ordered the Beef Hash Fritters, while Vega ordered the Beancakes and Marie decided to get the Broad Bean and Red Pepper salad to top off the meal.

Everything was incredible and they really felt like they were part of history.

When they left the bistro they were greeted eagerly by the town folks, both old, new and visiting, as well as their entourage of media and as Marie snapped a few pictures they waved goodnight to everyone and promised that the next days conclusion would be well worth the wait.

Killian drove Vega home and before he could even turn to head back to his truck she wrapped her arms around his neck, pulled him in for a deep, passionate kiss, and said in a soft, sensual voice, "please stay".

There was no getting around it, he was weak when it came to her to begin with, but the way she had asked him to stay, his knees almost gave out under him. He couldn't speak, but nodded yes and followed her inside.

Marie insisted on sleeping in the guest room so Killian could stay with Vega in her room. As they cuddled into bed Vega turned to Killian and kissed him again softly. It had been so long since he felt her lips on his that way and he couldn't be happier then he was in that moment, or at least so he thought.

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