Luck of the Irish

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Act Two

Killian was woken up the next morning before the sun was even up, to soft kisses up and down his body. He stretched as Vega's head poked up from under the covers.

"It's about time you woke up Mr. Carroll" she joked.

"Oh is that so" he replied as he flipped her over so he was above her looking down into her beautiful green eyes.

"I love you Killi" she said and he could feel that she truly meant it.

"I love you too Veg" he replied, " and I always will. Now, how exactly are we ending this story today?"

"I don't know" Vega replied, "let's just go with whatever feel right." She then turned them around and snuck back under the covers kissing down his stomach till she reached the waist of his pants.

As she lowed his pants she began to lick his growing shaft. He moaned softly as he felt her lips on him. It had been forever since he felt anything that incredible and as much as he did not want it to end.. Vega slowly began sucking his cock into her mouth, her lips gliding up and down his shaft as her tongue pushed against the hole at his tip.

"Oh damn Veg" he groaned out, "fuck.. that feels so good."

She just chuckled as she continued to suck on him. Her hand reaching down, around and up under his ass as she grasped his balls and caressed them sucking him in deeper. He moans were getting louder and his hips started to push up into her.

There was a knock on the door and as he tried to push her head off him so he could reply, she just sucked harder. He groaned loudly and then managed to tell whoever was at the door that they would be down shortly for breakfast.

"You guys just take your time" Marie's voice called back with a chuckle, but Killian was too far into the blowjob Vega was giving him to even care what was said.

He felt the burning sensation in his balls rise up to that sensitive area between the base of his shaft and his sacks. "Oh yes Veg, yes, don't stop" he moaned out as she continued to suck harder on him.

Her lips were soft and wet as they glided the length of his shaft, and as he felt the ache continue to rise and flow through his shaft he felt his body tense and he grabbed her head to pull her away..

"Veg, I'm gonna cum" he groaned as she sucked him even harder. "Babe, really, I'm... OH FUCKKKKK!" he cried out as he felt his cum shoot through his shaft, into her mouth and down her throat as she sucked and swallowed.

"Holy hell Veg" he gasped as she peeked up from the covers licking her lips with a smile, "where did that come from?"

"Let's just say I've learned a couple of tricks over the years" she said. "Shall we get breakfast now?"

Killian was still in total orgasm bliss when they headed downstairs. Vega's mom and dad were oblivious as they talked on and on about how well things wen the day before and asked how they intended to play the ending. Marie, on the other hand, just watched the two of them and smirked, letting them know she knew what had been going on.

"Not sure yet mom" Vega said between mouthfuls of food.

"Well you two better figure it out," her dad said, "you are center stage in just a few hours."

"I actually have something in mind" Killian said softly, "but I would like to run it by you first sir."

Marie and Vega looked at each other perplexed, but Vega's mother just continued on with the conversation as the two men excused themselves to the next room.


"Sir," Killian began saying, "I have loved your daughter for as long as I can remember, and I wanted to ask if I could have your blessing in asking for her hand in marriage."

Vega's father just sat and looked at Killian. As Killian drew in a deep breath, he finally looked at him and said, "young man, I have not seen my daughter happier then she has been over these last few days. It would be an honor to call you son."


When the men returned to the kitchen Marie had a 'cat ate the canary' smile; she knew what was going on but no one, other than Killian, noticed.

"We have to get going" Killian said and the three of them headed out the door. Vega's parents assured them they would be at the square in time to see the rest of the reenactment and Killian promised to have Marie save them seats in the front.

Marie told the media people to be prepared for an epic ending, and as she sat front and center she had her camera all set and read. Vega's parents arrived just before things were going to be starting.

~Flash forward to today.. descendants of Mable and Oliver facing the same questions of love.. how will they face things? Will they learn from the past? Or will history repeat itself?~ The narrator read as he bowed off the stage leaving a heart broken Vega in place.

"Why, why couldn't he just come say goodbye?" she questioned as she watched down the road hoping to see her beloved Killian one last time before heading off to Hollywood.

The act continued by portraying different scenes in Hollywood, accomplishments, and heart aches, as well as moments when she would think back to the days in Bennington.

Taking things back to Killian, the act shared his reasons and the conversations he had with Ms. Mable of the letters he sent and calls he made. His father's death and finally, Ms. Mable's recent passing.

Finally, the town sat silent as they watched the final part of the the act as Killian and Vega were forced to play the main parts of a reenactment, and their road to this very day.

Vega had reached the end of her creativity. She was unsure exactly how to end the story.. how to finish things off, when suddenly Killian got down on one knee and...

"Vega O'Neill, I have loved you since the day I met you" he began, "and I never thought I would one day get the opportunity to share my undying love for you, let alone have a chance to bring you back into and keep you in my life, so this time I am not about to screw things up. And so, Vegal O'Neill, will you do me the honor of.."

"YES!" Vega cried out cutting off his sentence, tears flowing down her face. "Yes Killian, I would be honored to spend the rest of my life with you."

The crowd erupted and the media went crazy writing things down, asking questions.. Marie was snapping pictures left and right.

Finally as everything died down, Vega and Killan promised to give more details to the media for their stories the following day, but wanted to spend some time sharing in this turn of events with the town.. their friends and family.

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